How to buy a panther: Can Panthers Be Kept As Pets? 16 Impressive Panther Facts

How to buy a panther

The Melanistic JaguarTechnically, the only animal that should be called a Black Panther is the black leopard, but people are used to also calling a jaguar a black panther. Wild Explained is the go-to source for all things related to wildlife. As avid animal lovers, our goal is to use our knowledge and passion to deliver accurate and reliable information about various topics related to wild animals. In fact, the exotic pet trade contributes to their dwindling numbers in the wild, as many “pet” panthers are wild-caught. Sometimes, these reactions can be triggered accidentally in captive panthers, particularly if they are not allowed to hunt (which pet panthers almost invariably aren’t). Wild animals like panthers retain their natural instincts, regardless of how they are raised.

In many regions, only an outside run won’t meet the needs. So you would need to offer at least a heated shelter during the winter. And remember everything has to be 100 % escape-proof.

The price depends on the size, gender and age of the panther. Yes, it may look cheap compared to other exotic animals. However, their needs are the ones that will burn your money down. Many people wanted a pet panther because they think that it is a good idea to have one. They want a pet panther because panthers are inevitably cute while they are still a cub. However, people don’t know how dangerous panthers can be when they grow up.

It has been argued by many exotic pet owners that panthers can be “tamed”; however, this, too, is untrue. Until recently, many countries in the Middle East allowed exotic pet ownership, and many people did it as a sort of status symbol. Yes, you can have a pet panther in some places, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Keeping this big cat as a “pet” obviously comes with more than a few risks and, therefore, responsibilities. Panthers may be mesmerizingly beautiful but are also powerful, endangered, wild predators, not housecats.

The reason why is that it will burn lots of your money from your bank account in maintaining a pet panther, and it can be dangerous for your family and loved ones. However, It is illegal to have a panther as a pet in most countries. The reason why is that a panther is a dangerous and aggressive animal that can kill people and other pets.

They have been taught by their parents before when they are still a cub. Panthers may consume 20 to 30 pounds of meat at one time. A mother panther that has cubs will eat more than that.

Keeping a panther as a pet will require a large compound which mimics the panthers habitat. It’s not only that vets might refuse to treat a black pet panther because they have feel threatened. They simply can’t implement such animals into their office routine and would have to make a visit every time when an health issue occurs. It’s totally understandable that people ask if they can own one when they see famous persons with their wild and exotic pets. But in this article, I will show you why it isn’t a good idea to own a black panther yourself.

How to buy a panther

A small squeeze cage will cost you 1,250.00 used and you could easily spend $20,000.00 for one big enough for a lion or leopard. You will need a forklift to move a tiger and they rent for $500.00 per day with an operator. Even our vets, who do nothing but cats, and have done ours for many years, will not bring a big cat into their office unless it is already confined to the squeeze cage. The ownership of wild animals is highly regulated this is especially for those who can be dangerous for neighbors and other people around. Thousands of years of instincts tell them that you are competition and that their survival depends on them being solitary.


Having worked with 150+ cats, representing 23 species for 40+ years I can assure you that there is no way to prevent this behavior. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t have a mature cat on their hands yet. The reason I mention it here is that the urine is very caustic and will destroy their cage walls in a very short period of time, so you will be constantly rebuilding. You don’t even want to know what it does to the sheet rock walls of your house or to wood. Those trips to the vet will leave your car smelling like a sewer and nothing will get that smell out.

Christian is obsessed with any kind of animal since his early childhood. He owned several pets like a dog, a budgie, a grey parrot and fish. Additionally, he takes care of pets of friends and makes his garden an oasis for wild species in his environment. Now you learned more about panthers and why they make terrible pets. It’s not only that they are illegal in the US you won’t also be able to take proper care. If you love this species and would like to have a panther I would recommend adopting one in a rescue shelter instead of buying a pet panther.

You might already get the point, but black panthers aren’t domesticated. Apart from that, there are only a few veterinarians that have the knowledge and experience to treat a pet panther. All that do are specialized and work at zoos or rescue shelters.

Panthers Are Endangered

These beautiful animals are not meant to be kept in homes and cages, as they are too wild, dangerous, and endangered. Poachers often kill wild mothers in order to capture and sell the cubs as pets. Even legal breeders are often poorly regulated, resulting in health issues and low genetic diversity in captive populations. Panthers are big cats that have a bite force of around 1,050 PSI. They have the same bite force as the tigers, and they bite twice as hard as the lions.

That is why lions hunt in groups, while panthers prefer to hunt alone. Usually, rich people and zoos are the only ones that can get a permit to own a pet panther. Because they have lots of money, which means they can take good care of a pet panther. I think we humans should primarily try to preserve these animals than convert them into something they are not. Keeping a panther as a pet is a bad idea not only because it is hard to maintain them but because it’s also cruel. If you have managed to own a pet panther, this is still not a good idea.

  • They are aggressive predators that like to be on their own.
  • This cat breed looks like a cute black panther cub and you can keep them in your house or apartment without problems.
  • They require large amounts of high-quality raw meat, bones, and carcasses in order to remain healthy.
  • Even our vets, who do nothing but cats, and have done ours for many years, will not bring a big cat into their office unless it is already confined to the squeeze cage.
  • Depending on where you live the climate can be another problem.
  • Most countries have outlawed owning panthers as pets, but there are still some places where it is legal.

However, it would be difficult to ship the cubs to the US as the local laws still prohibit them in the states. They can be tamed, but their wild instincts are still inside of them. Remember, those wild animals never listen to others. But when you make one mistake and threaten them, they will act wild and can injure you.

Panthers are intelligent animals that are rarely seen by people in the jungle. Panthers are powerful, fearless, and aggressive animals feared by people and other prey in the wild. The panther is predominantly a carnivore and will require a good dose of raw meat every day or two to thrive. The amount of food depends on the cat, but generally, about two to three kilograms of meat on a daily basis will do.

Can You Own A Pet Least Weasel?

According to Bigcat Rescue females are smaller but too big nonetheless. While there are some exceptions you can’t own a panther in the US. Only zoos and rescue shelters can get a permit relatively easy. In the case of panthers, this means that you will have to show that you can both, properly care for this species and make sure that there is no danger for anyone. Moreover, while they are undoubtedly capable of bonding with their owners, they are unlikely to be safe around strangers, small animals, or children. A small child running around screaming might behave and sound like a panicked prey animal to a frustrated panther in captivity.

Cats love to play with you and most of them like to be petted.

While it’s true that many pet panthers are well-loved and not unhappy, it’s also true that they are not being allowed to live like they naturally should. There are cat breeds that can look like black panthers and are safer than panthers. The first type of cat that looks like a panther is the Bombay cat. Bombay cats look like black panthers, and they are both related because they are the same species.

I bet it won’t be in your budget to buy several kilos of fresh meat every day. Additionally, not everyone wants to deal with and a thing like processed panther food doesn’t exist so you wouldn’t have a choice. You can’t keep them together with other pets as they are very territorial and won’t accept any other being in their habitat. Panthers are listed as endangered animals, mainly due to habitat destruction or illegal hunting. Not to mention potentially covering a lawsuit for when your beloved pet eats the neighbor’s dog and/or grandmother.

This is the main reason why you can only see a panther in the zoo. Zoos have lots of money, which is why they are capable of maintaining a pet panther. If you want to see a real-life panther, go to the zoo. Never think of getting one for the sake of seeing one.

Not to mention all the costs that would come along with it. Especially big wild cats like black panthers, lions and tigers are extremely fascinating. Keeping a panther cubs as a pet will require a large compound which mimics the panthers habitat. As an owner, also ensure that you keep the environment stimulating for your exotic cat otherwise it might find other ways to entertain itself. This housing area for your panther should be clean with interesting toys and climbing obstacles. Panthers like to dominate anything below them, and hence climbing areas are a crucial ingredient to their housing.

Some equatorial rain forests in Malaya, areas in Java, Nepal, Myanmar and southern parts of India are home to these animals. The Florida panther is listed as endangered since 1967 and once there were only 25 individuals living in the wild. While the population is now growing again we still must protect the species.