How to buy axolotl: Axolotls for Sale, Learn About Axolotls, and More!

How to buy axolotl

Once your tank is cycled it greatly reduces the water changes required. When you first receive your animal, we recommend feeding lighter, easier to digest foods as its digestive system resumes its normal processes. Frozen bloodworms are one of the most readily accepted foods by lotls that have been shipped. It is out of the ordinary even for the axolotl to arrive stressed to the point where they will not accept food, though if this happens it is not unheard of. If your axolotl is very hungry, other foods may be given, such as chopped up nightcrawlers or pellets. Feed only what the animal is willing to eat, and do not leave uneaten food to rot in its tank or container.

This means that should your axolotl run into injury somehow it should be able to heal itself. Axolotls are often used for experiments since they have such an incredible regeneration ability, as such there is a multitude of axolotls that are kept in labs for testing. Because of this as well as a variety of other factors axolotls have a high mortality rate with about 97% fatalities. The benefit to having two axolotls together is that you can breed them so long as they are of opposite genders. Here’s an example of gravel that could work for axolotl since it gives them something to grip onto as they move. Axolotls can reach just over a foot in length which is quite long for a salamander.

This allows for a fast reproductive cycle so long as you have two axolotls of differing genders. The other concerns you need to worry about for the axolotl are the temperature of the water, whether they are getting to much sun or not, and if they are eating what you are giving them. The life span of axolotls will decrease depending on certain factors.

Rest assured your pet will be shipped professionally and safely as possible. We take every measure to ensure your animal arrives alive and healthy and offer live arrival guarantee. We have shipped thousands of axolotls across the country to all legal states! It is highly recommended to ensure your axolotl will have a cycled aquarium to live in.

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All breeders are kept In separate tanks and only bred a maximum of twice a year to ensure they stay healthy. Our sexually mature adults are from known lineage from other reputable breeders or raised here. Parents are selected carefully based on genetic healthy and morph and lineage. Experience the easiest way to buy quality, healthy Axolotls (Axolotes) for sale. Buy quality live pet Axolotls for sale since 2018 (Exotic Aquatic Salamanders known as Ambystoma mexicanum) and have them shipped to you quickly and safely.

How to buy axolotl

So, feed them enough food and they should be raring to go for you to so off on display. Just be careful about any dangerous parasites in wild-caught prey to the axolotl. Axolotls have the natural instinct to shoot up and dart away when it is startled. As such you’ll hear stories of axolotls that have jumped out of their tanks and were left out for hours before their owners noticed. Axolotls have a coating of slime that covers their entire bodies allowing for some durability between the axolotl and the outside world.

Black Melanoid Presumed Male Axolotl, 6.5″ #224808

Speak with a veterinarian who specializes in exotic pets to find reputable stores or breeders. Axolotls are incredibly hardy animals when it comes to shipping. Even with delays, axolotls that are healthy and well cared for like ours are very robust, and live arrival is expected. In the event that anything happens to the axolotl after we have already fulfilled our DOA policy for the order, there will be no refunds. No DOA policy for local-pickup orders since they will not be shipped.

This means all food should come from a pet store when available. Especially when we are talking about fish, amphibians, and worms. It is not a good idea to feed your pet axolotl things which you have caught yourself.

This is so frustrating, trust me and just get a tank filter. Get gravel that is large so that the axolotl can still have the rough rocky terrain to crawl over but you won’t have to worry about it eating the rocks you put in its tank. You want to put gravel at the bottom of your tank to give the axolotl the strength to grab onto the floor as it crawls forward. The cause for concern here is that axolotls aren’t always the smartest creatures, as a result, they may eat the gravel if it is small enough. Axolotls are amphibious creatures so they can breathe both through gills and lungs; however, axolotls cannot survive on land they need to be underwater.

Shop with confidence with our 100% Live Arrival Guarantee. You will receive an email with tracking the day of shipment. Jen has over 23 years of experience living and caring for all types of pets from axolotls, snakes, rabbits, turtles to dogs and cats. She has owned and cared for many breeds of dogs including her German Shepherd named Jet. Generally, these creatures are quiet and won’t disturb you if you keep them nearby. At these two weeks of age, they will start to search for food.

  • Another factor is whether or not the axolotl goes through a metamorphosis to gain a terrestrial form.
  • Our sexually mature adults are from known lineage from other reputable breeders or raised here.
  • All purchase will come with some literature to get your started.
  • Many people find feeding their axies using tongs is an easy method.

The cost of the pet itself is not all, after getting a suitable tank and material expect to spend at least another $70 getting the correct equipment to deck out your little guy’s place. One of the biggest mistakes that an axolotl owner can make is getting the wrong size of gravel. This leaves them vulnerable, especially at a young age, to things that will cause abrasions on the skin like crawling across the ground.

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If your considering a pet then an axolotl is a unique and easy to care for choice. Since axolotls live for a long time and are confined to a tank, you will have a consistent companion that you will always know where to find. In regard to keeping other waterborne creatures in the tank with the axolotl… don’t.

How to buy axolotl

Our animals are double bagged in thermal insulated packages. Our boxes are marked “Fragile” and “Live Animals” to notify postal workers that they should be treated with extra care. Depending on the size of the axolotl, the animal may be fasted prior to shipping to ensure the water in the bag remains as clean as possible. We have shipped thousands of axolotls and are very experienced with the process.

Are axolotls harmful?

Because of the sensitive skin of the axolotl, any creature that will move into the tank and nibble away at the axolotl can cause some serious damage. When buying food for an axolotl you don’t need to get food specified for an axolotl. Since they have such a large range of food which they can eat you can feed them anything on this list above. So most local pet stores will have aquatic food options that will work to serve up a quick meal to your axolotl. Mexican water dragons experience stress in water that is too warm. They cannot live at tropical temperatures and need cool water.

We recommend floating the unopened bag in your aquarium for 20 minutes if there is a significant temperature difference. The bag can then be opened and the axolotl removed with a net from the bag water and transferred to the tank. Yes, we have a 100% live arrival guarantee on all of our axolotls. Our guarantee does not extend past delivery as we cannot control the environment of your aquarium. Please see our policies page for further details on our guarantee policy.

It’s important that there is plenty around at the young and juvenile axolotls will eat each other. The biggest problems that axolotls will face are either digestive problems caused by them eating something they weren’t supposed to or problems caused by an undue amount of stress. Luckily axolotls aren’t crazy picky eaters they are able to eat several types of meat from strips of beef to earthworms. As such, the axolotl has an extensive list of what it could be fed. Which allows for many place to grab food for your axolotl. If you don’t have a filter then you’ll need to manually change out the water and you’ll have to do it frequently as well.

We strive to bring you the most beautiful, well bred, healthy & adorable axolotls you can find. Axolotls secrete toxins from the skin as a defense mechanism. However, this toxin is weak so it will only do you harm if you intake a lot of it. Additionally, when agitated it may try to bite you (although it is not strong enough to have much effect on you). Plus this generally only happens if you are handling the axolotl, which you shouldn’t be doing. Despite hatching, the babies will stay attached to the leaves they were born on for another two weeks.

*Scratch & Dent* RLG Light Leopard Copper Axolotl, 6″ #78162

To prepare for this you should get a tank that is between 15 and 20 gallons. Axolotl Planet is a full-service aquatics company completely owned and operated by dedicated hobbyists, biologists, and axolotl breeders. Axolotl Planet is not responsible for delays caused by our delivery partners. Axolotls, also known as the “Mexican walking fish,” are a unique and fascinating species of salamanders that have captured the attention of scientists and pet enthusiasts alike.

You can cycle a fish tank yourself using liquid ammonia, or you can buy a pre-cycled filter online (sponge filters are great). There are many great guides online on how to cycle a fish tank yourself if you choose to do that instead. Please note that this method can take several weeks, whereas pre-cycled filters allow new inhabitants to be added immediately. If you don’t cycle your tank first, it is recommended to perform daily water changes until your filter matures to remove waste and uneaten food and test daily to monitor levels.

The first is a necessity but still falls into the category of shelter, and that is a tank cover. When buying a filter there are two things you need to look out for. One, since the axolotl has a load of extremities you don’t want the filter somewhere that it will get caught and lose part of its body.