How to buy a fox: Foxes For Sale Fox Kits For Purchase

How to buy a fox

To find a red fox breeder in Australia, one will need to search the classifieds or ask other fox owners where they got their exotic animal. Many Australian fox owners will tell you that they had to get their domestic foxes shipped into the country and held in quarantine when they were young. Fennec foxes, bat-eared foxes and cape foxes are legal to own as pets in the state of Texas, as they are African species of fox. Keeping native wildlife species like the red fox as pets is still banned in Texas. So, before you go and catch a fox to bring home, do some research. Find out what species of foxes are legal to own in your state, if they’re legal to keep at all.

One can either buy a fox through a reputable breeder over the internet or by finding a local breeder. Local breeders are considered better as this will allow you to examine a possible pet and be safer for your pet than shipping. Check your state laws to determine if pet stores in your area will have foxes. If you live in a state where it is illegal to own a pet fox, it is without a doubt that your pet stores will not sell foxes. Check the state and local laws and regulations to be sure that you can have a fox as a pet.

Even if you keep your pet fox indoors, they must be supervised, so having an enclosure is beneficial. Even when you’re not at home, an enclosure provides your fox with plenty of room to roam and play. When it comes to owning a fox, having a decent, safe cage arrangement is one of the most critical considerations. Although fox kits may handle being kept indoors, once they reach sexual maturity, they begin marking their territory with urine and excrement and become exceedingly destructive. In most US jurisdictions, owning a fox is illegal, and animal rights activists are working to make it so in all 50 states.

Red Fox Breeders in Australia

It’s also worth noting that this fee only applies to the animal itself. Owning a fox can cost upwards of thousands of dollars each year. In addition to the fence, you should purchase or build a big dog house and equip it with blankets and hay. Our mission at Pet Keen is to make the life of you and your pets easier and even more enjoyable. Enclosures for foxes should not be less than 8’L x 8’W x 6’T. Since foxes are skilled diggers, the floor should be dig-proof and coated with chain link.

Owners must get permission in the states where owning a fox is still permitted. Other pets, particularly tiny animals, may be attacked by foxes. To avoid problems, separate your foxes from other pets. However, since foxes are not first-time pets, make sure you understand their demands and requirements before acquiring one.

  • In these cases, annual inspections are generally required.
  • One should always include ramps, hanging toys, platforms, tunnel tubes, and sandboxes should be added to your fox’s enclosure for enrichment.
  • Preloved and Gumtree are both excellent places to look for foxes in the United Kingdom.
  • It might be the case that only certain species of fox are legal to keep and others will get you in trouble with a hefty fine, or worse, as punishment.
  • A group of foxes are called a skulk or a leash.The male fox is called a reynardThe female fox is called a vixenA baby fox is called a kit.

Foxes are canine members who are attractive, cunning, and amusing. Many individuals are enamored with them and wish to have one as a pet. Of course, there’s no issue with that, except that foxes have specific unique characteristics, habits, and care requirements that many people are unaware of when they get one. Foxes have a natural instinct to mark their territory. To do so, they’ll rip things apart in search of the ideal area to “mark” with their urine and excrement.

Foxes can live either outside or inside, but it is recommended to construct a comfy housing that fits your new pet. Because foxes are extremely active creatures, they need a large pen of at least 200 square feet. When building the fence, dig down about 2 feet in the ground and put the fence in the hole in order to prevent foxes from digging and escaping the pen.

One should note that most of these states will require a permit for ownership. Getting a fox as a pet can be tricky since they are categorized as exotic animals and hence challenging to come by. Take into consideration your lifestyle, habits, living arrangement and budget. Research pet foxes to see if their personality, needs and care is something that you want to take on. Oliver (Ollie) Jones – A zoologist and freelance writer living in South Australia with his partner Alex, their dog Pepper, and their cat Steve (who declined to be pictured).

Bat Eared Fox Kits Available

The presence of a fox in your home can swiftly result in an animal odor. If you are serious about having a red fox as a pet, you should do your homework and attempt to spend some time with the animal before making the commitment. Foxes need a significant amount of time, energy, money, and skill, which most people lack.

How to buy a fox

Make sure you can identify different fox species and tell the differences between them. Then, be certain you only attempt to purchase fox that’s a legal species in your area. Please do your research before making the decision to bring home a fox. While foxes are trainable, they are still exotic animals and should not be expected to behave completely like a domesticated species such as a dog. Our foxes eat raw meat, whole prey and live insects in addition to high quality commercial dog and/or cat food. New York, for example, permits only fennec foxes to be kept as pets and does not need the owner to get a permit.

Can You Have a Fox as a Pet? Here’s What You Need to Know!

A pet fox may be considered “a wild canine, small canine, non-domesticated species, exotic animal, or native wildlife,” so make sure you are allowed to own one where you live. Check with pet stores in your town or region to discover whether they sell pet foxes. The sale of foxes in pet stores in most states is generally prohibited as these animals require permits. However, some pet stores in states like Indiana and Florida will sell and breed red foxes. Fennec foxes, on the other hand, are only legal for private possession in 13 states. The rules regarding permits and more can change between fox species and usually affect exotic and native fox species in different ways.

Our tame adults are fed a diverse diet, medically up to date, raised in clean pens and played with daily. Mike Tyson kept three pet tigers, which is, obviously, a very dangerous way to live. But one exotic pet that doesn’t seem quite as dangerous even though it’s nearly twice as cute is a fox. If you’ve been considering cuddling up with your own fox cub, then read on to find out if that’s a possibility. Since there is such a limited amount of countries where the breeding and selling of foxes is legal, as you can imagine, it is not a substantial Australian practice.

How to buy a fox

One should always include ramps, hanging toys, platforms, tunnel tubes, and sandboxes should be added to your fox’s enclosure for enrichment. Finding a breeder in your area will give you a chance to assess a potential pet and is safer for your pet than shipping. The Fennec Fox website has links to sites listing breeders and other places to buy them.

Call pet shops in your local area or region to see if they carry pet foxes. In these cases, annual inspections are generally required. They can and will begin to ruin their enclosure if they do not receive adequate enrichment. It’s also worth noting that all foxes have a strong need to mark their territory, and their marking stinks.

On the other hand, it is one of the kindest and meek foxes, making it a popular option among pet owners. This can work in some instances, but they’ll generally urinate and defecate all over the rest of the home as well. If you’re thinking about obtaining a pet fox, you’ll need an outside enclosure. Most animals use urine to identify their territory, which cannot be untaught. Select a fox from a breeder, pet store or another owner. Try to spend some time with your potential new pet before purchasing to check for any red flags in terms of health or personality.

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Donny Marlow is the most recognized licensed red fox breeder in Dayton, Ohio. Marlow specializes in the breeding of pure red foxes from Wild Ohio Ranch. There has been a lot of research lately around domesticating foxes. Even though these wild animals are full of energy, in the right environment they can become an important part of any family.