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We can also offer more than 30 connectors to FX liquidity providers, which can be useful in the formation of synthetic crypto instruments. There are a few different ways to start a crypto exchange, but one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways is to use a white label solution. With a white label solution, you can get your exchange up and running quickly and with relatively little hassle. You don’t have to worry about building the platform from scratch or dealing with all the regulatory issues – that’s all taken care of. All you need to do is choose the right white label solution provider and customize the platform to suit your needs.

  • He is fluent in programming and trading and wishes to have as low fees as possible because he is executing many trades and generating big volumes.
  • We are not “just” a software vendor, we are the software vendor that has more than 15 years of tireless work and six-figure investments in R&D behind our products and solutions.
  • You can get this top-rated software with complete source code from our website or in different marketplaces.
  • This guide provides a strategic checklist for enterprises interested in understanding how to plan, launch and operate a successful exchange.
  • Convert an upset trader who was unable to make any profit by active trading into a happy investor.
  • With a white label solution, you can get your exchange up and running quickly and with relatively little hassle.

CoinsQueens, being a leading cryptocurrency exchange script provider offers reliable and quality cryptocurrency exchange scripts at affordable costs. You can get a free demo of our Cryptocurrency exchange scripts by getting in touch with our Blockchain experts. White Label Cryptocurrency exchange script is a pre-designed, white label crypto exchange software tested, and deployable software that helps you to start your crypto business within a week. It is 100% customizable and so you can modify the software as per your business needs. Allow your users to buy and sell crypto assets with crypto exchange platforms created like Remitano and LocalBitcoins.

What is a white label provider?

Following up on its cTrader integration of 2022, this latest venture proves that B2Broker is dedicated to providing customers with an all-encompassing yet adjustable option. One of the most significant benefits is the ability to quickly broaden the product or service range without the need for extensive research and development or extra staff. Companies can focus on their core strengths by avoiding the expenses and uncertainties of developing products.

cryptocurrency broker white label

Risk management capabilities with real-time error checking and support for KYC, AML, and 2FA. Hashcash developed the payment system, We used HC NET to make payments to vendors in China, India, and the Philippines. We have sent our first batch of cross-border vendor payments using Blockchain. The White Label lists most of the popular cryptocurrency options and makes periodic adjustments to include more. Accepted crypto options include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, HCX, ERC20, and more.

Types of customers we serve

Began collaboration with various DeFi projects in retail banking, trade finance, and real estate focusing on cost reduction and overall market efficiency. Over 30 brokers from all over the world joined the liquidity pool, driving the total orders processed to nearly 300 billion with a total value of over $1 trillion. We welcomed a number of clients in new markets, expanding Scalable’s global reach. The value of total orders processed has reached over $3 trillion with a capacity of 100,000+ TPS. Leveraging the DLT stack to create more frictionless capital markets, transcending the classic infrastructure for processing, originating and disseminating data for corporate actions.

Whether its related to payments and budgeting or tax issues and company revenues, there are a variety of points that need to be addressed. In looking at your operational structure, you will need to figure out what staff you need, how they will work together and what tools they will need to effectively perform their duties. Physical proximity to all central trаde servers of major ехchаngеs, liquiditу providers, bаnks and other finаnciаl institutions, allows us to minimize trаde requests up to a hundredth of a second.

White label licensing

A brokerage business is resistant to most crises as it is a business that can be run with fully-remote team and has been proven during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The B2Core Platform tab now introduces the remarkable Match-Trader section that features a variety of capabilities. Whether you’re looking to establish a demo account for real-time practice trades or efficiently handle deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and internal transfers – you can do this all from there. Plus, with just one click of the download button, traders can have access to their dedicated Match-Trader terminal in no time. When starting a White Label brokerage, choosing the right service provider and technical features is critical to success.

cryptocurrency broker white label

While the cost of the white branding fee is not disclosed, it can vary depending on the level of customization required and the specific needs of the broker. To get an accurate quote for the white branding fee, you need to contact IBKR directly and discuss your specific requirements with them. The application review generally takes 2-3 weeks, and we noted that they require $10,000 to be funded into your account, which will be applied towards your first five months of commissions.

Interested in a Turnkey Brokerage?

Offer all your customers who can trade well the best conditions as algorithmic traders generate huge volumes and commissions. He is fluent in programming and trading and wishes to have as low fees as possible because he is executing many trades and generating big volumes. You can start by using the blocks below and adapt it according to your vision. Security is the most important concept in crypto trading and our exchange was designed with sophisticated safety measures as almost all tokens and coins are held in cold storage.