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On rare occasions, the company may monitor a specific IP or port being abused through traffic passing through VPN firewalls. For this purpose, iptables are used to warn or ban the user.

This means CitizenVPN is not subject to EU data retention laws. Furthermore, its privacy policy explains that while it does keep some connection logs, it ensures that any attached IP information is anonymized. I am a long term customer of BlackVPN and can highly recommend this service. I never had any problems with their service, server distribution is good and speeds are quite high. Plus it feels quite good to know that this company actively cares about internet privacy and does not keep any connections logs.

The company BlackVPN operates under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong, which does not require the retention of mandatory data. This prevents requests from international law enforcement, such as NSA. China does not make any policy regarding the Internet outside the Great Firewall and does not interfere with Hong Kong in this area.

The last time this happened, the user discovered that his computer was infected with malware, which led to the abuse, without the user being aware of it. Both systems are configured so that no IP addresses are logged. The company also manages their own website analysis, using Piwik. A third party email service is only used when a massive general email needs to be sent, such as a security alert or renewal reminder.

However, being at the center of such a high-profile case where consumer’s trust is reported to be breached wasn’t good for business. The company is focused on winning back the trust of users, and has rolled out a new privacy policy that states it doesn’t record any connection logs whatsoever. In its privacy policy it states “PrivateVPN does not collect or log any traffic or use of its service.” We emailed just to check if this applies to connection logs and were told, yes, it does. OctaneVPN is very up front about addressing users’ concerns surrounding logging.

The only connection logs kept are aggregate ones related to each individual server, including number of connections and bandwidth usage. We looked for a terms of service or privacy policy for Kaspersky’s VPN service but couldn’t find anything.

BlackVPN is a service that is considered secure because of strong encryption implementation and a zero logs policy. Speeds are reasonable, and because it permits P2P on most of its servers it is generally considered good for Torrenting.

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A customer support representative was able to direct us to the license agreement but there is nothing here regarding logging. However, the rep did assure us that no traffic or connection logs are maintained. If there is an issue with the service, logs may be collected to diagnose the issue. ibVPN does not track the browsing activities of VPN service users.

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However, the lack of custom clients with a killswitch is something that has put people off in the past (and may continue to do so). Certainly, no killswitch is far from ideal for torrenting. Black VPN offers various subscription plans that are tailored to video streaming, privacy, and torrenting. It is a no logs VPN service with well-implemented encryption, which means that it is secure. It also provides reasonable speeds and permits peer-to-peer (P2P) downloads on most servers (not US and UK).


  • The company BlackVPN operates under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong, which does not require the retention of mandatory data.
  • This prevents requests from international law enforcement, such as NSA.

This is more reliable than a as a DNS forwarder. The company has no physical control over the VPN servers and the network as BlackVPN uses bare-metal dedicated servers in various data centers around the world. The management of these servers is carried out only by the founders of BlackVPN, and employees of the company do not have access to the VPN servers or infrastructure. The VPN servers are located in countries such as Canada, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, the United States and Panama.

In addition, the company encourages the use of open source software such as OpenVPN and Tunnelblick, because both do not have a killswitch or DNS leak protection. The VPN routers all use the firewall disciplines to allow Internet access when the VPN connection is established.

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All payment details are stored by the payment companies themselves and are linked to a BlackVPN account through their own transaction IDs. Especially after it has been demonstrated that the NSA PPTP and IPSec protocols can crack. BlackVPN therefore uses AES-256-CBC cypher connections for maximum security . It also uses the new 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman keys.

WARNING: A VPN service with connection logs has been added to the list

In addition, BlackVPN does not store any traffic logs. Nor does it store connection logs, DNS logs or IP addresses. This means that the company has no internal tools to detect abuse on the VPN servers. Instead, access to administration name IP or port is temporarily blocked in response to abuse complaints from third parties.

These e-mails do not contain any identifying information. The other third party tools used are the social media channels and the BlackVPN blog system.

“ibVPN does not collect or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network service. We cannot relate any specific activity with any specific user.” Although “use” implies connection logs, it doesn’t explicitly talk about them, so we asked the question.

In the worst case, the company chooses to shut down all systems until the authorities or prosecutors are gone. These are the VPN networks in the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore. In these countries extreme pressure is put on network providers to minimize copyright infringement. If BlackVPN does not take action, the servers will be shut down within a short period of time. This is why they have dedicated servers for P2P, just like other VPN services and AceVPN.

A customer support representative confirmed that no connection logs are kept. Almost every VPN provider you come across will have some type of claim regarding logs. Offering a logless service is often viewed as a key selling point. Many users look to VPNs as a means to improve privacy and increase anonymity. It makes sense that they don’t simply want to go from ISPs tracking them to another company doing the same.

Some “Zero Logs” VPN services actually keep connection logs or even log your real IP address. Face it,no one wants to pay for a vpn service that keeps logs and sends out dmca notices. As we go through the list, it’s clear that PureVPN is certainly not the only provider to keep these types of logs.

No member of BlackVPN is resident in Hong Kong, which makes it difficult to intimidate members. Also, BlackVPN has never found a functioning warrant canary.

Other infrastructure servers, including databases and mail servers, are operated in places with strong privacy protection laws, including Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Within its privacy policy, says it does “not collect or log traffic data or browsing activity from individual users.” There is no mention of connection logs so we asked for clarification. A customer service representative told us that absolutely no logs are kept. The Denmark base of this provider may sound some alarm bells. However, as detailed on its website, its VPN services are provided from the Bahamas.

The privacy VPNs are located in countries that do not enforce these notices. There have been some requests from international bodies, however, BlackVPN’s standard procedure is to ask for an injunction from Hong Kong. All future requests from foreign authorities will be dealt with in the same way and BlackVPN does not have a warrant canary. This is because Hong Kong has no equivalent of U.S. NSLs and cannot legally execute a non-disclosure order.