Genie sweep nft: Uniswap acquires NFT marketplace aggregator Genie

Genie sweep nft

Genie sweep nft

Uniswap’s team say they will be using the product to build a Uniswap NFT vertical into their platform, which will launch this fall. In other words, it’s “democratizing the broom” for sweeping NFT collections, Gray said. Big bulk purchases of Doodles or Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs will draw tweets and headlines, but Genie can also be used for buying into newer, less popular, and cheaper collections as well. Genie users can batch buy and sell across all major marketplaces in a single transaction. NFTs will be integrated into our products, starting with the Uniswap web app, where soon you’ll be able to buy and sell NFTs across all major marketplaces.

Founded in 2014,Liquidis one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency-fiat exchange platforms serving millions of customers worldwide. Second, choose the NFT you wish to list from the collection you selected. You can choose multiple tokens as well and list them for free.

Genie is also rolling out ‘Genie List’ – a feature that allows users to ‘batch list’ multiple NFTs on one or more marketplaces simultaneously. The platform will initially offer support for OpenSea and Rarible, with Coinbase support coming soon. Genie supports all transactions via ERC-721 smart contract. A majority of NFTs are processed with this contract and the platforms that utilize it include OpenSeas, Rarible, NFTX and NFT20.

There’s no limit to the number of NFTs you can buy at a time, but Genie does recommend a maximum of 20 tokens. Smaller marketplaces will also have their products searchable on Genie as long as they have an official collection from a verified NFT artist. Born out of Vasa’s innovative Cross-Asset-Swap system from 2021, Gem is an upstart NFT marketplace aggregator that was launched to the public in Jan. Genie Swap has undergone intensive private beta testing since August. 631 users have completed over 1,600 transactions with a total value over 5,500 ETH in volume. In Spring 2019, we launched Unisocks, the first instance of NFT liquidity pools, and of NFTs backed by real world assets.

The total price will display at the bottom as you populate your list. Many NFT collections are sold through auctions and the pieces that stand alone don’t usually stay up for too long if the collection is popular. Instead of jumping from page to page to look for it, you can use Genie NFT buy to grab them all at once.

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The tool is “democratizing the broom” for NFT collectors, says the founder, saving money while buying across marketplaces. We’ve detected that JavaScript is disabled in this browser. Please enable JavaScript or switch to a supported browser to continue using You can see a list of supported browsers in our Help Center. Search through the collection and click on the NFTs you want to purchase.

However, artists could choose to relist their NFTs on Genie in ETH if they otherwise did not, so keep an eye out for that. In this space, only marketplaces are available, which are Rarible and OpenSeas. However, you can supposedly list them at a slightly higher price if your tokens aren’t already listed on either of these places. Gas fees as opposed to buying each NFT individually, plus it cuts out a lot of hassle.

Genie sweep nft

Some marketplace, like OpenSea, will have its own smart contract protocol for certain NFTs, and in which case, it would not be supported by Genie. Users know Uniswap as a decentralized way to swap a wide variety of tokens; this new acquisition will bring non-fungible tokens into the mix. Genie gives users to the library of NFTs available across marketplaces and makes it so that they can see and trade NFTs across most of these platforms.

We live in a time where things get done with a single mouse click and attention span is scarcer than most precious metals. Shopping is now much faster online – you can even try out your clothes through 3D AR applications even though that’s a separate topic altogether. Hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of NFTs in the popular Doodles profile picture collection.

Therefore, the NFT ecosystem needs a positive sum protocol that will route supply and demand efficiently for users. NFT marketplace aggregator Genie has gone live to bring collectors a more efficient and cost-effective method to buy and sell multiple NFTs in one transaction. Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs will draw tweets and headlines, but Genie can also be used for buying into newer, less popular, and cheaper collections as well. And again, major sales in a collection tend to beget even more purchases from others. With Genie, buyers can execute a batch purchase before the market catches on to their strategy. The company’s bet on NFT aggregation is a bet on the diversification of NFT marketplaces over time.

While total transaction volumes over the past month have only fallen slightly, the USD volume of NFT purchases has tanked more than 66% according to DappRadar. Genie List lets you list multiple NFTs for sale across different NFT platforms simultaneously. The product, which supports OpenSea and Rarible for now, lets you customize your offers and is ideal for NFTs that currently don’t have liquidity pools on NFTX and NFT20. You may want to look at the hype of the project that NFT falls under. A particular NFT owner may list the NFT at a floor price even when other NFT owners within the project are enjoying high prices that come with market hype.

NFT marketplace aggregator Genie is now live for the public!

Once you’ve connected a wallet, go back and click on Browse. This will open a window with a search bar where you can find your favorite collection and start adding tokens to your list. As a Genie NFT buyer, you can browse through all indexed NFT collections from the most prominent platforms, including Rarible and OpenSeas.

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All you have to do is press update button and wait until it’s synced with OpenSea. They allow people to craft brand new NFT items if they hold the required NFT materials to make them. Genie is the NFT ecosystem’s first dedicated NFT marketplace aggregator. Consistent with the web3 ethos, we’re sharing some of the value with historical Genie users through a USDC airdrop. The airdrop will launch in August and be claimable for up to 12 months, based on a snapshot that has already been taken.

To think we could even attempt to make that any easier is just crazy. But we were wrong because apparently buying three things from three different platforms simply couldn’t compete with buying them all on one platform. Genie may be enticing major collectors and Ethereum whales to buy in bulk when they see an investment opportunity. It has generated over $125 million worth of trading volume to date. I do not offer any services, tips, buy or sell any securities or commodities.

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Genie List allows you to batch list your NFTs for sale on one or more marketplaces simultaneously. Currently, Genie List supports OpenSea and Rarible with Coinbase support coming soon. Genie List is the fastest way to list your NFTs for sale.

Buying an NFT at floor price may not turn in profits in a short period and this is influenced by some factors. We’re excited to bring what we’ve learned building DeFi products to NFTs, giving even more people access to digital ownership and value. Having undergone extensive beta testing since August, Genie Swap registered 631 users to the platform in that time, completed over 1,600 transactions and handled 5,500 ETH in total volume. You still need to pay royalty fees and NFT marketplace fees when listing your products.

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The biggest perk here is you’d save the $60 – $70 or so initial listing fees. Genie NFT marketplace uses Ethereum only so all the tokens you see are listed in ETH. You won’t find tokens, which are listed in other crypto on the platform.