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AirVPN customer review : vpnreviews
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That’s a commendable goal, but many other VPN services manage to have excellent (even fancy) clients across all platforms. Aside from looks, I feel like the TorGuard app is likely to be confusing for new VPN users. ProtonVPN ($8/Month at ProtonVPN) , for example, balances technical excellence and design with aplomb. Some VPN companies have begun publishing comprehensive audits to assure customers that the company is operating in good faith and securing their data. TorGuard representatives tell me the company is “constantly auditing and improving the security and privacy of our network and services,” but did not indicate that any public audits were forthcoming.

It’s never been a better time to switch to TorGuard VPN. By canceling your old VPN subscription, you can get a full month of TorGuard VPN service for free. If you understand everything TorGuard has to offer, you’ll be able to set it up to deliver excellent privacy and security. The technical side of the service is more interesting, at least for experienced users who can figure out how to use the more advanced features.

NordVPN ($3.49 Per Month at NordVPN) costs more, at $11.99 per month, but it boasts excellent features and an enormous server network, making it more than worth the extra cost. Private Internet Access is another excellent product at the astonishingly low price of $6.95 per month. In some cases, use of a VPN can breach your terms of service for a platform, rather than the law itself. For example, VPNs can be used to make it look as if you’re located in another country by routing your connection through a proxy server that’s physically situated abroad.

Though I do not recommend using uTorrent with TorGuard because there is too many backdoors in that crappy software, had them turn off the VPN a few times. Pricing could be better but their servers are stable, you get what you pay for. TorGuard offers a series of services devoted to anonymity and privacy online. Despite its name, TorGuard is not related to the Tor Project, the digital labyrinth of proxies designed to help people stay anonymous online. Instead, the “Tor” in the name actually refers to BitTorrent, and the service aims to help users maintain their privacy while torrenting.

Users never share dedicated IPs with each other, which has several advantages. While shared VPN IP’s may offer greater anonymity, dedicated IP VPN service can offer greater privacy for many use cases. Chinese internet users started reporting unstable connections in May 2011 while using VPNs to connect to overseas websites and services such as the Apple App Store.

Is TorGuard any good?

TorGuard has great security, but so do most other major VPNs. It has decent speed, whereas you can get blazing fast speeds if you get the right provider. Its prices are good, but not great.

Our team has engineered TorGuard to provide the highest levels of security and speed from anywhere in the world. Regardless of whether you are connecting from North or South America, Europe, Asia or Oceania, our worldwide VPN network will provide you the fastest speeds possible from anywhere around the globe. TorGuard maintains 50+ VPN server locations with 3000+ Servers and our network is always expanding.

Private Internet Access VPN

Most VPN services do not cover the leaky IPV6 and so they downgrade to the IPV4 because they don’t know how to fix it. Jordan (the support agent of TorGuard) knows his stuff and is very quick on setting you up for first time or anytime your not sure how something works.


I’ve also noticed this issue alot with on-demand internet services like when you buy internet access at a hotel. By using a stealth VPN server, you can avoid the throttling of your VPN packets and keep your speeds at the max.

TorGuard offers apps for Android, iPhone, Linux, macOS, and Windows. I highly recommend using a client app where possible, since it’s far easier to set up, and it gives you access to all the features a VPN service offers. These will make your browser traffic appear to come from somewhere else, but won’t use the encryption found with a VPN. The company tells me that it’s more focused on cross-platform support than a fancy client.

It should be no surprise that P2P and torrenting are allowed on TorGuard. For a long time, this was a rarity among VPN services, but no longer. All of the top-rated VPNs I have reviewed now allow file sharing, though some limit its use to specific servers. Among heavy competition, TorGuard remains one of the best VPNs for BitTorrent. If you like to use online banking, or email, or even game services, sometimes a shared anonymous IP can become flagged and lock you out of your account.

  • In an attempt to stop unauthorized access from users outside the US, Hulu began blocking users accessing the site from IP addresses linked to VPN services in April 2014.

Multiple stealth and obfuscation technologies aim to get you connected, even in countries which detect and block regular VPNs. TorGuard’s VPN and Proxy services allow you to choose from several different-length subscriptions, each with the same features. There is a free version of the email service with limited data storage, as well as several different-length payment plans. TorGuard supports P2P file sharing on all servers in its large network. The provider recommends using the TorGuard VPN for the most secure torrenting, but if you are looking for a more lightweight option, you can also use the proxy service to torrent with the SOCKS5 proxy.

Take advantage of some of the best VPN apps to truly secure your internet. TorGuard is available on PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices like Android/iOS with full support for OpenVPN/L2TP/IPsec/SSTP/AnyConnect on all OS.

A private VPN is the surest tool to provide that secure encryption. TorGuard provides quality privacy services in over 50 countries world wide. If you want to keep unscrupulous companies and people from seeing and intercepting your online activity and sensitive personal information, you need private VPN encryption. Websites, online services, apps, and games all track your real world location and assign content based on your IP address. With TorGuard VPN, you can connect to any location in the world and experience content without any restrictions.

IPVanish VPN

Or, you might find that some websites prevent access to anonymous users, or force them to get through irritating captchas. With a dedicated IP, none of these problems exist since it’s a unique IP that only you have access to. This can be useful for any app that you want to stay tied to your secure VPN connection. Stop making the small expense of your security and privacy an excuse.

Universities and businesses began issuing notices to stop using tools to circumvent the firewall. Hi Eluc, I’m not sure if I understand your question exactly, but here’s what I think you asked. Yes, you can purchase and use US Netflix through a VPN when connected to a US VPN server. After purchasing a VPN and installing the software, you will be able to connect to any of their servers located around the world, including whatever country you are located in. This allows you to use the VPN in one browser (such as for watching US Netflix), while bypassing the VPN in another browser (such as for accessing your banking website in your home country).

In an attempt to stop unauthorized access from users outside the US, Hulu began blocking users accessing the site from IP addresses linked to VPN services in April 2014. In doing so, however, the company also restricted access from legitimate U.S.-based users using VPNs for security reasons. While privacy should be the number one deciding factor when choosing a VPN service, performance and speed are also a necessity.

NordVPN recently published an audit of its no-log policy, and TunnelBear has committed to publishing annual audits of its operation. TorGuard has also not participated in the Center for Democracy and Technology’s VPN questionnaire, but provided me with much of the same information. The current average price of a top-rated VPN service is about $10.30, meaning that TorGuard is a good deal right out of the box.

VPN is quite affordable, so put on some shoes, a hat, and and stroll down to the local grocery store. So next time you make a trip to the store, and think to yourself, “man those gift cards are useless”, you’ll be reminded of how useful they can be when utilized as a payment option for TorGuard VPN. Client starts up fast and connects quickly to a server that you can decide on your own after logging in. Regardless of what country you are from, encryption remains the best route to online safety.

We’re confident that we’ll prove ourselves to you during this 7 day period. TorGuard has been awarded by several influencers in the industry–like Wirecutter and IGN–for having breakneck speeds, a rock solid network, and impenetrable security.

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