How to buy a raven: Can You Legally Buy a Crow Or A Raven? How Much Are They?

How to buy a raven

American crows and common ravens are illegal as pets in the United States as per the  Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. This act bans the hunting, taking, capturing, killing, selling, or purchasing of any migratory birds that are native to the United States of America. You might be wondering why crows and ravens are included when they aren’t typically migratory birds. Birds that are not part of this treaty that are legal as exotic pets in America include the pied crow and the white-necked raven. The only difference between these birds and the American Crow is that they have some white feathers on their bodies instead of being completely black.

They are beautiful birds recognized for their ebony feathers and large size. Even if your state allows exotic animals as pets, that doesn’t mean local officials don’t have bans in place. Wild animal laws and exotic pet laws change and can be different depending on where you are. As with any animal that is considered exotic and not native to the United States, it may be difficult to find many pet crows that are for sale. I’ve contacted several exotic pet dealers and come up with average prices for a pet pied crow and a pet white-necked raven, as noted in the table below.

You can check these sites out to get a better idea of what pet birds are available and how much they will cost you. Trying to keep a pet raven in a small space can cause health and psychological issues for your bird. Both of these birds are native to Africa and do not migrate to any part of the United States. You’ll need the same treats as before and your raven should know how it is required of him or her to perch onto one’s arm.

You can use leftovers to feed ravens, as they’ll greatly appreciate the handout, but remember, you might attract raccoons and foxes as well, and both are natural raven predators. Technically, it’s possible for you to buy a raven that doesn’t belong to the United States. However, customs will keep you from legally shipping it here. Generally, birds don’t get credit for being smart animals.Just thinkof the way the expression “bird-brained” is used.

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During the day, they would usually patrol their region and interact with other crows. When an attacker or a threat appears, they will yell at each other. This might be anything, from a human to a larger animal.

How to buy a raven

Then slowly begin walking around while holding them in place with their feet slightly touching the ground. For example, if you are trying to teach him how to land on your arm and he doesn’t do it, then there will be no food reward. In this article, we are going to see how you can have a raven as a pet, and how to train one, so it becomes your best friend.

How much does a raven cost?

Feeding the ravens in your yard every single day at the same time will help you to connect with them. In every instance, I must insist that you follow the law and retain the best interest of these beautiful birds in mind. Even if you find an injured raven and you make an attempt to rescue it, you must turn it over to the proper wildlife professionals right away or risk facing a fine.

Perhaps the most important reason for not keeping crows and ravens as pets is that they are wild animals. Wild animals belong in their natural habitat with their families, not in a home or kept captive in a cage. Taking a wild animal out of its habitat is bad for the ecological balance of the area and for the animal itself.

Anywhere from several hundred dollars up into the thousands, depending on what kind of training it has received. Ravens are drawn to shiny objects that attract their attention on the ground below. You’ve likely seen them calling from above, carefully watching the world around them.

How to buy a raven

While they don’t pose a threat to humans when they are in the wild, in captivity they may become frustrated and angry, causing them to lash out. All of this may make a bird enthusiast crave one as a pet. However, crows and ravens do not make good pets for many reasons. Read on for full disclosure on the dangers of keeping crows or ravens as pets.

You can adopt the white-necked raven, the pied crow, as well as a hybrid of the two as pets. In fact, ravens and crows are the most intelligent animals on Earth, right next to dolphins and chimps. Instead of buying crows or ravens, you can try volunteering at a local wildlife rehabilitation center and receiving training to become a rehabilitator.

Not to state the obvious or anything, but crows and ravens are birds with wings and can fly away. Below are 5 reasons that crows and ravens DO NOT make good pets. Below are 5 reasons that crows and ravens would make good pets.

Exploring the Reasons that Ravens Don’t Make Good Pets

Ravens require a lot of living space to be comfortable. Since they are larger birds, they need enough flying space and overhead to fly around to get exercise. Ravens aren’t picky eaters and don’t have any special nutritional requirements outside of what you can find at most stores. However, you can’t just go to Africa and pick one of these birds from the wild.

Both of these birds are known for being very intelligent. They like to figure out how to use different tools, work together, and hunt for food. Without mental stimulation, crows and ravens have been known to become depressed, erratic, and anxious. While you can provide some social stimulation to your pet bird, another bird will be a much better solution. If you aren’t planning to have at least two birds, I’d skip a crow or raven as a pet.

  • When they see one crow resting or foraging in your backyard, other crows will likely follow suit.
  • In every instance, I must insist that you follow the law and retain the best interest of these beautiful birds in mind.
  • As with any animal that is considered an exotic pet, the cost to purchase one can be a wide range depending on where you purchase the exotic animal from and which one you get.
  • Crows and ravens are prominently featured in films and literature as portents of death or darkness.
  • Now, ask your raven to perch onto your forearm—this is where the leash will be attached later on.

Small pieces of meat or eggs are usually attractive snack choices for corvids. You may have heard the term “a murder of crows.” This animal certainly needs others of its kind to thrive. Crows form strong bonds with their families and look out for one another. They also communicate throughout the day and alert each other to danger or enemies.

Can You Legally Buy A Crow Or A Raven?

However, if you adore crows and find them intriguing, you may “legally” keep them by establishing a crow-friendly habitat in your garden where you can watch them in the wild. Finally, both crows and ravens like to hang out in trees. Spend some time in a local park or on a local trail and you will likely spot them in the branches above. Instead of owning them as pets, you can observe these magnificent creatures in the wild! If you leave out food for them around the same time each day, you might get regular visitors.

If you do conclude that they are perfect for you, the money and effort invested in bringing such a gregarious, clever, and lovely creature into your family will be well worth it. Our mission at Pet Keen is to make the life of you and your pets easier and even more enjoyable. They need to spend time in the sun to get enough vitamin D for maximum health and calcium absorption. Their beaks are built for pecking and pulling apart meat and flesh. While they aren’t usually aggressive, they can be when provoked. Then you need to make sure that your body language is inviting—open arms with palms visible.

The Alternative: Making Friends with Wild Ravens

Since these birds are social animals, getting one as a pet is a bad idea. If you are going to get one, then you need to get two or more. So, you can legally own either of these birds, assuming it isn’t illegal at your state or local government level. However, American crows and common ravens — also known as northern ravens or western ravens — are found throughout the United States. Ravens are not domesticated animals and will never be so – but you can get them used to your presence until they feel comfortable around you. Just because ravens have a poor reputation does not mean that they are out to hurt you.

One of the challenges of keeping a raven as a pet is the raven’s high degree of curiosity. Ravens aren’t aggressive by nature, yet they are fiercely protective. When they feel intimidated, they are known to attack humans, and because of their big overall size, the bites aren’t small pecks. Since there’s a good chance, you won’t be able to find a local breeder, expect to pay more to export the animal, or for you to travel yourself to where the breeder is.

Read over them carefully to help in your decision about whether a pet crow or pet raven is right for you. The answer to whether you can have a pet crow or pet raven is “yes” and “no“. This is a viable alternative to outright owning a pet raven.