How To Become A Freelance Web Developer

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When choosing the freelance-lifestyle, it’s smart to save as much as you can. While many prepare for those dips to last a few weeks, some freelancers fail to realize that the economy can create dips that last months. You won’t need to feel nervous or find a side job if you consistently save while business is good. Running your own business definitely isn’t a walk in the park. New clients and projects keep things interesting and challenging. This can give you a lot more personal development than a desk job might offer.

We all have different goals and desires when it comes to freelancing. You might want to learn slowly and work part-time for a little side income. Or you might want to learn web development as quickly as you can and quit your job to pursue a new career. If you’re serious about becoming a freelance web developer and you want to make money coding, the first thing you must do is figure out why you’re doing this.

Now say that such a project typically takes you about twenty hours to complete. This means that this type of work yields you $150 per hour ($3k/20 hours). If you focus on these things, then you’re likely to make more money. If you’ve come this far into this guide then I think it’s fair to assume you’re interested in making money.

How much should I charge to make a WordPress website?

WordPress costs depend on your company and its unique design and development needs. On average, though, the upfront cost to build a WordPress website for a business is $75 to $115,000. Ongoing maintenance for WordPress websites costs $75 to $15,000 per year.

Donations to freeCodeCamp go toward our education initiatives and help pay for servers, services, and staff. Avoid “real-time” communication platforms such as Slack or Microsoft Teams.Set aside time each day in which you will deal with email. Do not deal with email outside of these designated time periods. Finally by improving/reducing your communications, you will avoid distractions and actually have fewer messages to respond to. Put these things together with actually putting in the hours and you have a recipe for success. Dealing with problems as soon as they arise will result in you losing minutes today, but saving hours over time.

In general, the conversation and camaraderie of working with a team is definitely a plus when working for a company. You can start making money from coding in a matter of weeks or months. For example, add some custom CSS to improve the look and feel of the project. A few simple CSS @media queries can work wonders on the responsiveness of any website. If you found interesting gigs with beginner-level JavaScript and jQuery work, build a small portfolio project based on JS. Freelancing is basically all about finding clients who have a problem you can solve with your skills.

Developers Must Understand That Making Money Means Putting Time Into High Value Activities

If you want to make money as a freelance web developer, you need to have a clear goal and a solid plan to achieve it. When you are ready to apply for your first full-time job, you can showcase real work samples and projects to potential employers. You will also have real testimonials form real-life clients, which is something no coding course out there can offer. Even if you are relatively new to learning tech skills, you can find small freelance gigs and gain real work experience to improve your skills.

With your portfolio and contract in place, you’re ready to start looking for work. If you have a little cash, run it by a lawyer to make sure it’s still enforceable. If you don’t have the money, do this after you get paid for your first job. Make sure you have a contract and you insist on having a contract in place for every job you do.

While our guide is a wonderful place to start, one important thing to know about freelancing is that you never stop learning. A career in web development does not require a college degree. You can learn web development skills online or through an immersive bootcamp experience like the ones we offer here at Devmountain. Check out our Web Development course page to learn more about what it takes to become a web developer. Freelance web developer jobs don’t come in a perfectly steady stream. You can count on a few weeks or even longer without any new projects coming in.

Get My 3 Best Tips For New Freelancers

So, for the purposes of this guide, I strongly suggest that you read the book Profit First and implement its suggested systems. While there are certainly other possible approaches, I think this book gives a solid framework which will help those who struggle with financial management. Gee, with an approach like that I can’t imagine why so many people have financial problems. The first step in managing your freelance business’ administrative affairs is to develop a monthly budget for the company as well as financial restraints. All of this could have been avoided by spending a small amount of time each week simply doing the books. Such weekly bookkeeping could have been handled in an orderly fashion, planned as part of a workflow, and handled in a way which did not disrupt the business.

The easiest way to ensure that you start out profitably, and stay that way, is to remember to avoid debt when you’re starting up as a solo. What Joe failed to understand was that he had a full-time job once he started up. I’ve talked to a lot of start-ups and entrepreneurs who don’t understand that they got a full-time job as soon as they struck out on their own.

Find profiles of designers and developers you like, plus look at ones for other new freelancers. They might also help you understand how to address developer interviews. Now that you have your business idea together, it’s time to get your portfolio together. This highlights your projects and past work to show customers what you can do. It’s an essential piece of any freelance business and helps prospects know that you can do the work they need.

I’ll be discussing, in depth, how to actually get clients as you move further through this guide. For now, just be aware that you should have the above items before you dive into the world of trying to hustle up your next project. You can take care of this by signing up for a business software suite, which I suggested above. Having a company email is important because you want your customers to take you seriously. And trust me that they won’t take you seriously if your email address is “”. Let’s go over a list of things which you should get set up from the get go.

Do self taught programmers get hired?

The simple answer is: yes, companies do hire self-taught programmers. But they hire self-taught programmers who can prove their talents, and who possess the soft skills necessary to work in a modern corporate environment. … And, if you don’t have any proof of your ability, you’re not even going to get an interview.

Becoming a freelance web developer is not just about knowing how to code. The world’s most innovative conglomerates such as Google and Apple source for freelancers in this skill range to work on complex projects. They will go through specific freelance marketplaces to source for their desired talents, offering handsome remuneration in return. The passionate community of developers are able to help you build your career further by providing honest insight and feedback of your posted projects. Hirable is a dedicated platform for developers, by developers. True to their tagline “hire the best freelance developers”, they link freelancers with projects from all over the world.

Organize a presentation on a topic that you excel in (eg. the importance of website speed). This can be done through incubators or community events such as a chamber of commerce. By showcasing one of your skills, people will immediately gravitate towards your services. This is a great way to pitch your services to multiple people in a single day.

  • What you need beyond that will be defined by customers and the projects you take on throughout your career.
  • You can build your portfolio website from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.
  • First, they result in people sending a large number of small messages as opposed to requiring that they put all of their thoughts into one message.
  • If you’ve never started a business or worked in a new company, look for online services and solutions to help.

You can also refer potential customers to these reviews for their consideration. The reason I’m stressing this is that good reviews mean that your marketing won’t need to generate as many phone calls for your to make money. While these types of services aren’t a good way to get rich, they are a good way to start building up a portfolio of work while getting paid for doing so.

In other words, they assume that the fact that they’re broke is due to business being slow. One last point I’ll make, regarding managing your finances, is that you need to understand the difference between not having any business and not having any money. A simple example, which I’ve seen more than once, is the small business owner who never does their bookkeeping. At the end of the year, those books must be done so that the business can file its tax return. The business’ return must be filed so that the developer can file their individual returns. Neglecting your administrative affairs leads to problems which have to be dealt with immediately.