VPN.ac Review 2020

The service itself claims that security and privacy are very important to them and that customer data is safe with this company. For example, the company is headquartered in Romania, which means that they have no data log obligation. They themselves indicate that they do not keep any logs, only 1 day logs to improve the service and to see back what may have gone wrong.

VPN.ac secure proxy for browsers

The software however leaves something to be desired for some people, but if you have the time and inclination, you can set up anything you want for the VPN connection you wish to use. What stands out for this relatively small provider is that they do have a server in many countries. These are the most common countries you will want to use.

These enable users to hide their activity, precisely the URL of the websites that they might visit, from internet service providers and other spying agencies. A bonus of the VPN.ac service is a free SecureProxy service. The company runs proxy serversin more countries for its encrypted proxy service than it does for its VPNs.

With some of the most devoted support in the VPN business, the Romanian provider is one of the most stable and consistent we’ve tested. The servers proved to be reliable, with no security issues and quite uniform speeds when using different tweaks and settings.

Luckily, VPN.AC is one of those torrent supporting VPNs that lets the user enjoy Torrenting service without any glitch. VPN AC seems to us to be a very reliable VPN provider with a good privacy policy and all the standard requirements you can have for a VPN service.

In total, there are 60 servers, so in most countries they have multiple servers, meaning there is always one working server in each country. That said, VPN.ac is still not flawless to deserve 5-stars.

Speed, Privacy, Security and compatibility are top notch. The pricing is also reasonable and with all the features provided, the value is commendable. VPN.ac is still growing in terms of user base, and therefore with a subscription, you can be sure of a reliable service and unsaturated servers. We didn’t notice any glaring flaws during the review, something which makes us rate VPN.ac among the reliable VPN services available today. VPN.ac offers multiple VPN protocol types such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and has multiple VPN nodes in 18 countries, including US, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and more.

VPN.ac is a Romania-based VPN service that provides users withadvanced encryption, very secure apps, and great performance. Their network consists entirely of dedicated bare-metal servers with self-hosted DNS and gigabit bandwidth channels. VPN.ac also provides you with unique encryption protocols, double-hop server configurations, and secure proxy browser extensions. The good news is that yes, VPN.AC VPN does support Torrenting for big files. Looking at the positive side, we will say that not all the VPN providers support Torrenting.

Compared to most major VPN providers, which only allow 1 to 3 simultaneous connections, VPN.ac users can have up to 6 simultaneous connections. Besides, VPN.ac allows P2P/torrent traffic, which is prohibited by many other VPN providers.

VPN AC is a relatively small VPN provider that focuses on the privacy and security of its users. The service is headquartered in Romania and this means they have no obligation to keep logs. In the review, we will test the services of VPN AC and share our experiences with this VPN service. If you’re in Asia, Africa or the Middle East, the servers you can connect to are fewer and farther away than they are for users in Europe or North America.

Ever since VPN.ac first debuted, security was one of its highest concerns, something that is really proven by its innovative Elliptic Curve Cryptography and VPN obfuscation features. Other protocols include L2TP/IPSec and standard OpenVPN with both encryption cyphers.

VPN.ac Review

Also, technically the security is right, as you may expect from a VPN service. They offer by default the OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit encryption. This is a very strong encryption that is known to be very secure. As a user you also have the choice to use a L2TPIPSec VPN connection, especially for Mac users this can be interesting because Apple supports this standard in its operating systems.

  • They themselves indicate that they do not keep any logs, only 1 day logs to improve the service and to see back what may have gone wrong.
  • The service itself claims that security and privacy are very important to them and that customer data is safe with this company.

Its connections are pretty stable and and speed is quite fast. Unlike many VPN providers which only allow 1-3 simultaneous connections, VPN.ac allows its users to connect to up to 6 devices at the same time. If you are looking for a VPN service to be used in China, especially if you need to connect to multiple devices at the same time, you can give VPN.ac a try. By looking at the above list, it’s clear that VPN.AC VPN provides all the necessary features any VPN must have.

SecureProxy uses the HTTPS protocol to provide encryption of connection contents and diverts connections through a mediating server. These tricks are performed to fool the regional restrictions on streaming services. The theory behind this system is that you don’t need full privacy just to get around regional restrictions.

VPN.ac Android

With so much choice available in the VPN industry, it’s easier to just find one of the big-name providers and go with that one. There are even P2P-optimized servers and ones created for users located in China, too, but the bonus of the SecureProxy browser add-on is especially noteworthy. This attractive package is available for computers and mobile devices as well, so anyone can rely on it to secure their connections and unblock content. Still, it’s good that VPN.AC offer servers and support guides to help users looking to bypass censorship in China.

That definitely shows that VPN.ac prefers quality over quantity. Along with the shared IP addresses, VPN.ac also has Private DNS servers.

You may get better performance from other services in our VPN library that have a wider geographical spread, such as VPNArea (see our VPNArea review). The damning words are in its FAQ, where it tells users that it logs your access to its VPN service for “security and support purposes” for one day. To be clear, your IP address, data usage and times you connected and disconnected are recorded each day.

As we have seen in this VPN.ac review, it is actually a pretty capable VPN service. After all, it works with Netflix and torrenting and also keeps no logs. It is also pretty decent in terms of speed and performance. Even if you’re an advance VPN user, you’ll be more than happy with VPN.ac simply because of the sheer number of features it offers. However, it seems to have a lot of experience serving users in China.

That level of support would usually make VPN.AC a strong contender for our best VPN services for China list, but check out the privacy section of this review before you rush to subscribe. Users will enjoy the fact this provider doesn’t store data on your visited websites. This includes messages sent, videos watched — you get the picture. Basic connection logs — capturing your source IP address and traffic volume — are kept for security and support cases.

For one, it costs more than much more renowned VPNs like PureVPN or Surfshark. Other than that, I’m not sure why they only offer servers in some 20 countries and keep connection logs. Overall, after weighing in its pros and cons, I’ve given it 3.0/5.0 starsin this review. VPN.ac is not yet a contender for a place at the top of the chart, but it still undoubtedly deserves more credit than it has been receiving.

VPN.ac’s OpenVPN service also works with custom firmwares like DD-WRT and TomatoUSB on supported routers. With very fast speeds, good pricing packages and high focus on anonymity and security, VPN.ac is undoubtedly one of the best VPN service providers around today. It has 6 simultaneous connections with various encryption methods and Secure Proxy. The servers are good and so is the ease of use – which can help any new user get started with it. It is a wonderful alternative to even some of the best VPN service providers in the business.

IPv6 feature doesn’t allow to filter traffic by default but a user can disable this protocol on the device to stop the leaks. Likewise, it has 75+ VPN servers in more than 21 countries and proxy servers in 32 countries. VPN AC explicitly allows users of bittorrent and other P2P protocols. There are even manuals available on the website that teach you how to make sure your bittorrent client stops automatically if the VPN connection is lost.

Not entirely, but it is better than many other VPN service providers. Almost all of VPN.ac’s servers offer good speed and you would rarely encounter a server that is overloaded.

VPN.AC Review – 2020

It should be noted, too, that VPN.ac supports P2P and provides a handful dedicated servers for that purpose. They have their own specific tab just for this in the app, as does servers optimized for users in China.

But, they’re stored on a standalone, encrypted server for a most of 24 hours. It’s worth noting that many VPN providers store session logs for up to a month, if not longer. I really like that VPN.ac is consistently transparent about storing basic logs. Actually, this plays a major role in keeping their infrastructure secure from brute-force or MITM attacks.