Block & Beam Flooring

Block & Beam Flooring

Bar marking, shot blasting and painting are also available as part of our online service, with next day delivery available for many items. I’m using my beams internally is there any other Oak products you supply for internal use? We also supply Oak skirting, achitrave, engineered Oak flooring and solid Oak flooring. Delivery times We deliver weekdays Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am to 5pm. Our delivery vehicles will have multiple jobs on them which can affect the delivery time to you, depending on factors such as traffic and how long it takes to offload the previous jobs.

Offloading Aside from delivery locations that are priced on application, your delivery will be provided with means of offloading from the truck. The method will be determined by the haulage company we use based on your location and available options at the time. Please note, both offload options will drop your order to the side of the lorry, they won’t be able to carry it around the back of a property, for example. We use green Oak for the Gazebo and Pergola kits we supply and each piece is carefully mortised and tenoned so that you don’t have to do any of the joinery work.

Block & Beam Flooring

As a timber, it has been used since medieval times for building and construction, so whatever your purpose, this timber is an excellent choice. Oak is also able to withstand attack from insects and fungus and has an attractive grain pattern, which makes it ideal for decoration purposes as well as practical use. Please note, as per industry standard, our oak is provided over-length to be cut down on site. QPA is the cleanest and highest quality beam grade we offer with the strictest quality rules.

GPS Tracking allows you to track your order on the day of delivery. Lead times Our timber is imported straight from sawmills on the continent. Our usual lead times are therefore September Delivery not our usual Working Days.

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Oak dries very slowly and does not detract from its structural integrity. Our numerous sawmills cut to standard and custom sizes in European Oak. Our beams are cut according to the European QP1 standards and the THA or THB standards as approved by TRADA. We also have on site graders who will happily grade your timber according to TRADA’S THA or THB structural requirements amongst others for an additional charge. D40 is a strength grade, which has now been replaced with D30. If you have been told you need D40, D30 is the top strength grade for oak that you will be able to buy.

From here you can buy them , save them as a quote or add more products from elsewhere on the website. We deliver weekdays Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am to 5pm. As soon as your beams are ready, our transport team will be in touch to arrange delivery with you. British Larch is used widely in construction for timber framing, trusses and A-frames, as well as outdoor structures and for fence posts. It’s heavily used in house building and where certain strengths need to be attained.

  • D40 is a strength grade, which has now been replaced with D30.
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  • Oak dries very slowly and does not detract from its structural integrity.
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QP1 beams are still commonly used for structural work. QP1 beams do NOT contain any unsound knots or unsound sapwood, rot, frost crack, ring or star shake. A limited number of pieces may have brown streak or pith.

Custom Milled Green Oak Beams

Fill in the online quote request form on our Teak wood page and we will get back to you with a quote. Joiners tend to prefer to work with planed beams as they can work knowing the corners are square. Air dried oak is available on our website up to 350mm section, up to 7m.

IWood’s kit form Oak Trusses are all provided with a planed smooth finish. One of the most common questions we get asked about oak posts is “Won’t the oak move as it dries?

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There will also be slight band saw marks on the surface, which is to be expected often cherished for the look it gives. You can feel free to plane or sand them smoother when you receive them. It is standard practice to supply the beams over-length for you to cross-cut exactly on site. If you need Larch graded to C18 or C24, please send us the list of the sizes you need and we will quote them for you. These strength classes are sometimes requested by architects or structural engineers in order to perform structural calculations on the structures being created with the timber.

Air dried is available in standard pre-cut sections of 100x100mm, 120x120mm, 150x150mm, 180x180mm, 200x200mm, 250x250mm and feature the lowest air-dried price per cubic metre. Any different air dried sizes you require will be cut from these sections, revealing fresh sawn faces. Fresh Sawn beams are available in QPA & QP1 grade which we can supply in thicknesses of 30mm to 300mm, widths of 50mm to 300mm, and lengths up to 7m. Larger sections and longer lengths are available on both grades but we need to check for availability and may need specific delivery arrangements.

Block & Beam Flooring

Hardwearing and strong, our Universal beams offer premium quality structural support. We will always arrange the delivery day in advance with you. Oak is at the higher end of pricing for beams, but for good reason. Its strength and durability for construction is virtually unparalleled in its price class. Oak is cheaper than more durable hardwoods, such as teak and ekki, which are often used for specialist marine projects, but more expensive than softwoods, which have a lower durability. For QP1 constructional grade, the cost starts from around £830 per cubic m .

It is equivalent to the QPA European visual grade that we sell. Fresh sawn, or green oak when first cut has a moisture content of 60 – 70%. Oak left to air-dry for 3 to 5 years will have a moisture content of 25 – 30%. For lower moisture content oak can be kiln dried, but only up to 100mm thickness. Air Dried Constructional Grade – Suitable for construction where reduced movement or an existing aged look is required. Air dried oak has dried naturally for between 2 and 5 years, giving the timber a discoloured, darker, weathered look, featuring the highly-sought-after traditional surface checking. It’s common practice to hand plane, sand or shot-blast the faces before use, or choose the option for us to plane them for you.

We can sometimes source sections outside of this range so check availability with us if required. Customers sometimes come to us needing British Larch specified to a specific Strength Class. Larch is the only British Beam Timber that can be easily graded to C24, an incredible high strength grade, with similar timbers only achieving C18, unless provided in large section sizes. Block & Beam flooring is a highly practical solution for and ground upper floors, quick and easy to install in all weather conditions without the need for special skills. Block & Beam flooring is growing in popularity, which is why 70% of all new build ground floors are constructed using a Block & Beam system. Thanks for the great review Charlie and that you found the app easy to use and the order was processed smoothly by our supplier network. Available in a range of sizes and kilogrammes per metre, Universal Beams can be bought as standard stock or cut/mitre to length using our online selection tool.

The cost per cubic metre of oak varies depending on the thicknesses, widths, lengths and grade of oak, so it’s not possible to give one, definitive cubic metre rate. The main reason for having planed beams is to get more precise sizing. While smooth when you receive it, the surface will eventually check as it ages and dries, so planed and sawn faces end up looking similar with time. We offer Larch beams in thicknesses and widths from 25 to 300mm, and in lengths up to 6m.

With regard to its price, strength and durability properties, its very similar to British Douglas Fir. Please note that iWood is a wholesale timber merchant, and because much of our timber is imported to order, we have a minimum order amount of £1,000 ex VAT (£1,200 inc VAT).

QP1 beams are available up to 400mm thickness and width up to 5m in length. Longer beams are available up to 300mm thickness and width. QP1 is a European Visual grade, equivalent to a D24 Strength Grade for construction. This is only anecdotal, but many people swear by British Larch for fence posts, even over European Oak, which is technically a more durable timber.

For lengths of 5 metres or greater, Fresh Sawn Constructional grade beams are only available at sizes larger than 80mm x 200mm. For areas that are priced on application, by default, we will quote for delivery on a flat-bed lorry that you’ll need to arrange to offload yourself. We can quote for offloading on request, but to these areas it’s usually prohibitively expensive, and cheaper for you to hire a forklift, or arrange to have enough people on-site to offload.