Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN

This means you can access their network almost anywhere. They use IP sharing to help keep their subscribers more anonymous.

Five Simultaneous Connections

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This will allow time to review their service and see if it suits your needs. If you enjoy their service, you can sign up for unlimited access with five simultaneous connections from just $8.25 per month. With a speed of just over 44 Mbps, you should be happy with the performance of the Buffered VPN service for all your Internet needs. Just like the Windows custom software, the Buffered VPN client for Mac can be downloaded from their website. Their Mac client has similar features to the Windows one.

It is also a very versatile protocol which now has support for most types of devices. Their service supports OpenVPN on the Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms. This way, all of your traffic on all of your devices connected to your VPN enabled router will be encrypted and protected by the VPN service. They have a network that consist of servers in 28 different countries spread throughout the world.

Even more, they support a wide network of servers located all over the world and impressive speed. Yes, Buffered is a little more expensive than some of the opposition, but you only get what you pay for. There is a large range of servers to connect to in a variety of countries. No logs are collected while the VPN is active which is very important. I have had reason to use it on a couple of occasions and the response time was really good.

The service earns good scores in our speed tests, but it’s held back by its comparatively high price and middling hands-on performance. It will protect you, but we prefer our Editors’ Choice winners, such as the feature-rich NordVPN as well as the affordable and powerful Private Internet Access. You can use the Buffered VPN service to conduct you daily surfing, your online banking, or watch your favorite movie. Their service can keep your traffic secure when using public Wi-Fi networks or overcome censorship from your local government firewalls. Our performance tests suggest that it should be suitable for all of your Internet needs.

Also, it’s applicable for streaming purposes due to the speedy and consistent connection. The service will let you access most streaming services, though its Netflix unblocking capabilities are limited, especially when it comes to Netflix USA. Buffered VPN clearly understands what makes a good VPN service.

Connection speeds are close to the max allowable on my internet connection. At times, connection speeds may slow down due to a number of possible variables outside the control of the VPN server. Changing to a different server in another country is easy and can help when this occurs. I have a very slow ADSL internet connection and receive the full speed of the line 90% of the time.

The beta client is already promising, and perhaps most importantly; connection speeds hold up great, despite the strain OpenVPN puts on them via encryption. They don’t keep any logs, and their Hungarian roots and company headquarters in Gibraltar are good news since both of these don’t have such restrictive laws. Buffered’s support team is a good bunch of people who know their stuff, so you can count on them for getting help with any specifics you want to enquire about. You’re guaranteed to enjoy a positive VPN experience with Buffered VPN as the company is continuously growing its service. Buffered VPN has a lot of great features, especially if your main concerns are security and speed.

  • Although Buffered VPN has been in the privacy space for only a short time, only about two years, they have a good reputation with their users.
  • Their network is not one of the biggest but based on our speed tests, they make up for it in the quality of the servers they use.
  • Their VPN network covers just 28 countries but they are strategically placed throughout the world.

Buffered Pricing, Plans & Facts

Buffered VPN offers fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth usage, infinite server changes, and five simultaneous connections from anywhere in the world. Any users looking for a solution that will offer both privacy and good speed is definitely going to be impressed. The first time you come in contact with the Buffered VPN service, you’ll notice that the site graphical interface is simple and attractive. This is a feature they passed along on their software so their clients are easy to install and understand.

My mobile devices work really well with Buffered as you are allowed up to five connections. I see no reason to change from Buffered as it is improving all the time and provides good functionality and service. Buffered VPN is a company that is not far away from becoming a big name. In theory, they have everything necessary to achieve this.

Although Buffered VPN has been in the privacy space for only a short time, only about two years, they have a good reputation with their users. Their network is not one of the biggest but based on our speed tests, they make up for it in the quality of the servers they use. Their VPN network covers just 28 countries but they are strategically placed throughout the world.

Buffered VPN Review

You can use their service on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android platforms. They have custom client software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux that will help you configure and use their service.

There are over 45 servers at customers’ disposal, as well as unlimited bandwidth. VPN service allows accessing websites that are blocked in user’s country and protecting the data transferred via an established Internet connection. With Buffered VPN, Internet users can be sure in safety and 100% privacy. When it comes to securing your data and online privacy, Buffered VPN has you covered. They say they only support the OpenVPN protocol on their service because it is more secure than either PPTP or L2TP/IPsec.

They have a no log policy with regard to individual activities while using their service. Their network only supports OpenVPN because they bellieve that it protects their uses privacy and security best and we agree with them. At the moment, Buffered offers client applications for Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. For mobile users, the process of installation is far more challenging – there is no native mobile client. You need to download the OpenVPN app for your platform and work with the .opvn connection file to establish the connection.

It uses an excellent protocol and has numerous servers available around the world. There’s obviously an effort to create a simple, enjoyable user experience in the client, and the service performed well in a few speed tests. But its showing in my hands-on testing was less impressive, with frequent dropped connections. Buffered VPN also costs significantly more than most other VPNs I’ve tested.

Buffered VPN has potential, but for now I continue to recommend our Editors’ Choice winners, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, NordVPN, Private Internet Access, and PureVPN. The internet is an old thing based on old ideas, one of them being that security isn’t an issue because there are no bad guys online. This might have been true in the days of ARPANET, but it’s far from true anymore, which is why virtual private networks (or VPNs) like Buffered VPN are so important. With Buffered VPN, you can rest assured that your data is safe and your privacy protected.

Streaming – Does Buffered VPN Work with Netflix?

If you want to use the service on multiple devices (it supports up to 5 devices simultaneously), better install service one-by-one. Buffered is a Hungarian-based company that offers effective and reliable virtual private networks.

It never impacted our connection during games, but we did miss being able to watch Netflix or Amazon Video while connected to it. An overall restricted selection of servers is Buffered’s main weakness at this time. The good news is that Buffered VPN supports P2P, which means users can use it for torrenting.