Commercial Dash Cams For Business Vehicles

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This can be an attractive option for parents who wish to monitor the risky driving behaviour of their teens. At Euro Car Parts, we stock a wide variety of dashboard cameras from the most trusted manufacturers at a competitive price. We offer free UK delivery, and you’ll have 365 days to return your items if things aren’t quite right. If you’d prefer, you can use our click and collect service too – just head into any of our 200 nationwide stores to pick it up at a time that suits you. Once you’re ready to make a purchase, use our free click & collect service to get your products sooner, or opt for delivery.

Then, if there’s an accident that wasn’t your fault you can prove your innocence. Many dash cams send data back to the business, which proves useful in the event of an accident where the driver needs immediate attention. Dash cams record continuously to monitor footage of accidents, crashes or dangerous driving to be used in insurance claims. We continue to offer our technology fitting services with added safety measures in place.

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A dashboard camera may help do this and you could recoup the cost in just one year. Nowadays there are drivers deliberately braking hard or people even running out into the path of vehicles in order to claim excessive amounts from your insurer. Again, a dashboard camera would help prevent this as you could simply prove to the insurers your innocence and avoid a large payment. It’s also common for motorists to lie to the police and their insurers, or even abandon the scene before you can write down their registration number. For all these instances you could do with video footage to prove your innocence and in turn, show the guilt of the other party. Simple to use dash cams that record automatically, even when you’re not there.

Using the filters on the left, you can view which dash cams include a micro sd card, allowing you to save and playback footage out the box. Dashboard camera ownership has increased in the past few years due to their benefits in security and safety. Sat on the dashboard of your car, they record every detail that takes place on the road and inside the car. They’re an effective way to deter thieves, and in case of an accident they can help find fault and act as proof to show authorities what really happened. If you’re driving on a particularly beautiful stretch of road, in car dash cams will record the whole journey for you to enjoy later. What’s more, if you ever break down dash cams can also act as a GPS tracker for emergency services to come find you.

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What’s more, dash cams have become increasingly affordable for the public, so they’re not just common with buses, taxis and police cars anymore. Instead, you can buy and fit a dashboard camera in no time at all, so you’re ready to record your driving and eliminate the possibility of being wrongly accused in the event of a collision. For businesses, dashboard cameras are quickly becoming a must-have tool for fleet managers.

We are currently only able to carry out our interior fitting on vehicles with an air re-circulation system. Some models, like the Nextbase Duo dash cam, have built in GPS logging and photo mode, which makes it easy to provide further evidence in the case of an incident. Dash cams with GPS logging are also useful if your car gets stolen, as you can easily track your vehicle. Now you know all about dashboard cameras and the reasons to invest in one, let’s take a look at some of the best ones to part you with your money. But also, a camera fixed to your dashboard could also reduce your insurance premiums. Car insurance has never been so expensive and motorists are trying to find anyway possible to cut their expenses.

These often small but powerful devices are usually easy to install and can “pay for themselves” if their footage is used to clear any wrong-doing or blame in insurance claims. However, dash cams have also proved to be incredibly useful for monitoring and improving driver behaviour as well as acting deterrents to other drivers and would-be thieves. If you leave your dual lens dash cam running while the car is parked, you might be able to record evidence of theft too. Vehicle dash cams with a dual lens allow you to film the surroundings in front of your car, and the interior of the vehicle.

Key Things To Consider When Selecting A Dash Cam

Andy Sayers, a Transport Manager at Transglobal Express talks us through the reasons for equipping the fleet with dash cams and the selection of the KENWOOD 501 Ultimate Pro Bundle. A compact dash cam captures everything the driver sees, and more during your journey. If you want to change both brake discs on your vehicle, please change the qty to 2. When searching for a dash cam, there are certain things to consider to ensure it will work effectively. Whilst the video quality in itself is clear, it has a tendency to judder on playback, so there’s the possibility of it missing an incident you desperately want to record. It’s also more difficult to setup than the others mentioned above and all round, the Mio is much better in terms of picture.

A dash cam in a business vehicle can act as a deterrent to potential thieves attempting to break into or steal the vehicle. GPS enables your dash cam to monitor and pinpoint your location in the event of an incident. Wirelessly transfer your dash cam footage to your phone via the app to share with your insurer. On eBay, you can choose from a wide range of dash cams by TOGUARD, NEXTBASE and Blueskysea, which vary in size and resolution.

They have a variety of uses, from recording scenic views to providing evidence in the event of a collision. A dash cam is a must-have piece of technology if you want to feel safer on the roads and more secure in your car. These compact devices are an important means of protection for motorists, and depending on the model you choose – can even provide peace of mind when your car is parked too.

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Ourcommercial hd dash camswork excellently in tandem with our vehicle tracking devices. Dash cams for cars, trucks and vans are often fitted for a variety of reasons but the main one is usually to record the road ahead/behind in the event of an accident. Recorded HD video is increasingly being used ininsurance claimsor to identify vehicle damage by businesses and consumers alike. Many dash cams have a collision detection feature which means recording will begin with sudden braking or when a collision is detected. With the Y1 dash cam, you can alter the sensitivity settings to suit your preferences.

  • On eBay, you can choose from a wide range of dash cams by TOGUARD, NEXTBASE and Blueskysea, which vary in size and resolution.
  • Within our range, you’ll find a great selection of car dash cams from two of the best brands in car technology – Nextbase and Garmin.
  • For everything else dash cam related, or if you need help to find the best dash cam for you, check our buyers guide & video online.
  • Have you ever parked up, done your shopping and returned to a dent in your car?
  • If you’d prefer to purchase in person, head down to your local Halfords store where one of our colleagues will be happy to help you out.

So, let’s take a look at the various reasons to invest in a dashboard camera. Many people would actually say their driving is very good, so why are there so many accidents in the UK?

This is one of the best dashboard cameras on the market, offering excellent picture and sound quality. There are a number of other superb features included and it’s pretty easy to setup and fix to your dashboard. Dash cams are increasingly popular in both the consumer and business trade. Night vision dash cams can pick up footage in poor lighting, and rely on your headlights as the light source.

Have you ever parked up, done your shopping and returned to a dent in your car? This happens to people up and down the country every day and whilst some will be kind enough to leave a note with their details, others will drive off in haste. A dashboard camera gives you added protection for your vehicle, no matter where you are. Our roads are getting busier and as such, more and more people are having accidents daily. There are even accounts of poor driving when fortunately there was no accident at the end of it. A dashboard camera helps you report incidents to the police so they can deal appropriately with any serious driving errors.

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And it’s not just a case of a motorist claiming to have whiplash when there’s a genuine accident.

As well as recording everything it sees in HD, a modern-day in car camera is equipped with intelligent technology to record speed, acceleration and geolocation. Dash cams are easy to install and require very little technical knowledge to operate. The plug and play nature of a dash cam means that you don’t have to be on the road 24/7 to reap the rewards of having one. So whether you’re driving to the shops or on the road all year round, fitting a dash cam will improve safety and help to safeguard your insurance policy. Within our range, you’ll find a great selection of car dash cams from two of the best brands in car technology – Nextbase and Garmin. We also stock a selection of front and rear dash cams from Blackvue, as well as Halfords dash cam bundle for ultimate security while out on the road.

If you want to ensure the widest viewing angle, the RAC 02 is the camera to go for. There is the drawback though of picture quality not being as great as the Mio, particularly at night. This is perhaps the most popular reason for the dash cam’s rise to fame as footage can be recorded in real time, which can later be reviewed. If there aren’t street cameras in place or witnesses to back your account up, you have to rely on one person’s word against the other. Dashboard cameras have been growing in popularity around the world, although they’ve been in use for decades – particularly with police in the US. These cameras are fixed onto your windscreen or dashboard and record the road ahead for your every movement.

We install and sell dash cams for our customer cars, vans and trucks with the view to helping improve driver safety and help reduce crash-for-cash and manage insurance claims. You can get both front and rear dash cams, so you’ll need to decide whether you’d like just one, or both. Make sure you get a dash cam with a looping feature too, as this will automatically record over old footage you no longer need. Car cameras with added g-force sensors will also detect when you’ve been in an accident, intelligently storing that footage without looping over it. You’ll also need to ensure the dash cam produces high quality video that works well even at night time. Short for dashboard camera, dash cams are cameras that are mounted on your vehicles windscreen.

Shop Halfords complete range of the best dash cams from Nextbase and Garmin below. Having video footage of your journey is particularly helpful in the case of an unfortunate accident, as you can prevent false claims being laid. In addition, some insurance companies offer discounts if you have a dash cam installed. This dashboard camera has everything you’d need, with a good picture and sound quality. However, you need to download a third-party codec to watch footage on your computer and there’s an irritating beeping sound when the camera is active.

If you’d prefer to purchase in person, head down to your local Halfords store where one of our colleagues will be happy to help you out. For everything else dash cam related, or if you need help to find the best dash cam for you, check our buyers guide & video online. As you would expect, there are loads of companies now offering these dashboard cameras, claiming to offer superior benefits to the others available. If you’re interested in getting a dash cam for your car it’s best to compare a few before making a final decision.