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Shopify authenticator app

Shopify authenticator app

Shopify uses a two-factor authentication system for all user accounts. Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security that requires two pieces of evidence to verify a user’s identity. Authentication is the process of verifying that someone is who they say they are. In the context of Shopify, authentication is used to verify that a user is authorized to access their Shopify account.

Two-step authentication will now be switched off. All future logins will only require your password. Enter the 6-digit authentication code sent to your phone followed by your Shopify password, and click Enable. If you prefer to use a security key anyway, select Security key and click Next.

To regain access, Jonathan needs to enter a recovery code or, if he no longer has recovery codes, contact Shopify Support. When you install an authenticator app, make sure that you follow its instructions carefully. Shopify support can’t help you to install these third-party apps on your mobile devices. After your app is downloaded and set up, you can activate the feature in Shopify.

Shopify authenticator app

If you are deciding to set up two-step authentication in Shopify, then you need to sign in with your account and click on the managed account in the top right corner. Click and Open Security on the left side menu on the new page. So that’s how Shopify’s authentication system works!

You’ll be presented with three options to choose from. Delete your personal services and data including your Authenticator by going to the Erase My Data section under SETTINGS in your SAASPASS app. Verify that Security updates and Multi-factor authentication are enabled.

Select the mobile device that you want to use to receive notifications. You have the most recent version of the Shopify app installed on your mobile device. Install the Shopify app on the mobile device that you use for Shopify mobile prompts.

To keep transactions on Shopify’s platform safe and secure, all apps connecting with Shopify APIs must authenticate when making API requests. You can use Shopify CLI to generate a starter app with boilerplate code that handles authentication and authorization. The starter app includes code for an embedded app that uses OAuth and session tokens. This means that in addition to your regular password , a code will be required to approve login requests on your account.

Shopify is a platform for businesses of all sizes to create an online store. One of the key features of Shopify is that it provides users with a range of payment gateway options. This means that businesses can choose the gateway that best suits their needs.

For example, your organization has verified the domain Two of the users in your organization, Jonathan and Leslie, are locked out of their accounts. Leslie uses the email address Because this is an email address that uses the domain that you have verified, you can reset Leslie’s two-step authentication.

How to Set Up Two-Step Authentication in Shopify

If you lose access to your security key, you may only regain access via recovery codes. It’s also safer to activate an additional method of two-step authentication as a backup method when using built-in authenticator options. Select your country code, enter your mobile phone number and click send authentication code when it’s completed. You’ll get a code from Shopify each time you’ll log in to your account. If you choose to use an authenticator app, select the authenticator app and click next.

If you already have the Shopify app installed on your mobile device, make sure that you have the most recent version. You can quickly block suspicious activity using Shopify mobile prompts. If you didn’t try to sign in to your account, then tap No on the notification to secure your account. Shopify mobile prompts give more information on any login attempts to your account. This information includes the device, location, and time. The Shopify app must be installed on the mobile device that you use for Shopify mobile prompts.

For the next time they sign in their account, besides their password, an authentication code sent to them must also be entered. From the Enable Two-Step Authentication dialog, the staff member can decide if they want to receive the code as an SMS message or via another authenticator app. After finishing selecting the delivery method of the code, click on Next.

Shopify authenticator app

Built-in authenticators are integrated into a device you use as an authenticator. For example, you might set up your device to use biometric data, such as a fingerprint sensor or facial recognition. Some examples of a built-in authenticator are Windows Hello, and Apple Touch ID or Face ID. Alternatively, you might set up your devices to use a password or a PIN. Whatever you use to log in to your device is what you use for this method of two-step authentication. It’s depending on the way that the staff member wants to code to be sent to them that they will have to enter a phone number or configure the app. After getting the staff member to enter the authentication code sent to them, click on Confirm.

Shopify mobile prompts help protect you against attackers by sending them more securely to only your signed in devices. Merchants on the Shopify Plus plan can require that all users in their organization use two-step authentication. To enable this setting, you must have the User management access in the Shopify organization admin. If you have installed and set up either 1Password or the Google Authenticator App, choose the Authenticator App option. If you would prefer to receive this code via text message, select SMS Delivery.

Click on the name of the staff member that you want to enable two-step authentication for. If you’ve decided to use a security key anyway, select the security key and click next. Web security is a major concern these days and malicious login attempts on business sales websites can’t be avoidable. If you are using Shopify as your eCommerce platform, you’ll need to learn how to step up two-step authentication in Shopify.


Shopify mobile prompts uses a mobile device to receive a message when you log in that asks you to confirm that you are trying to log in to your account. Two-step authentication can be set up for all staff accounts, but the store owner can’t activate it for staff. Staff members need to set up two-step authentication for their own accounts. For example, when you make a cash withdrawal at the bank, you need something you have and something you know .

Select your country code, enter your mobile phone number, and click Send authentication code when done. Shopify will send a code to this number each time you log in to your account. Next, return to your desktop and enter your Shopify password in the space provided, followed by a 6-digit code generated by the app. You will receive email confirmations in your primary and secondary email addresses. Authenticator can be supported on multiple devices including tablets like the iPad.

How to Set Up Two-Step Authentication With SMS Delivery

Select the option and choose how you want your two-step authentication set up. You can complete your 2SA setup via an authenticator app, security key, or SMS. Let’s now understand the following three methods. Without this code, you can’t be able to access account information.

But don’t panic – we’ve put together three simple ways you can dramatically increase your Shopify account security today and help you sleep better at night. Firstly, the staff member has to sign in their Shopify account with their email and password as usual. In this step, the staff member will enter their password and then click Confirm to continue to setting process. It’s no one but the staff member who has to be the one setting their two-step authentication.

Step 5: Enter the password and click Confirm

I used them for everything, confident that they were complicated and unique enough that no one would ever be able to guess them. They will have to enter an authentication code besides their password. Next, in the Two-step authentication section, you choose Enable two-step authentication to start protecting your account with two steps of authentication. In Account, you’ll find a section called Accounts and permissions.

To enable two-step authentication for a staff account on Android (Click here)

Shopify uses the Shopify API to manage and access data from their customers and customers’ orders. The Shopify API allows developers to access and manage orders, customers, and other data. The Shopify API is free to use and easy to integrate into applications.