How to Become a Project Manager in 2022: Complete guide

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Below, I’ll outline some steps to follow if you want to work in project management but don’t know how to start. Aside from formal education or training, aspiring project professionals need essential skills that goes hand-in-hand with a person’s temperament to manage projects well. Project managers perform a variety of functions, spanning different types of competencies, and wearing many hats, sometimes simultaneously. If you specialize in a sector such as information technology, you can also pursue industry-specific project management certifications, such as the CompTIA Project +. Usually, you will need to gain work experience after graduation before you qualify to sit for this exam. Regardless of where they work, all project managers must have a few skills in common.

how to become a project manager

While it’s possible to become a project manager without earning a certification, becoming a certified project manager has several benefits. Stephanie Seymour is a senior business analyst and one of the crucial members of the FinancesOnline research team. She is a leading expert in the field of business intelligence and data science. She specializes in visual data discovery, cloud-based BI solutions, and big data analytics. She’s fascinated by how companies dealing with big data are increasingly embracing cloud business intelligence.

The Different Paths to Becoming a Project Manager

If you start your career as a project manager without having a bachelor’s degree, it’s possible to earn one while gaining real-life work experience. Bachelor’s degree programs are designed to work around your schedule and provide you with the skills you need to further your career. There are also degree programs project managers pursue at the masters and doctorate levels. Becoming a great Project Manager ultimately comes down to whether you possess good communication, leadership, organization, and people skills. That presumes you already have the technical skills necessary for a career in project management, meaning you’ve already mastered the latest tools for keeping a large project on-track. You’ll have great options for promotions and career growth beyond your first project manager role, too.

  • A leadership vacuum is always present in any company and on any project.
  • There are many different types of project managers, but most work with teams of people to create something new or improve something existing.
  • Small cross-functional teams work with a Product Owner responsible for the product’s direction.
  • In your CV, you describe all the projects you did, all the technologies you used.
  • In this way, you’ll be able to work with your team members efficiently, even when working remotely.

These matters range from everyday operational activities to long term budgets, marketing plans, and timeline management. The most likely route to landing a PM role is to perform exceptionally in your current professional capacity while working toward certification. Furthermore, you’ll need to possess and display detailed knowledge about your industry. Employers must also see that you are organized and can lead teams effectively.

Do I need a bachelor’s degree to become a project manager?

Perhaps you’ve spent some time in the workforce working on projects and have decided that you want the opportunity to lead projects instead. Maybe a trusted high school or college advisor told you that project management would be a smart career choice. Whatever the case, you know that you want to become a project manager—you just don’t know how to get there. Guide them as they learn the basics of how to become a project manager project management, make sure they are getting the training they need to make strides in the industry, and be able to pass on their knowledge of the field. Project managers need to manage the schedules of the employees either manually or with employee scheduling software and the timeline of the tasks to be done. This allows businesses to gauge their productivity and estimate labor costs better.

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Project-based work requires a lot of cooperation and communication between team members. Understanding the intricacies of project management can help you be a better team member as you work towards a project manager career. There are several types of project managers, including construction site project managers, project managers employed by the government and engineering project managers. While these are some of the most well-known professionals in this field, many other industries employ project managers to oversee specialized tasks and operations as well. Most project managers find themselves going down one of two paths on their journey toward becoming qualified. Whether you’re attending a university or college and getting a degree, or enrolling in a certification course, a structured and traditional course of study may be an option for you.

Want to become a project manager? Learn how to develop the skill set employers demand.

Or, seek a lower-level project management position, such as project coordinator. But you don’t have to come from a tech background to land a Project Manager role at a tech company. As long as you’re willing to develop some new skills and learn tools that Project Managers use on a daily basis, it’s totally possible to make the transition to Project Manager at a tech company. Here are tips to plan out your transition, plus advice on how to get started. Several tools on the market can help make the role of a project manager easier and more efficient. You may be expected to have some familiarity with project management tools to be hired by certain organizations, as they are quite common in the workplace for all types of teams. Jose is a subject matter expert and member of the writing team for and Bridge24.

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One of the most important tools that a project manager can use is a project management software. This software will help you track the progress of your projects, manage resources and stay organized. When choosing a project management software, be sure to take into account features such as task tracking, resource planning and Help Desk functionality. More structured or formal training, like a certification course, can also be a huge asset. For those with plenty of informal project management experience, certification can help you transition into becoming a full-time project manager. For those with little to no experience, the education requirements for certification can give you a head start on gaining the knowledge needed to land a project manager job. This includes being able to comprehend project financials, profit and loss, and the ability to create and adhere to a project budget.

Step 2: Determine the knowledge and skills you need

So, you need to first understand your workflow and then move towards implementing them. At the most basic level, you can say a project manager is held accountable for the success or failure of a project. He’s responsible for steering the team forward and making a solid execution plan for project goals. Making sure that everything is aligned and moving as planned. Ryan Ayers has consulted a number of Fortune 500 companies within multiple industries including information technology and big data.

how to become a project manager

The hours of project management education required can be obtained in a variety of ways, but they must be completed before you sit for your exam. The second includes a secondary degree, 7,500 hours of experience (about four years in a full-time job), plus the required educational training.

Becoming a Project Manager – A Reviewed and Optimized Guide for 2022

This includes compiling data from various sources, providing updates to stakeholders, and preparing presentations. Project managers need to be able to assess risks and determine whether they are worth taking.

  • Apart from simply communicating an idea to someone, project managers will be dealing with other people’s input and sometimes, disagreement.
  • These degrees allow students to pursue project management positions in specific fields where specialized information is highly valued.
  • This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn how to become a project manager.
  • As mentioned above, nowadays there are two types of project manager.

They’ll ensure projects tie into business goals whilst making a profit. When asking the question of how much do project managers make, the answer really depends on the field you are in and the scope of the various projects you undertake. So, when you are searching for ‘project manager jobs near me’, keep in mind what sector you want to go into. To make a project plan durable and reliable, PMs implement controls to continuously assess performance progress.

That’s why you should find a skilled project manager who’d be able to allocate part of his time to teach you what he already knows. You’ll master project management methods, methodologies, frameworks, processes, and best practices by working close to their side. A mentor will also ease your process of becoming a project manager. To be an excellent PM, you must simultaneously be a team leader, coworker, and supervisor.