DADI ICO review, all information about token sale DADI

DADI ICO review, all information about token sale DADI
dadi ico review

DADI ICO Overview

Despite having vesting scheme, the size of the bonus for the team is quite large. Don’t miss the opportunity to get into one of the most exciting blockchain projects! Click here to make an account with Dadi and reserve a spot now in theICO. When you contribute your ether to the Dadi ICO you will receive in exchange DADI tokens.

In opposition to the current cloud services that are centralized, the DADI platform uses a fog computing structure, which is a decentralized pool made up of devices connected to the internet. This means that no single authority is in charge of regulation how the resources are distributed. A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) organizes the fog computing of DADI, which prevents the need to pay ahead of time for monopolized or private cloud computing platforms (such as Google Cloud). With DADI, users can take advantage of the blockchain for their cloud-related needs.

The exact fee level is not given in WP and so the commercial viability of the platform is not clear. The Hard Cap valuation of DADI is $50M and is 6X times larger than the median US software companies seed stage post-money valuation.

DADI ICO Strengths and Opportunities

It’s is known to be an open source network that is end-to-end encrypted and empowers various online products. The platform allows its users to develop versatile content-oriented products. One of the key aspects of their network is that they want to democratize computational power. You could compare it to normal cloud services but than decentralized and built on the blockchain.

Therefore, businesses using web services can easily adapt to DADI’s technology to have better performance. The DADI plans to provide cloud services to the masses at a cost 90% less than the traditional cloud services. Fog computing is far faster than Traditional Cloud Services that use standard CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). CDNs, although reasonably reliable in regards to up-time and speed of delivery aren’t truly decentralized and are still susceptible to malicious attacks. Due to the nature of Blockchain technology, attacks are nearly impossible to initiate once a network has spread across hundreds/thousands of hosts as long as application/contract code is secure and audited.

The only motivation for purchasing DADI tokens is the usage of the platform in the future. The given split of anticipated expenditures only gives percentage terms, not the real figures.


These tokens are at the core of the platform, and they are used by consumers to obtain web services. The DADI token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and it follows the ERC20 token standard design, which means you will be able to conveniently store it on your MyEtherWallet or other ERC20-compatible wallets. DADI is a welcome addition to both the blockchain and the world of cloud services. Before this platform, the two had not merged, giving DADI a unique position as the leader for decentralized cloud services.

Teams members details are given in full with a brief history of their past business affairs. We expect the ICO is going to be a successful venture for sure.

  • DADI operates following a different strategy as compared to most of other cloud computing services, having no points of failure or data centers.
  • It is based on blockchain technology having thousands of decentralized nodes of the network that helps DADI to have increased speed with better performance at a comparatively low cost.

As DADI will also create a built-in exchange, allowing Consumers to purchase services in their currency of choice, the security risk of exchange has to be considered as they are the main target of hacker attacks. The product does not have competitive advantages over similar products, such as Woopie or Magloft.

DADI Roadmap

DADI operates following a different strategy as compared to most of other cloud computing services, having no points of failure or data centers. It is based on blockchain technology having thousands of decentralized nodes of the network that helps DADI to have increased speed with better performance at a comparatively low cost. It has a ready-to-roll framework of services with its main focus on data, making targeted experience achievable.

We believe people will find us suggesting them the best ICO ever. DADI is a decentralized global cloud computing platform that intends to provide innovative web services, making its clients able to scale and grow their products more effectively. The services offered by DADI are based on a micro-services architecture that helps in building a wide range of digital products using intelligent applications. Most of the digital products are supposed to have web services.

is a Technical Director at DADI and an expert software/data architect. He has extensive experience in blockchain technologies and is responsible for the development of DADI’s decentralized cloud and web services layer. James was previously the Lead Developer for BBC Worldwide and a Lead Developer for Barclays Bank. In this article I will talk about a very exciting blockchain-based project that has really caught my attention for their vision, execution and potential. The project is called Dadi and it will provide a vast array of web/cloud computing services to anyone looking to build a digital product.

The Verdict on DADI ICO

This has a lot of advantages compared to traditional cloud computing. Any device from a mobile phone to a supercomputer cluster can join the network and sell computational power as a miner. When using the platform you can benefit from lower cost, a faster network and enhanced security. Big names such as Virgin have already taken advantage of Dadi’s services. Dadi isn’t a “Startup” trying to grow some roots, Dadi was providing solutions long before they held their ICO (Token Sale).

This platform makes it possible to enjoy the security and decentralization of the blockchain and cloud services like database storage, compute power, and content delivery. The name “DADI” tells you a lot about what the platform is, as it stands for Decentralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet. After a careful review of the ICO, we hereby conclude that DADI is one of the best ICOs we have reviewed so far. They have potential scalability level and well-designed blockchain based infrastructure to take cloud computing experience to new heights of excitement. The ICO tends to be quite transparent since even a minor detail about the ICO is disclosed on the official website of the ICO.

Projects in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space are often criticized for having “No use case” or “No real product” – Dadi is up and running, fully functional. It’s always great to see an already successful solution move over to the blockchain and take advantage of technology that will no doubt change the way we use the web. DADI is focused on reforming the cloud-based computing services by introducing its decentralized fog-based computing web services. They want to eradicate the monopoly of leading server services by providing a decentralized cloud platform. You can participate in the ICO in order to contribute to the platform development and enjoy its benefits.

The ability of DADI to offer all the services of traditional clouds with improved efficiency and heavy discounts, along with other improvements, is bound to make a positive impact on the industry and set a new standard. DADI ICO has a lot of buzz around it with their public token sale coming end of January, and while things look decent on paper, here are 7 questions the team needs to answer before I would invest in the project.