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CREDITS platform offers new and unique technical implementation of blockchain technology, smart contracts, data protocol and has its own internal cryptocurrency. It is a platform with completely new technical network capabilities, speed, cost of transactions and total number of operations per second. It is an open platform which means that users and companies can create online services that implement the blockchain protocol. The CREDITS platform offers a solution to low speeds and high transaction costs.

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With our Corporate head offices situated in Dubai and Europe we will be opening new offices in different countries as shown on our roadmap. This luxpaper outlines the company’s business model, roadmap and all the information about the services we offer. Helex Corporation thanks all investors for their help to achieve all the goals that the company has and is committed to continue improving our services. As an ERC-20 compliant token, this is quite out of the ordinary as they are typically disbursed immediately to investors.

More recently, ICOs have generated significantly larger amounts in terms of total funds raised. The largest ICO by this metric is Filecoin, a decentralized cloud storage project. During a one-month ICO ending in Sept. 2017, Filecoin managed to raise about $257 million. More recently, the company behind the EOS platform shattered Filecoin’s record by raising a whopping $4 billion.

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The Commission clearly intended that its DAO Report be a warning to ICO sponsors that the failure to register an offering of tokens could result in enforcement action. In Gladius, the company was able to avoid a civil penalty by self-reporting its failure to register its ICO, by offering the staff meaningful cooperation and by agreeing to undertake significant remedial actions.

As ICOs have come to the forefront in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, they’ve also brought along challenges, risks, and unforeseen opportunities. Many investors buy into ICOs in the hopes of quick and powerful returns on their investments. The most successful ICOs over the past several years is the source of this hope, as they have indeed produced tremendous returns.

In an IPO, an investor receives shares of stock in a company in exchange for her investment. Instead, companies raising funds via ICO provide a blockchain equivalent to a share—a cryptocurrency token.

Companies doing ICOs often do little more than write a white paper describing the business project, set up a website, arrange to collect payment through bitcoin, ether or fiat, and promote the sale to potential investors. The banks’ apparent involvement is notable since few financial institutions have been eager to work with cryptocurrency startups and projects, due to perceived reputational and compliance risks. However, Telegram was an established company before it embarked on the TON project. In the short term, given the ICO’s success, CREDITS potential would depend on whether it can get the tokens listed on a major exchange soon and whether it can deliver on its beta version.


Sometimes ICOs with a remarkable return on investment are not the projects that raise the most money and vice versa. Ethereum’s ICO in 2014 was an early pioneer, raising $18 million over a period of 42 days. Ethereum has proven to be crucial for the ICO space in general, thanks to its innovations with regard to decentralized apps (dApps). When it debuted, ether was priced at around $0.30, and as of Nov. 4, 2019, it trades at $185.

During the ICO campaign, enthusiasts and supporters of the project buy some of the project’s tokens with fiat or digital currency. These coins are referred to as tokens and are similar to shares of a company sold to investors in an IPO. If the money raised does not meet the minimum funds required by the firm, the money may be returned to the backers and the ICO is deemed unsuccessful. If the funding requirements are met within the specified timeframe, the money raised is used to pursue the goals of the project.

The first phase of the ICO ended in Oct. 2015, and the second continued until Sept. 2016. While it is not one of the largest ICOs in terms of money raised, it has provided exceptional ROI for many early investors. The price of NEO at the time of the ICO was about $0.03, and at its peak, it traded at roughly $10.74. As the ICO space gets bigger and bigger, so too do the sums raised by the largest projects. When evaluating ICOs, one can consider both the amount of money raised in the ICO as well as the return on investment.

  • In an IPO, an investor receives shares of stock in a company in exchange for her investment.

While Gladius did not avoid an enforcement action, it did avoid a civil penalty. In the Paragon and Airfoxcases, while both companies received credit for taking remedial actions and cooperating with the staff, neither company self-reported and both companies paid civil penalties.

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In some cases, a company sets a specific goal or limit for its funding, which means that each token sold in the ICO has a pre-set price and that the total token supply is static. Some ICOs offer tokens to the general public, similar to crowdfunding. Others are private offerings to a limited group of potential buyers. Private offerings generally go to accredited investors such as financial institutions and wealthy individuals. The Gladius case sends a clear message that self-reporting to the SEC can result in meaningful cooperation credit.

In most cases, investors pay in a popular existing token like bitcoin or ether and receive a commensurate number of new tokens in exchange. This token helps user to acquire funds for their finance projects. Credits offer different bonus for businesses in the finance field. The company is registered and operated the token in Singapore and has no any restricted area. It promotes your industry and access fifty percent of funds which collected.

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent to an Initial Public Offering (IPO). ICOs act as a way to raise funds, where a company looking to raise money to create a new coin, app, or service launches an ICO. Interested investors can buy into the offering and receive a new cryptocurrency token issued by the company. This token may have some utility in using the product or service the company is offering, or it may just represent a stake in the company or project. In an ICO, a company sells digital tokens to investors in exchange for digital cryptocurrency.

As described in the Commission’s order,2the company conducted an ICO in late 2017 in which it publicly offered and sold “GLA Tokens” in exchange for Ether, a digital asset, to raise the capital it required to build out its network. Gladius publicized through its website and social media the details of its offering and that its tokens would be available for purchase worldwide, including within the United States. Approximately 1700 investors purchased GLA Tokens, which were distributed in February, 2018. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain for the financial industry with more than 1 mln tx/sec and 0.01 sec for a transaction. CREDITS is a new, unique blockchain platform with absolutely new technical capabilities of the network, response time, transaction cost and the number of operations per second.

The first ICO took place in 2013 when a company called Mastercoin raised $500,000 in Bitcoin. The next year, Ethereum funded the creation of its new cryptocurrency with $18 million in bitcoin raised through an ICO. Ethereum’s new blockchain technology made it much easier to issue and trade tokens. The Chinese central bank prohibited using tokens as currency and banned banks from offering services related to ICOs. As a result, both Bitcoin and Ethereum prices tumbled, in what many regarded as a sign of more cryptocurrency regulation to come.

Typically, buyers pay in established cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ether. The tokens may provide investors with access to some digital service or product. They may be worthless at first, but could become more or less valuable, giving investors a profit or a loss on their purchase.

Helex Corporation Ltd is a registered company in London, United Kingdom with a competent team which possesses vast experiences in managing investment funds as well as asset management and legal compliance. In order to protect the identity of our clients and operate in a tax haven, or tax-free jurisdiction, we have also registered Helex offshore. We offer services that are exclusive to us because we are highly connected to local agencies all over the world which in turn gives us access to a large range of goods and services, irrespective of location. We connect the world of cryptocurrencies with the real world in a personalized and professional way. Helex token which is built on Ethereum network can be used to pay for services like the purchases of real estate properties as well as luxury cars anywhere in the world.

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As such, the CREDITS token has yet to be listed on any exchange, although the CREDITS team has said that this would probably happen sometime in March 2018. A Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) is an investment contract offered by cryptocurrency developers to accredited investors. In 2015, a two-phase ICO began for a company calledAntshares, which later rebranded as NEO.

In early 2018, Facebook, Twitter, and Google all banned ICO advertisements. It’s worth noting just how easy it is for a company launching an ICO to create these tokens. There are online services that allow for the generation of cryptocurrency tokens in a matter of seconds. Investors should keep this in mind when considering the differences between shares and tokens—a token does not have any intrinsic value or legal guarantees.

ICO managers generate tokens according to the terms of the ICO, receive them, and then distribute them according to their plan by transferring them to individual investors. An initial coin offering, or ICO, is a cryptocurrency-based method of funding for companies. While ICOs are often compared to IPOs (initial public offerings), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says ICOs pose significantly greater risk of fraud and manipulation. Compared to traditional capital markets, ICOs are lightly regulated. Be mindful, as ICOs could turn out to be scams that give investors little or nothing for their money.

It expands the the potential blockchain technology has for the financial industry and the Internet of Things. Investors looking to buy into ICOs should first familiarize themselves with the cryptocurrency space more broadly. In the case of most ICOs, investors must purchase tokens with pre-existing cryptocurrencies. This means that an ICO investor will need to already have a cryptocurrency wallet set up for a currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, as well as having a wallet capable of holding whichever token or currency they want to purchase.