Here’s How Much Money Software Developers Earn In Every State

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Software Engineer salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In from anonymous Software Engineer employees in Chicago. The average additional cash compensation for a Software Engineer in US is $14,869. The average total compensation for a Software Engineer in US is $134,500.

The average JavaScript developer salary in Norway reaches $66,386 per year. The average Java and C++ developer salary in Denmark is $74,874 and $78,473 accordingly. Python software developers in Denmark enjoy the highest salaries — $79,246. The front-end developer salary in Switzerland is $98,426 on average.

Software Engineer salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In from anonymous Software Engineer employees in US. Munich, Austin, Amsterdam, Chicago and Dallas have lower salaries for software developers — from $72K to $76K. C++ developers in Finland are the lowest-paid in comparison to other technologies — $41,409, while Python developer salary is the highest-paid and reaches $57,284.

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What your skills are worth in the job market is constantly changing. Based on 3,087 responses, the job of Software Developer has received a job satisfaction rating of 3.76 out of 5. On average, Software Developers are highly satisfied with their job.

“If you’re letting people earn more just because they can negotiate their way to the higher end of the band, you end up with white men who are overpaid and other people who are not encouraged to negotiate who tend to be underpaid.” “A lot of people who see our site can’t believe the numbers initially. I thought that too,” Mohiuddin said. “It’s pretty wild. Some folks with a few years experience are making a couple hundred of thousands of dollars.” They also point out that the website enables people to drill down into each given estimate to see specific data points, including the submitter’s speciality and location. Software engineers are highly sought after and well paid in Silicon Valley, but the actual amount they make correlates to a single number.

Junior software engineers earn $62,668, while the salary for senior engineers reaches $76,407. The leading countries offering the most appealing average software engineer salary tend to stay the same over the years. These are the USA, Switzerland, Israel and a bunch of European countries. Software developers develop computer applications that allow users to perform specific tasks on computers or other devices.

Software Developer Salary In Sweden In 2021

The average salary in Stockholm is above the national average reaching approximately SEK 501,000. C# and .NET software programmer salary in Norway range from $67,450 to $69,705 accordingly. Software development market statistics of the tech countries — Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belarus, and Croatia. If there’s a weak spot in the data, it’s at the very highest levels, where an individual engineer can earn millions of dollars. Software development professionals are in demand, and if these salaries prove anything, it’s that companies desperately need the talent. Another seemingly obvious absence from Indeed’s top 10 list, Los Angeles — Silicon Beach, as it has aptly been named — has its own competitive tech scene that’s drawing engineers in.

So what can software engineers expect to earn based on where they live? We use some of the industry’s most accurate salary data to compile average salaries by level and by city, particularly those where software engineer jobs are plentiful . Below is the full 50-state breakdown for software developers of applications. The average software developer salary in the USA is $100,000 per year or $51.28 per hour.

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With its reasonable cost of living and increasing salaries, the Midwest is becoming the area that has the best balance of pay and expenses. Some metro areas will not be as affordable, but it’s still the region that is easiest on the paycheck. This region is also becoming more attractive because the increasing salaries coupled with a steadier COL means that your money will go even further. The highest average C# developer salary is paid in Switzerland — $112K. C# developers in Germany are paid $57K on average, while the salary of a Dutch C# developers reaches $56K. The highest average JavaScript developer salary is paid in the USA — $112K.

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Arizona and Utah are also very competitive with the Centennial State, so there is an upswing in those two states. New Mexico, despite being an area that has embraced technology in the past, is behind with Wyoming and most of Montana. Traditionally an area that pays lower, the Midwest is also on the rise. Many of the metropolitan areas in the Lone Star state have made a concerted effort to attract tech companies to the area.

Utah, Arizona, and Wyoming are all places with decent COL indexes. Colorado has the highest cost of living in this region, but it’s similar to Virginia with regions that skew the numbers. Another of the most affordable areas to live with only a few states that drift a bit closer to the national average. The further north you go, the more expensive the living can be, and Minnesota has the highest COL index in the region.

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Switzerland pays the highest entry level software engineer salary — $87,668, while senior software developers earn $126,849 . In the USA, the junior software developer salary is $106,214 and reaches $133,331 for senior developers. According to Payscale, the average software developer salary in Australia is AUD 69,448.

  • “It’s useful to know about levels if you’re going to Facebook to Microsoft to Amazon to Google, you want to know where you’re coming in and what your level is.”
  • The average Java developer salary in the USA is $103K, while in the UK Java developers are paid $89K.
  • C++ and C# software developer salaries are the lowest in the country and are $52,361 and $50,687 accordingly.
  • On the high end, entry-level software engineers have potential to make into the six-figure range, particularly if they live in a city like San Francisco or New York where cost of living is significantly higher.
  • “Most companies will have compensation bands that basically specify that if you’re level three then your salary range has this low end and this is the high end,” Osman said.
  • The average software developer salary by country in Europe is $60,162 for Germany, while in the Netherlands the salary falls to $54,025 per year.

Newly dubbed “Silicon Hills”, Austin’s tech scene rivals even some of the biggest hubs. Plus, there’s no state income tax, plentiful housing, and companies like Whole Foods, Tesla, Oracle, and Apple all planting roots in this hot spot. A Senior Software Engineer has a few more years of experience under their belt and a greater competency around languages and skills. While still not a project owner, a Level 2 engineer is expected to be a problem solver with little to no guidance. At the beginning of 2020, it was difficult to find an industry that wasn’t predicted to have some job growth over the next decade. Even sectors that are drifting toward obsolescence were expected to see an uptick simply because the strong economy made qualified employees difficult to find.

It’s not all celebrities and Runyon Canyon photos and Erewhon , but LA gives tech professionals a lot to work with in terms of jobs and earning potential. Typically, staff engineers have 5-6 years of experience under their belt, so they’re managing projects and potentially junior engineers. Where Level 1 engineers are typically handed tasks to do, staff engineers are the ones doing the handing off. With the exception of the Dakotas, all of the states offer salaries in the $90K-$107K range. You’ll have a better chance of finding a six-figure salary if you look in Illinois and Minnesota.

On top of poor pay, annual wages have been declining or flatlining for several of these states, especially in Kansas, where salaries decreased by 4.3% from 2013 to 2018, and in Wyoming, where they fell by 12.8% over the same period. Not all software engineers will achieve Jeff Dean-stardom, but the level of influence a Fellow has at an organization or throughout an industry can be noted on a global scale. In many cases, Level 5 engineers have made their mark on multiple companies or huge projects. It’s not so much measured in years of experience as it is in other levels.