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Movies about cryptocurrency

Movies about cryptocurrency

As you can guess, this is a crime drama thriller film at its core. However, there are more than a few references to cryptocurrency technology within the film. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, it is nice to understand the history and contemporary trends of Blockchain technology.

With that said, not all cryptocurrencies are anonymous so one must be aware of how its network operates in order to avoid any illegal activities. When playing slots at the top crypto slots sites, it’s essential to keep track of your winnings and losses so you can stay within a comfortable budget. It’s also wise to read up on the game before you start playing to understand its features and how they work. The producer of the film wanted to stress how much the new currency would violate the usual monetary systems we are all used to.

Movies about cryptocurrency

Silk Rod grew too big and caught the attention of the authorities, who then started investigating it. The film shows how police approached the arrest and took down Ross William Ulbricht, the creator of this marketplace. Online crypto casino compared to traditional games due to reduced fees charged by casinos on their own software platforms. Lastly, if gambling becomes an issue for any reason, make sure help is available. Many organizations exist solely for this purpose, such as Gamblers Anonymous or the Gambling Therapy Helpline.


But «Life on Bitcoin» is a great opportunity to see how cryptocurrencies were treated only six years ago. They set a goal to pay for everything with cryptocurrency for three months. By the way, Bitcoins are accepted almost everywhere today, but in 2014 it was not so easy to pay someone with cryptocurrency! Bitcoin is mostly discussed in the former part, while the couple and their endeavors to make strangers accept cryptocurrencies — in the latter. This American crime thriller tells the story of Martin Duran, an analyst at a large bank specializing in preventing money laundering. After being demoted to his hometown of upstate New York, the young banker is entangled in a multi-million dollar scheme by the Russian mob.

This film traces the evolution of money from the ancient times to Wall Street’s commercial centers. Silk Road was the first marketplace of this kind where you could pay with Bitcoin , and its mysterious leader — Dread Pirate Roberts. It also show how the police enforcement approached the arrest and took down the creator of Silk Road Ross William Ulbricht . This is an American movie about Malcolm, a teenager who wants to go to Harvard. Then, Malcolm and his friends come up with a scheme for how to sell them through the Internet using Bitcoin, in order not only to get away scot-free but also to earn money. Follow the launch of the world first crypto funded public work’s project at Herbert von King Park in Brooklyn, NY.

Crypto is probably one of the most popular cryptocurrency-related films that became popular among regular audiences. There are more than a few references to cryptocurrency technology within the film. The film is directed by John Stalberg Jr, and it stars Beau Knapp, Alexis Bledel, and Luke Hemsworth.

Although crypto-themed movies are still uncommon, as crypto acceptance continues to grow, there will definitely be more to be released in the near future. Cryptois a hardcore cryptocurrency movie that talks about the speculative side of digital currencies. While Bitcoin is often praised for its excellent encryption, it can actually pave the way for illegal activity.Cryptowill take you through the dark side of Bitcoin with surprising plots. Banking on Bitcoin is one of the best and most popular documentaries as it offers comprehensive coverage of Bitcoin and related technologies.

Movies about cryptocurrency

His boss Robin saves him from firing, even though the chief wants him away from the company, and decides to move him to his hometown, where he reunites with Earl, who is into cryptocurrencies. If you don’t want to spend hours watching someone talk about cryptocurrency, this explained series is the right film for you. It explains fundamental things about cryptocurrency in only 14 minutes. Through it, you can learn about cryptocurrency tokens and what is behind them.

The movie seeks to explore the uses of the cryptocurrency at an individual level – the couple must pay for gas and tickets, among other necessities, with bitcoin. It follows the case of British activist and hacker Lauri Love who was accused by the United States of stealing top-class government data. Epic from start to finish, this movie is one of the best blockchain movies that focuses on the fundamentals of technology and internet freedom. There have been many question marks raised when it comes to cryptos, and more specifically Bitcoin, concerning the ability to live off it alone. Well, Life on Bitcoin is a documentary movie which puts Bitcoin to the test.

The film takes on the topic of cryptocurrency mining, which Martin eventually uses to help save his father’s farm . Actually, the crypto frenzy doesn’t just happen on social media or in news headlines, a number of movies and documentaries about crypto have started popping up too. The film is notable primarily because its protagonist is the New York Times columnist and author of the famous book about Bitcoin called “Digital Gold”, Nathaniel Popper. In each series, Popper, along with developers, scientists, crypto enthusiasts, and other Bitcoin popularizers, talks about the future of the financial system and the place of cryptocurrency in it. In the film, Gavin Andresen, Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Cooper, and others share their views and predictions. The eight-part documentary is focused on defining blockchain technology and exploring the potential social and economic effects it could have on the world if properly realized.

«Bitcoin: The End Of Money As We Know It», 2015

Since there are so many movies and documentaries on the topic, creating a proper shortlist may take some time. We have listed some of the best cryptocurrency documentaries and movies you can watch in 2021. We recommend you give them a try no matter if you are a beginner or a pro. This is a documentary that features a lot of interviews with people and companies that helped to develop and expand Bitcoin. We can also say it’s the first crypto-inspired movie, following the life of Daniel Mross, who is a programmer who discovered Bitcoin in 2011. The producer, Nicholas Mross is his brother and they worked together to release this movie, making it as real as it’s possible.

Join host Freya Fox in the world of Cryptocurrency analysis , ethereum mining, and DeFi staking. A bitcoin heist connects four stories, each involving characters dealing with viral and social phenomena of a developing society. Charlie Walker’s life is turned upside down after risking everything on “Dogecoin”. Now faced with over a billion dollars and a mob of Russian headhunters, Charlie must find a way to defeat the bullies, save his family, and get the girl. A dangerous social experiment performed by a reckless YouTuber and his film crew exposes human sex trafficking in Las Vegas.

CRYPTOPIA: Bitcoin and the Future of the Internet (

Many have used these platforms to gain valuable information on anything from what users think of the Luno Bitcoin wallet to what are Initial Coin Offerings . There’s also plenty to watch on YouTube about cryptos too, but if you want to be in the know, you should check out some of the movies on the subject. Axel is a London-based staff writer at TechRadar, reporting on everything from the newest movies to latest Apple developments as part of the site’s daily news output. Unlike other similar films, it does not concern the history of cryptocurrency but rather its practical use. During the film, businessmen from different countries of the world express their opinions about Bitcoin as the main payment instrument. Not only crypto-themed movies, but you can also broaden your knowledge by watching some of the best financial movies that can be a big inspiration for you.

The Best Movies About Cryptocurrency

This movie covers everything you could possibly want to know about the early days of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency tokens. The movie would quickly introduce you to ideas like digital currency and Blockchain networks while providing a fairly accurate representation of what occurred. So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and enjoy watching these movies about cryptocurrency. Whether you are a crypto novice or already familiar with Bitcoin and the history of cryptocurrencies, these crypto-related movies are a perfect fit for you. These films provide viewers with insights into the uses of blockchain and its effects on our daily lives.

The film deeply analyzes the successes and falls experienced by the early users of the currency since Bitcoin was released in 2008. Throughout the film, its creators tried to find a so-called harmony between regulation and innovation. The movie reveals various points of view on topics related to Bitcoin, as well as talks about how technology pioneers contributed to the creation of blockchain technology. If you are passionate about innovation and legal regulation, you should definitely watch this film.

There were many highs and lows during those 8 years and you have the opportunity to see all of them and listen to the explanation of why they really happened. For those of you who are still in the early stages of learning Bitcoin, this documentary could be an option. Conducted by Christopher Cannucciari, this 1.5-hour long production pokes fun at worldly applications and explains where Bitcoin is headed. Many new concepts have emerged from decentralized systems such as crypto banks, Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin Savings, and the rest. Unfortunately, the fast growth of crypto makes many people outside the community quickly left behind by the current updates.

Demoted back to his hometown, a young Wall Street banker is drawn into investigating a tangled web of corruption and fraud in Upstate New York, affecting both his personal life and business career. To win back the love of his life, a high school student and his best friend launch Europe’s largest online drug business from their teenage bedroom. And for the skeptics, the documentary is accompanied by an in-depth report that allows viewers to delve deeper into “The State of Cryptocurrency in Africa”. The Netflix series as a whole focuses on the central focus of Money. The limited 5 part series talks about the many minefields of money, from credit cards to casinos, scammers to student loans.