Do You Recommend Celo VPN?

It does has its pros, but there are other options that we would recommend to check before this VPN. If you are looking for a VPN, you are probably concerned about privacy and want a service that can truly protect you from the risks that lurk online. Online surveillance, hacking and tracking are some of the issues that internet users around the world face. A good VPN is meant to protect you against these issues and to be bale to do so, it needs to offer high encryption. Celo VPN can keep your information secure with AES-256 encryption, which is a high standard used across the industry.

Payments get processed through a third-party website, so it doesn’t even have that information available. The name Celo was derived from the Latin language, and it means to hide, conceal or keep secret.

If you are using Windows, Celo VPN offers a kill switch, which will shut down all internet traffic while you are not connected to a VPN. This will prevent that your real IP address and your online traffic get exposed. However, if you are using any other platform such as Mac, there is no kill switch supported. Celo.net offers a great selection of features that will keep your connection secure, even when you use public WiFi hotspots.

However, this is not the main issue with Celo VPN, after all, as we previously mentioned, there are detailed set up instructions available. The problem with Celo VPN is that instead of showing the exact location of their servers, they just provide country codes. The small network and the limited list of locations supported (they have less then 20 servers in 15 countries) can affect your browsing experience. Another issue is that in order to switch to a different server, you first need to disconnect from the one you are currently connected to.

For its offering, Celo VPN is slightly expensive, but we consider it a good buy for users that focus on privacy and security. We recommend that you use its 2-days free trial period and check it out. It is unfortunate that Celo VPN cannot be used for streaming services like Netflix.

That said, the Celo VPN will unblock a host of restricted channels and sites for your streaming pleasure. It would seem that the Celo VPN service is one of the many other services that Netflix have successfully blocked form giving users access to its contents. This might be a minus on the service because most users want to stream Netflix because the streaming giant holds numerous titles.

While this is disappointing, Celo VPN offers other features that can make you consider them. For instance, they offer free protection against DDoS attacks, as well as free SOCKS5 and Shadowsocks Proxy. Celo VPN also supports IPv6 and it includes a solution to block ads and malware. Another advantage is that the service works with Tor, which allows you to increase the privacy and anonymity of your traffic.


Many VPN providers compete in a happening market for VPN solutions, and they make impressive claims. They promise privacy, security, and anonymity, moreover, many of them promise to unblock geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix.

However, because some persons use VPN cover to download illegal torrents, many VPN services no longer allow torrenting on their servers. People still seeks VPNs for torrenting; thus, any service that support the activity has an edge over those that do not. CELO is an Australian based service that focuses on providing users with access to reliable VPN servers in top destinations and strong encryption. For added security, CELO uses SOCKS5 & SHADOWSOCKS proxy in protecting your data and a two factor authentication system in protecting your account. For no extra cost, this VPN provider goes the extra mile by offering DDoS protection on all subscription plans to prevent attacks on any of your devices.

Celo.net offers super fast servers that will help you to stream, play online games and download. In fact, the vpn service is P2P friendly and torrenting is allowed in all plans. You may find it hard to choose a VPN provider that meets your requirements. Celo VPN is an Australia-based VPN that promises privacy, security, P2P/torrenting, and compatibility with a wide range of devices. It also promises to unblock geo-restricted streaming services.

Of these, OpenVPN is the most recommended option as it strikes a perfect balance between speed and security. The protocol supports military-grade AES 256-bit encryption making it the ideal choice for privacy-conscious users. Their dedicated network and servers have enhanced security features which provide the safest service.

They support OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP (only on Windows), which are trusted protocols that provide a good level of security. While OpenVPN is the strongest option to keep your data protected, LT2TP/IPSec and SSTP are good alternatives. Top grade 256-bit AES encryption is used on all protocols to keep you safe from eavesdropping, hacking and online attacks. In addition, Celo.net offers a built-in Ad/Malware blocking solution that will help you to browse the internet securely and without hassle. Most VPN providers make tall claims about their products and services, therefore, you might find it hard to choose a VPN that works for you.

  • For instance, they offer free protection against DDoS attacks, as well as free SOCKS5 and Shadowsocks Proxy.
  • While this is disappointing, Celo VPN offers other features that can make you consider them.
  • Celo VPN also supports IPv6 and it includes a solution to block ads and malware.

Celo VPN offers affordable prices and a good set of features, including strong encryption, DDos protection and a privacy policy that states that no logs are kept. However, if you compare it with other providers, it doesn’t offer the best value for money. Also, the fact that it is based in Australia would cause concern among those who want the highest level of privacy as possible. The lack of dedicated software, the disappointing speeds and the limited selection of servers may make you reconsider if Celo VPN is really worth trying.

Celo VPN has dedicated servers for your streaming needs built into our favored OpenVPN protocol, which is good news for fans of Netflix and BBC iPlayer. While its chat support isn’t available 24×7, Celo VPN has a knowledgeable customer support team, an extensive FAQ section, and a searchable knowledge base.

Celo VPN came a long way and now serves countless clients around the globe. Celo VPN servers are widely distributed in about six major countries in the world.

Celo VPN might be a small Australian VPN provider in this market, but it has robust privacy and security track record. It maintains a “no logs” policy, uses secure protocols, incorporates strong encryption, and prevents IP/DNS/WebRTC leaks. According to Celo VPN’s privacy policy, it does not log sites you visit or anything you stream while connected to its servers. It takes your email and payment details like most other VPNs.

Celo VPN Review

With Celo VPN, you also get SOCKS5 Proxy to take the protection to your privacy even further. Another advantage of Celo.net is that it offers a reliable network of servers in a variety of locations. You can connect to servers in United States, Australia, Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, Romania, South Korea, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia, Germany and France. It is likely that they increase the list in the near future, but at the moment, this would be enough to access a plethora of content and to enjoy great speeds.

Allows Torrenting

In addition, Celo VPN allows torrenting, so you will be able to download content securely, Another point in favor for Celo VPN is that it passed leak tests. Unfortunately, in most cases the speeds of the service are not good enough for streaming or downloading content. The speed depends on different factors, including the location you connect to and where you are connecting from, but in general, don’t expect impressive results from Celo VPN. It has fewer servers compared to market-leading VPN providers, however, it manages to offer reasonable speed. You can access P2P/torrenting services without any bandwidth restriction.

Celo VPN also supports OpenVPN, SSTP and L2TP/IPSec, which are well-known protocols. Generally, iOS uses IPSec, but OpenVPN is the option that is recommended in most cases. It is secure and reliable, so whenever it is available, it is the best choice.

Once you have disconnected from a server, you will be able to connect to a new one. However, in the meantime, your connection won’t be protected.

Speeds are Average at Best

Several VPN providers also claim to offer unlimited access to P2P/torrenting services. Celo VPN is an Australian service accessible at an expensive $5.50/month price. It has only 18 servers in 15 countries that allow both torrenting and Netflix both. While overall, the service is easy to use, the set up process is more complicated than we would like it to be.

And its hampered by falling under the Five Eyes jurisdiction. Nor do we like having to contact customer support for a free trial. Celo VPN is a service with small server infrastructure which supports all the popular platforms and devices. However, there are standalone apps only for Windows and Mac computers.