Windscribe VPN hides your IP so that you cannot be tracked

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Windscribe VPN claims to be “more careful about privacy” than its competitors, and the company argues that it continues to delete all your tracks three minutes after your session closes. Free VPN services, you can use 10 GB of bandwidth per month and 11 server locations. To start using free Windscribe you need to open an account with a username, password and an optional email(required for a 10 GB allocation). The main menu of the official Windscribe VPN client enables users to toggle the actual VPN connection off or on. Most free VPN services have low data caps, limited connection locations or annoying ads, but Windscribe’s free tier of service is among the most generous, providing up to 10GB per month.

While many VPN services have adopted minimal designs, Windscribe is still suffocating its users with unnecessary features. I hope to see these features in the future in terms of better security and Privacy.

One of the biggest advantages of Proton VPN (from the creators of Proton Mail) is the lack of data caps for free users. However, the free version is significantly slower than the paid version and allows only one connection per account. Based upon your review, I purchased the Pro version of Windscribe with the intent of using it to access Directv Now in Canada. I have satellite internet through Xplornet with about 35 mbps download. That 35 mbps became a maximum of 2.5 using TCP and various ports and US locations.

We know that the large majority of online users who have subscribed to the Windscribe VPN service would not want anything more than the desktop client. The Chrome extension enables users to toggle the Windscribe VPN connection off or on in an easy manner. The latest version of the Windscribe VPN client also offers users a kill switch.

Windscribe, a Canadian company, is an innovative privacy and security software. Prevents you from being tagged while using the internet and protects you from watching eyes. Windscribe is a relatively new Canadian VPN service that made a big splash in the industry with its solid encryption configuration and bulletproof privacy policy.

Here is how you get started with Windscribe on Windows.

This stops you from accidentally leaking unencrypted traffic to your ISP. Windscribe premium is a full-featured service that gives subscribers access to servers all over the world, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to connect unlimited devices. Windscribe VPN has software for all popular platforms, as well as a Chrome browser extension that is also reviewed in this article. Windscribe’s paid plan, however, was a whole different story. If you own a premium subscription, you can stream Netflix US without any problems.

How do I connect to Windscribe?

Windscribe is based in Canada, a bad privacy jurisdiction. Windscribe is slow (at least based on my tests with the OpenVPN protocol)

Will Windscribe make me 100% anonymous?

Constructively, may I suggest that consideration be given to the fact that users choose a vpn not only for security and it may not be the best alternative for avoiding content restrictions. Windscribe seemed to have one of the better combinations of features, performance and price so I purchased a subscription. Its running without issue on my router, Android phone, Windows and Linux laptops. Features like a true server to server double-hop connection (not just VPN to browser extension) and/or providing a TOR connection on a hosted exit node would make them a 10 in my book.

This will slow down your internet connection a little bit more (and is not particularly necessary for most people). However, for people who want to obfuscate their location as much as possible, it is an interesting extra feature. As you can see, Windscribe does delete all connection logs three minutes after a connection to the VPN ends. This means that Windscribe must monitor for potential abuse of the service during sessions (to make sure it isn’t being used by more than one person).

The free version of Windscribe is a slow service that will allow people to access blocked news websites and the like. Considering it costs nothing, it is a useful resource that will definitely allow people to bypass censorship and geographic restrictions. For data-intensive tasks like streaming, however, the free service is not going to cut it. Finally, Windscribe also provides double hop (in the Chrome extension). This allows subscribers to tunnel through two proxy servers rather than one.

Despite being relatively new VPN service, their Chrome extension, which provides free proxy access to users, has already been used by over 900,000 people. As far as VPNs go, it’s really just there to test out the service before paying for the premium version. With limited data, limited speeds, and limited servers, it serves as a good testing ground.

  • To get more user features, you can switch to Windscribe’s unlimited plans and get unlimited data and connections from over 50 locations.
  • You may not want to leave your mark on the internet for any reason, you may want to access banned websites.

Most VPN services will only allow five or fewer simultaneous connections. Windscribe is a Canadian VPN provider that is both transparent and privacy conscious. The firm’s honestly and well-presented privacy policy is a testament to its service, which can definitely be considered well above average.

I didn’t try them all with Netflix but Netflix does work for me on Windscribe. I can’t vouch for Windscribe’s speed because my satellite connection is slow, but it ran as fast on my connection as any of the others. Not a bad review but I would enjoy it more towards the end if you skipped the exaggeration and have all statements be more objective and backed up with evidence and/or comparison. Just to add on, Windscribe uses the IKEv2 protocol by default because it provides faster speed and it switches to OpenVPN as a fallback when IKEv2 fails. Might changing the settings have contributed to the speed issue you experienced?

Windscribe has a free version available as well that comes with 2GB data limit per month. So you don’t really have to take any risks while signing up for Windscribe. Most of these services have to rely on third-party OpenVPN clients and OpenVPN configuration files in order to offer their VPN services to Windows Mobile users. The free version of Windscribe VPN service still shows the user the whole list of possible server locations via the appropriate menu.

This includes about a month’s worth of bandwidth to keep free users in check. Otherwise, they will also keep your OpenVPN username, server, connection time, and amount of data transferred for about three minutes.

Windscribe VPN Review

The software supports an unlimited number of simultaneous connections and the company features VPN servers in more than 60 countries all over the world. There is also a limited free version of the VPN (10gb per month +10 server locations), but it might be underwhelming for passionate streamers and online gamers. In addition to strongly implemented encryption, the Windscribe VPN software also provides Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and Domain Name System (DNS) leak protection. It also clearly denotes which servers can and cant be used for P2P Torrenting. The Windscribe client also has a kill switch that will disconnect you from the internet if your VPN connection drops out.

Not only is the service quick to set up, but it’s also fast and it includes a firewall for the security-minded. We think it’s the best option for anyone looking for a free VPN service. Country or location selection bar, From time to time, the Stealth prokolu will overcome obstacles in Turkey, causing instability in the program.

I tried several VPN services when my previous VPN subscription was about to expire. These included Torguard, Nord, PrivateVPN,,, and IbVPN. Actually they all seemed to work well for me and I think I wold be happy with any of them.

It also doesn’t matter if you were using the premium version because there is no speed difference between the premium and free services (which is great news for us free users). By pointing it out, it sounds as if the free version would receive worse speed. As for the point on the refund policy, it’s understandable that they do not allow subscribers to use more than 10GB and demand for a refund; it prevents abuse of the policy. But I do think that 3 days with written notice is deliberately made too short and inconvenient especially if the user is situated overseas.

This is good news and means that Windscribe is not keeping any data that could later be accessed by the authorities. The Windscribe VPN iPhone app used IKEv2 encryption by default, users will need to install the third party OpenVPN connect client to connect to Windscribe via OpenVPN on iOS devices. If you want to test VPN speeds yourself you can do so using that tool (it is the most reliable independent speed test site I have come across so far). I used a UK and US test server to get my base connection speed (with no VPN). I tested the UK and Netherlands VPN servers from a UK test server.

All you have to do to gain access to the complete Netflix library is connect to the “Windflix location” on your VPN client. This option is available on all platforms except iOS, which will be added soon, according to the company. Note that Windscribe currently unlocks geo-restricted streaming services only in the US, Canada, and the UK.

To get more user features, you can switch to Windscribe’s unlimited plans and get unlimited data and connections from over 50 locations. Windscribe can be used as an extension for Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Chrome or Firefox. You may not want to leave your mark on the internet for any reason, you may want to access banned websites. Windscribe VPN will be very pleased with the May 19th campaign, which it has prepared specifically for internet users in Turkey.