Nft gem theblock: Find the most valuable Non Fungible Token

Nft gem theblock

Nft gem theblock

NFT marketplace aggregators provide several benefits to buyers and sellers alike. They help tackle the challenge of limited liquidity in the market by providing data transparency. They also extend functionalities that primary marketplaces may be lacking and they can save traders a considerable amount of gas.

Nft gem theblock

Each NFT has a unique Origin Block that changes colors and positions as the Ethereum blockchain continues to grow. The links above are pulled from OpenSea and may change at any time, even OpenSea’s link. All sales data is based on blockchain data for this contract address.

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The Rarible market was launched in 2020 as an open-source marketplace for buying, minting, and selling NFT collectibles. Rarible is a software that permits digital artists and creators to issue and sell custom crypto assets that show ownership of their digital works. That is, Rarible serves as both a marketplace for those assets, as well as a distributed network built on Ethereum that allows trading without the services of a third party. The RARI token is the first governance token in the NFT ecosystem. Another useful feature that Gem provides is rarity-based rank purchasing, where the user could choose to pick up collectible items at their lowest cost based on rarity. Some collections release in bundles where certain pieces are common, uncommon, rare and extremely rare.

OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, acquired NFT aggregator to “better serve” its more experienced users, the company said in a blog post. The deal, which comes a few months after OpenSea bought DeFi wallet startup Dharma Labs, will allow OpenSea to “learn from Gem’s expertise and intuition about the advanced NFT community,” the company said. Nonfungible token marketplace OpenSeasaid today it has acquired Gem, an NFT aggregator service as part of a bid to provide more features for “pro” users.

Christian is the Founder of, with over 2 decades of experience building online projects and more than 10 years of generating revenue from online marketing. It was in that very same year that he was first exposed to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole and his fascination with the future of tokenization and creator economy has remained ever since. NFT aggregation platforms come with various benefits, including a single interface and bulk transactions, but also potential gas savings of up to 40%.

Integrating Gem’s aggregation capabilities would provide this capability directly on OpenSea. Based on a floor price of Ξ 0.001 and a circulating supply of 5,555, we’d estimate the market cap of AIBlockchain to be $9,817 at an Eth price of $1,767. Both Genie and Gem have very professional user interfaces and they are effectively copying features from one another anyway. Screenshot of the “Genie” NFT marketplace aggregator website.Genie was the very first NFT marketplace aggregator to hit the scene and it made quite a splash at the time, especially amongst big investors. Since the dApp can now look inside your wallet’s address, the NFT aggregator platform should technically be able to personalize the interface based on the NFTs you already own. They monitor liquidity pools for various tokens and if they can offer a rate on your tokens, they’ll accept it as payment.

Infographic explaining what an NFT marketplace aggregator is.The NFT industry is still in its infancy and despite the mind-boggling speed at which things are evolving, it’s still quite fragmented. For more articles about cryptocurrency check out ourTop 10 page and follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Gem said the acquisition offer from OpenSea was unexpected, adding that the company will now have access to OpenSea’s infrastructure and resources to accelerate its growth, The Block reported. Venture firms Dragonfly Capital Partners, Sfermion and Tioga Capital Partners are all investors in Gem, according to PitchBook. Our sales floor is based on most recent sales with outliers removed. So in the end it really just comes down to what marketplaces you’d like to have covered.

Nft gem theblock

That’s right, the best NFT aggregators have optimized their smart contracts in a way that lets you save up to 40% on gas compared to buying directly via the NFT marketplace. Rather than switching between various different NFT websites and figuring out where you can strike the best deal, an NFT aggregator will display the inventory of multiple marketplaces within on interface. The platform does this using its innovative staking mechanism, dual token system, and its advanced non-fungible tokens. The platform’s goal is to bring a decentralized content distribution system running on the blockchain, with a strong emphasis on privacy and security. Thus, it doesn’t rely on third-party services for something like email, photos, or even videos which can be dangerous. It is while the platform is building something with a strong emphasis on privacy and security.


In this article, we will look into the top 10 NFT GEMs to watch out for in the year. These coins are below 200 million in market cap with rising trade volumes. With the way NFT is evolving, we could see numerous investments in various NFT projects. Investors, futurists, and big companies are already launching NFTs for profit, publicity, or both. This has led to various speculations on which of the projects are profitable.

You see, high gas fees are not only the result of supply and demand but are also caused by the sloppy coding of smart contracts. Most of you are already familiar with aggregators since they are very common in the eCommerce space. That choice is already challenging enough as it is because it forces users to choose between optimal liquidity and a better user experience.

As an aggregator, the company claims its product saves users up to 40% on gas fees compared to using an NFT marketplace like OpenSea directly. Its users often leverage the platform for “floor-sweeping,” a term that refers to acquiring multiple of the lowest-priced NFTs in a given project. Gem’s product lets users buy bundles of NFTs across multiple marketplaces with a single, low-cost transaction. Using its tool, users can save up to 42% on gas fees when using its service by committing a series of automated purchases. NFT aggregators consolidate the inventory of multiple NFT marketplaces and platforms into a single unified interface. This gives buyers unprecedented visibility of the market, allowing them to compare prices and also acquire NFTs from various sources in one bulk purchase.

What Is an NFT Aggregator?

They recently released Genie 2.0, which might only look like a revamped user interface, but they did a lot of work under the hood as well. Bulk purchases allow you to literally “sweep the floor” in one go and if a particular NFT is no longer available, you’ll just receive a refund. Not only is this a cumbersome process, but it can also lead to higher purchase prices as people notice your buying activity and increase their list prices. The end-user rarely cares what platform something is built on and with most NFT collectors it is no different. And it’s not like we’re talking about whether you should be buying your NFTs on OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, or any other OpenSea alternatives. For a detailed analysis on the top 3 NFT aggregators, PLEASE SCROLL FURTHER DOWN THE ARTICLE.

Opensea nft gem nfts theblock

Phantasma is a fast, secure, and scalable blockchain solution that permits developers to create decentralized applications and facilitate interoperability with other blockchains while maintaining a decentralized governance system. The platform allows users to access digital goods and services like communication, entertainment, marketplace, storage. Polkamon is exquisitely animated digital collectibles created using blockchain technology. Each of the Polkamon is supported by a genuinely unique NFT that is not similar to any other NFT and can be unpacked with $PMON tokens. The PMON is the platform’s utility token and is an ERC 20 token on the Polkamon platform. Each Polkamon collectible is authentic, inimitable, and different from another.

Since Defi is dominated by fungible tokens, which are ERC 20 tokens, this means that they are the same and not different from one another. While ERC 20 tokens are not going away soon, there are still other relevant tokens that people are not conversant with. Most of the ingredients that keep the Terra Virtua ecosystem active is its Terradome, Terra arts gallery . Gem will continue to operate as a standalone product and brand, OpenSea wrote in the post, though OpenSea plans to integrate some of Gem’s features with its own platform. Some people expressed disappointment over the acquisition in their replies to Gem’s announcement tweet, referencing the centralized nature of the OpenSea platform.

Well, we’ve got you covered because we’ve done the research and have put together a list of the best NFT aggregation platforms out there.

If you’re looking for a more efficient buying experience in the NFT space, then you’ll definitely want to start using an NFT aggregator. Gem is a fairly new NFT marketplace aggregator, but even though it’s still in public beta, it has already become one of the most popular platforms. Screenshot showing how you can pay with any token on this isn’t a feature that all NFT aggregators offer, some of them allow you to pay with any ERC-20 token you like. Infographic explaining the benefits of using NFT marketplace aggregators.While there is a strong incentive for sellers to seek out the NFT marketplace with the highest liquidity , the story is quite different for NFT buyers. Non-Fungible Yearn is a Defi platform with the goal of utilizing the full potential of Non-fungible tokens in the Defi sector.

The Polkamon NFT collection can be integrated into the latest games, art, and other blockchain-connected products. The PMON token can be bought or traded on Hotcoin Global, Uniswap , MXC.COM, etc. The owners of the token have access to specific functions of the website. Users are also rewarded in TVK for winning contests, transactions in the ecosystem. NFT, which stands for Non-fungible token, has been gaining traction in the cryptocurrency market for some time now.