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Privacy and Security

And platform support covers everything from the regular Windows, Mac, Android and iOS apps, to routers, Android TV, QNAP, Blackphone, Anonabox and more. The company covers the basics well, with more than 6,000 servers spread across 90-odd countries, apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, torrents allowed and speedy live chat support. One of our favorite things about this VPN service (other than the price) is the fact that your subscription covers an unlimited devices and services.

NordVPN is compatible with all major devices, including Android, Windows, and iOS. My tests did show some differences between the iOS and Android apps, though these are more due to Apple’s restrictions than NordVPN’s.

MAC users will appreciate ExpressVPN’s sleek design and simple interface. NordVPN isn’t as intuitive, but it comes with incredible security features that MAC users will love. After reading all of the rave reviews, I signed up for ExpressVPN. Express VPN constantly causes me to lose my internet connection on my Dell XPS Laptop, Windows 10 especially when booting the computer or waking the computer. I then have to disconnect Express via the task manager and reconnect to internet.

Maximize their use, and do your best to ensure your endpoint is also protected. That’s how you can remain secure even in the face of the crackdown on encrypted connections. Even if all VPNs can be hacked with enough time and money, there are several providers who have leak protection that actually works. Here are the top two VPNs that have been proven to have the best security. By encrypting your data and using private DNS servers, VPNs remain one of the most effective means of maintaining online privacy.

The less obvious you are, the safer you are.According to Edward Snowden, “Encryption works. Go for those that support current versions of OpenVPN (considered extremely secure) and SHA-2. If unsure which algorithm your VPN uses, refer to the VPN’s website or contact support.VPNs are your friend.

ExpressVPN proves time and time again that they can access any US-based content from around the world with great speed. NordVPN also can, and with over 1,100 servers in the US alone, you’ll never have a problem connecting. In fact, NordVPN is our current #1 VPN for Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer (but ExpressVPN also works with all of them). In most cases, VPNs will limit your data, bandwidth, connection speed, available server locations, and even block you from streaming services.

While you can find some good free VPNs, even the safest free services can’t compete with low-cost premium VPNs. A premium service offers the best security, as well as streaming and torrenting support.

NordVPN has 1,900+ servers in the US, which is way more than HMA (190+ servers) or CyberGhost (500+ servers). All three VPNs can bypass US geo-restrictions and you can use them to stream Netflix US and HBO.

And this is why I’ve researched so many; the list you’re about to read has only secure FREE VPNs, with no hidden costs, risks, or headaches. That means the service can only work on devices where you can run its Windows, Mac, Android or iOS apps. Not to mention the lightning-fast speeds and reliability for wherever you are—even in countries with strict digital censorship. On Android, you can access P2P, obfuscated, double VPN, and dedicated IP servers, but you can only use Onion Over VPN and P2P on iOS.

If we would decrease too much the number of simultaneously users per server, this would no longer be financially viable on one hand, and on the other hand the anonymity level would have to suffer. iOS users tend to have more devices, so NordVPN is the better option because you can get up 6 devices on one subscription (instead of ExpressVPN’s 5). However, ExpressVPN has the better interface with its easy-to-use app.

In addition, NordVPN can help you unblock anti-VPN services like Amazon Prime. While all three VPNs offer user-friendly apps for Android users, NordVPN’s Android application is more feature-packed than those offered by CyberGhost and HMA. In addition, unlike CyberGhost and HMA, NordVPN has an automatic kill switch and a special Double VPN feature for better security and privacy.

At first glance, there is little to choose between these three providers. However, after digging slightly deeper you find that only NordVPN originates in a reasonably VPN-friendly country, being based in Panama. Cyberghost has recently been acquired by an Israeli company, and HMA originates in the UK. While all have good coverage, it is HMA that comes out on top with the greater number of countries with connections and the greater number of servers overall. When it comes to customer service, however, NordVPN is the only one that offers 24/7 live support.

It sometimes kills my connection in the middle of tasks. After troubleshooting with Chat and sending my log files which are fine, Chat Support simply said that this was a problem their engineers are aware of.

Once you’re past any multi-device issues, VPN Unlimited performs very well. It runs on almost anything (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Apple TV, even Windows phone), and unblocks Netflix and BBC iPlayer with ease.

Is CyberGhost any good?

Winner for Streaming: NordVPN Both VPNs cover the streaming basics with ease, and each has its strengths for content in specific countries. CyberGhost wins extra points for its great streaming profile. However, NordVPN earns the win thanks to the better overall Netflix access and longer server list in most countries.

  • A premium service offers the best security, as well as streaming and torrenting support.
  • While you can find some good free VPNs, even the safest free services can’t compete with low-cost premium VPNs.

It’s probably due to Apple’s strict security standards that regulate what you can and can’t do, but I’ll be waiting for NordVPN to reduce these inconsistencies—especially Onion Over VPN on Android. Still, most vendors don’t allow Tor on mobile at all, so NordVPN is still way out in front in this area.

As with any free service, you have to pay for it in some way. In some cases, this means annoying targeted ads that pop up on your screen, but with some free VPNs, you might have to deal with the consequences of bad encryption or even privacy breaches. Most free VPNs just have limited data plans (so no torrenting) or a slow connection (so no Netflix), to give users an incentive for upgrading to a paid service. The company has its own zero-knowledge DNS service, for instance. Its proprietary Chameleon protocol could help you get online even in VPN-blocking countries like China and Iran.

Cyberghost does have a live option but only during set hours. In terms of ways to pay, NordVPN again comes out on top, offering payment through gift cards, as well as debit and credit cards, and Bitcoins. The real difference, however, is in terms of speed, reliability, and ease of use, all areas where NordVPN comes out on top.


cyberghost vs nordvpn

To find out why, I spoke to their customer support team who told me that NordVPN simply provides greater choice for iOS users, which is a slight disappointment. Unlike HMA, CyberGhost and NordVPN offer specific torrenting mode within their apps. However, NordVPN is a wiser choice in terms of privacy and security. CyberGhost may not claim the victory in most sections, but it still has plenty to offer.

A server on which are connected for example 50 persons and each of them wants to download with 50 Mbit/s, must be able to handle at least 2,4 Gbit/s user data. But the TCP/IP protocol used on the Internet adds another “Overhead”,so in practice, the measurements have shown that a 1 Gbit fastened server reaches approx. Therefore in order to transmit 2,4 Gbit/s user data, the server must be equipped with a 5 Gbit connection. Such servers are hardly available, usually the regular servers offer only 1 Gbit connections.

You can choose other protocols, though, depending on your needs. NordVPN uses IKEv2/IPSec as the default option for macOS and iOS devices, with the option to change to OpenVPN.

And, unlike most free VPNs, premium VPNs offer you unlimited data and bandwidth. You’ll be able to access more servers and enjoy faster connections. CyberGhost’s apps seem to make life much easier by highlighting locations which support the services you need. With all of ProtonVPN’s free users connected to one of just three locations, its servers are often overloaded and your connection speed could be slow.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that anything can be hacked. This is especially true if you are a high-value target and your adversary has enough time, funds, and resources. The good news is that most users do not fall into the “high-value” category and are therefore unlikely to be singled out.

It’s the best all-round option for speed, privacy and unblocking websites. Read more about these VPN services and the competition below. Despite of many positive reviews and good pros of CyberGhost there are also numerous cons which make this VPN service not as attractive as wanted to be. poor customer service, lack of diversity of servers and lack of encryption features, they don’t have additional encryption like direct connection through Tor. Also there is uncertain root certificate which make me feel a bit negative about this vpn.


Torrents are supported on some servers, but whatever you’re doing, high performance servers mean it won’t take very long. NordVPN’s apps have ease of use at the forefront, but they’re packed full of extra features that you can personalize to add more or less security, privacy, and customization. The only thing I don’t like is that when you close the app, it doesn’t disconnect automatically—you have to remember to actually disconnect from your server first. But you can also pause your connection for set periods of time, which is an added bonus.

CyberGhost vs. NordVPN Comparison & Test Results 2020

Spies may be able to crack primes commonly used in Diffie-Hellman keys up to 1024 bits (about 309 digits) in length. However, you’re still better protected than if you communicate in plain text. While your computer can be compromised, it would cost them time and money.