VPNArea Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2020

VPNArea Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2020

But if you are looking for a complete service with both TCP and UDP-based security options, excellent OS clients and good customer service, VPNArea is one competitor you should consider trying out. This is also easily enabled and only activates when your connection runs into trouble.

Reliability & Support

As standard, VPNArea allows users to connect up to five devices simultaneously, which is pretty high compared to some of the competition. However, most reports and reviews indicate that VPNArea’s speeds are good, and as it has such an abundance of servers, users should be able to easily find a faster server if they connect to a slow one. VPNArea is a prime quality VPN provider with a state of the art set of features with plenty of security options and software solutions to run the service.

To protect your web traffic and your privacy, you need a virtual private network to secure your internet connection. VPNArea has all the makings of a great VPN service, with unique features, such as multi-hop connections and IP address rotation.

VPNArea price and refund policy

A representative for the company explained that VPNArea also supports stunnel obfuscation, which helps users in countries that attempt to block VPN connect successfully. TorGuard has built its entire reputation on serving BitTorrent users, offering valuable subscription add-ons like access to a high-bandwidth network and static IP addresses. VPNArea will also provide a dedicated IP address, if you are so inclined. These cost between $13 and $60, depending on location, and are only available for 6 month and one year subscriptions.

I’m sure many people utilize VPN’s as a way to connect to data or websites that might otherwise be made unavailable to them for a variety of reasons. Because of connection issues on the desktop application, I was unable to see if this was possible. However, on the mobile app, I was able to connect pretty quickly and only one of my browsers was flagged.

It also includes specific servers for connecting to streaming video services that block VPN use, and it even racks up some impressive speed test scores. On the other hand, it’s hampered by a subpar user experience that extends from the company’s website to its VPN client, and there are only a scant number of servers available. I see potential in VPNArea, but for now you are better served by one of our Editors’ Choice winning VPNs, the friendly and capable NordVPN or the robust Private Internet Access. My connection drops many times a day, the speed is slow, and some servers kill the WiFi connection forcing me to use LTE.

Further, their day-to-day servers are in Switzerland, which has stronger privacy laws than that of other countries. So, customers can feel secure about the privacy of their data. VPNArea is a reliable VPN provider but is headquartered and hosts its servers in Switzerland.

VPNArea has developed its own Windows client called Chameleon with up to 5 simultaneous connections allowed across 51 countries and 190 servers. It is full of great features and seeing this variety in one place is rare.

The service offers robust security and privacy features with a strict no log policy to safeguard customer data. It guarantees security and WiFi security and gives you the freedom to unblock favorite content. Even the strongest encryption doesn’t offer full security if there’s the chance of leaks.

Individual server ping times are available information to help you make a better-educated choice about where do you want to connect. The “Show Server Load Information” option helps you view how many users are on a particular server currently. Because of the sheer number of servers and the relative lack of crowds, you are bound to find a suitable place. Changing TCP and UDP protocols is done with the press of a button. Along with these standard security setups, VPNArea has some unique security systems that are built right into its software.

A representative for VPNArea told me that the company maintains no logs on its servers, nor on its DNS servers. The company does not inject ads into users’ web traffic, as some companies have done in the past. Much of this information is spelled out explicitly in the company’s privacy policy. Under the hood, VPNArea uses its own Chameleon protocol for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Chameleon is based on the industry standard open-source OpenVPN protocol that I prefer. VPNArea also supports regular ol’ OpenVPN, too, and the older, less-secure PPTP on a few servers.

  • To protect your web traffic and your privacy, you need a virtual private network to secure your internet connection.
  • VPNArea has all the makings of a great VPN service, with unique features, such as multi-hop connections and IP address rotation.

The Anti-DNS leak system prevents your browser from revealing the domains you’re visiting to the ISP (internet service provider). This used to change your IP address at an interval of your choosing for an extra layer of security. In our tested client version 2.1.0, clicking this menu option sent us to Custom DNS Servers. If turned on, it routes your DNS requests from the ISP’s to VPNArea’s servers, further protecting you from the DNS leaks. VPNArea has dedicated clients for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

With a server size consisting of over 200 servers, they claim to have the fastest speeds of any VPN. Users will appreciate these fast speeds when they’re streaming HD videos from Netflix or downloading torrents from P2P servers. VPNArea keeps its users secure by using the OpenVPN protocol combined with a 256-bit AES algorithm. The company is registered in Bulgaria, where it’s illegal to log customer data.

It was really nice to be able to connect quickly and succinctly without a bunch of trouble. For reference purposes, VPNArea offers many networks that are geared toward users looking to utilize services such as Netflix. Specifically, they have a USA server with a Netflix EU-hub and another that is just for Netflix, a UK Netflix server and another UK server for BBC content. VPNArea has a list of secure features, all optimised for use across a variety of operating systems. It’s been built with a kill switch, so if your service connection drops you’re automatically disconnected, preventing your IP address from becoming visible.

Though VPNArea states a firm promise that it doesn’t oversell its service to avoid any slowdowns, we sadly did have to go through slow connections on some of their servers. We have to add that prices are pretty strict on shorter timescales, especially the biannual plan.

VPNArea Review

To further prevent unwanted attacks or surveillance from your Internet provider, the client has a separate section for its anti-DNS leak feature. They only work once you are connected to a VPN server – they cannot be used without it.

Moreover, VPNArea has a robut VPN app and offers a tremendous number of VPN server locations. The only downsides are its lack of 24/7 live chat support and a confusing official website. Other than that, we think that you should atleast try VPNArea. The service keeps your information secure with strong security features, including 256-bit encryption, perfect forward secrecy, and protection against DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leaks. It allows P2P, so with fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and a solid privacy policy, torrenters will likely be happy with VPNArea.

VPNArea on Mac OS

There are over DNS server to get lost with, which is an ample amount of support. Yet another great addition is the auto IP-changer that changes your IP address from time to time. In fact, the address swapping can be set by you on a minute-to-minute basis. This is a two-edged sword, as for the extra safety your IP address – your original one – is always visible during the few seconds of the auto-IP swapping.

That’s much more restrictive than other VPN services that provide these add-ons. VPNArea claims to block DNS, WebRTC and even IPv6 privacy leaks.

Also for iOS users, switching DNS servers is a lengthy process that makes me feel like I’m doing VPNArea’s job for them. VPNArea concentrates in areas that are most important to a privacy-conscious user. It has great extra features such as Kill Switch and dedicated IP address along with auto-IP changer.