How to buy a route: How to Buy Delivery Routes in 2023 : Routes for Sale Guide

How to buy a route

According to Route Consultant, a typical FedEx ground route requires a down payment of $150,000-$200,000, plus $75,000 in working capital. The main risk of owning a vending machine business is changing food tastes. You will also face competition because of the low barrier to entry. After you’ve identified a route you want to buy and have the funds to do so, you still need approval from the company. You’ll also need to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), keeping FedEx business and route details confidential.

Furthermore, if your bread products expire or become stale, it can have a negative impact on your business. Suppliers will occasionally hire individuals to drive sales in a specific region. Employees working within your territory can greatly benefit your company’s profitability. You can grow your business within this defined territory by acquiring new accounts or improving sales performance with existing ones. On the other hand, an independent route offers greater flexibility because it can service more than one supplier.

  • A franchise has an established brand image and formula for success, but when you set up a new location, you’re rolling the dice on how profitable it will be.
  • Another option is to go to delivery route brokers who advertise routes for sale online.
  • When you find a route you’re interested in, don’t buy it immediately.
  • You must also sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) to keep FedEx business and route details private.
  • Narrow in on the right purchase price for your route and know ahead of time whether you will pay cash for your route or will plan to finance the route.

Generally, when you buy a route, you’re buying a service with a pre-determined customer base. To increase profits, you may choose a route with the potential to add additional customers, or you can also own more than one route. Find out how MyRouteOnline can make your delivery route more efficient—and profitable. Consider the distribution route’s geographic coverage and the average number of package deliveries required. To help your independent business be as profitable as possible, ensure you run your routes as quickly as possible. You may buy delivery routes that deliver everything from packages to ready-to-eat meals.

FedEx ground route requires all delivery trucks to be equipped with Vehicle Event Data Recording (VEDR) safety technology. They come with a pre-existing book of business, but because there is no area protection, there is more competition. Independent routes are typically less expensive to purchase, allowing for a higher net, and there is less regulation regarding how an independent route is operated. A protected route ensures that no other person enters a geographical area assigned to someone else. However, a protected stop guarantees specific locations rather than an entire area. Plus, Circuit for Teams offers other perks that make drivers’ jobs faster, like a package finder, proof of delivery, and delivery time window notifications for customers.

So, managing FedEx routes can be extremely expensive, and you need to ensure that your team follows the rules and guidelines FedEx provides. Vending machines that only accept cash were acceptable in the past, but cashless payment options are now almost required to attract customers. Bread routes can be expensive to buy and physically demanding due to constant loading and unloading.

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Getting a 4-8 week average of paychecks is what you’re looking for. A delivery route business buys a franchise from an already established brand to own, operate, and deliver on one of its existing routes. A delivery route business can be a reliable and profitable income stream. A franchise has an established brand image and formula for success, but when you set up a new location, you’re rolling the dice on how profitable it will be. With typical established businesses for sale you can see historical income which makes it less risky. For example, if you complete X deliveries per week, you’ll get a 12% cut based on that number.

  • Finally, because your business depends on the bread company, you do not have complete control over it.
  • According to Route Consultant, a typical FedEx ground route requires a down payment of $150,000-$200,000, plus $75,000 in working capital.
  • Just three routes a year at $40,000 each will have you earning six figures.
  • Identify whether you want to purchase pickup and delivery (P&D) routes or linehaul routes (or both!).

Before getting into the delivery route business, you should learn the basics of buying delivery routes. You have two choices when it comes to delivery routes—protected or independent. A protected route includes either a geographic location or protected stops (e.g., specific addresses instead of an area or region).

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Let’s look at the risks involved in various delivery route types. As the route owner, you work independently to deliver items in your territory. The supplier is the product manufacturer you deliver along your route.

An independent route means you service more than one supplier, and therefore aren’t as limited. Independent routes are generally less expensive, with the potential to make a higher net profit, but also are more competitive. Some people feel like there should be more to it, but it’s really that simple. For product-based delivery route businesses, such as food delivery services, you can purchase items from a supplier company and deliver them to accounts in your territory. And if you choose a service-based route business, such as pet grooming, you can have a more flexible schedule.

How to buy a route

For example, experts suggest being aware of routes that are selling for significantly less than average. So, if you buy a FedEx route that normally earns $1 million per year in revenue and you have a contract that guarantees a 10% commission, you’ll get $100,000. Many routes average $40,000 in annual profits, so running multiple routes can add up quickly.

You will also need to complete some administrative steps to prove you’re ready to fulfill the above obligations. Write a business plan that includes key points like a description of your services, a marketing plan, and financial projections. As the prospective business owner, you need to prove to people or organizations why they should invest in your business. For example, you can make a down payment on a route and let a bank finance the rest. A look at the route listings on a site like BizBuySell shows prices ranging from around $415,000 to upward of $1.7 million. When you find a route you’re interested in, don’t buy it immediately.

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Searching route listings on sites such as BuisnessesForSale yields prices ranging from $200,000 to $6.5 million. Routes with a higher proven cash flow tend to be more expensive. Circuit for Teams optimizes your routes for you, giving you the fastest sequence of delivery stops. You may find yourself buying routes that deliver everything from packages to ready-made meals. This lets drivers save time by quickly locating packages in their vehicles without digging through piles of deliveries. Route optimization software like Circuit for Teams maps out the fastest sequence of stops for your drivers.

These companies usually have standards that you must comply with—including graphics, dress codes, paperwork, etc. However, these companies also take responsibility for some, if not all, of the brand marketing and logistics. If you’ve done thorough research online, it’s time to start talking with someone who can help you take your search to the next level. This means we’re the only business to hold this listing and we’ve done initial due diligence with the seller. We work extensively with each seller to prepare their business for sale, getting the financials ready for you (the buyer) to dig into.

How to buy a route

For instance, you can use route optimization software like Upper to map out the shortest distance for your drivers. Another option is to go to delivery route brokers who advertise routes for sale online. Get the tool you need to help your delivery route business thrive with Circuit for Teams. The Route Exchange provides the easiest way to research and find routes for sale. We do all of the information gathering and qualify all sellers before we list their route.

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We confirm the information and ensure that the purchasing process goes smoothly from start to finish. We will do everything possible to find you the best route available. ROUTE BROKERS®, INC. was established in 1985 and has over 35 years of experience selling quality route distribution businesses NATIONWIDE.

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For example, you can buy FedEx Ground routes on their website. For example, the average annual profit from a FedEx route reportedly ranges from $30,000 to $40,000. Additionally, because we’ve guided many new contractors, we understand exactly what FedEx Ground is looking for in a new contractor. Think ahead to recruiting and retaining your best FedEx Ground route managers and drivers. Know how to distinguish yourself as a buyer for the most competitive routes. Site Map ★ Privacy Policy ★ Terms of Use
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