How to buy shitcoins: 10 Best Shitcoins to Buy in 2023: Which is The Best?

How to buy shitcoins

The term ‘Shitcoin’ is popularly used to describe trending and popular cryptocurrency tokens that offer huge growth potential, regardless of their utility. Our guide will list a range of the best shitcoins to invest in 2023 and explain their price history. Simply put, shitcoins will accelerate the growth of your investment a thousandfold or more. Keep in mind, though, that shitcoins are more likely to dump and drop to zero than to have a millionfold increase.

  • Read on if you pant for more details on how to spot shitcoin red flags and evade disputable trades.
  • According to the Love Hate Inu whitepaper, users must stake $LHINU, the platform’s native ERC-20 token, to participate in polls.
  • Shitcoins is normally a term used to describe cryptocurrency tokens which offer not much value or utility.
  • They are confident that the token has everything to catch up in 2023.

The large market cap causes live discussions on whether it’s a shitcoin or a developing ecosystem. Many people view this Solana-based shitcoin as a cryptocurrency with much potential because it is one of the fastest-growing shitcoins. Shiba Inu and Dogecoin tokens, according to an increasing number of analysts, have already stabilized their prices as the cryptocurrency market is slowly recovering. Safemoon expects that by December 2023, the fan bases of these two projects, plus its own enormous fan base, will have raised the value of the company to unprecedented levels. After two weeks of operation, SafeMoon’s value increased by up to 2,000,000%.

All these things, along with a reviving shitcoin mania and a recovering crypto market, are anticipated to propel the price of the Dogelon Mars token to new heights before the year is out. The cryptocurrency market is huge, with various projects both completed and ongoing. While some of these crypto initiatives have been applied to solve several problems, therefore adding value to the crypto space, others have added little or no value to the crypto market. Investors should determine if their investing goals align with a shitcoin’s offering. The best we can do is mention several elements that are in a shitcoin’s favor.

Balancer (BAL) – Ethereum-based Software Incentivizing Pool Funding

Shitcoins is normally a term used to describe cryptocurrency tokens which offer not much value or utility. A shitcoin usually offers unexpected growth and regular price volatility, which can be down to its social media popularity or community support. To learn more about the future of the $SPONGE token, read our Spongebob price prediction guide. This cryptocurrency claims to be the Krabby Patty of meme coins and aims to achieve a market cap of over $1 billion in the long term.

To capitalize on inflated value gains of meme coins, first, determine the best shitcoins to purchase and get in early. Luckily, Changelly has gathered all the promising penny crypto assets in one place — let’s take a closer look. A shitcoin is a term commonly used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts to describe a digital asset with little or no value, often lacking a clear purpose or use cases. For instance, some individuals consider meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu to be shitcoins.

  • The section below offers a quick preview of our 2023 shitcoins list.
  • Right now you can buy ShitCoin (SHIT) at a good number of cryptocurrency exchanges including XT.
  • Luckily, Changelly has gathered all the promising penny crypto assets in one place — let’s take a closer look.
  • One of the reasons why investors trade shitcoins is due to short-term profits.
  • After two weeks of operation, SafeMoon’s value increased by up to 2,000,000%.

If you had invested in the second most popular shitcoin, Shiba Inu, in 2021, you would have received a return of more than 20,800,000% by the end of the year. The APE DAO is vital for managing and building a globally dispersed community. ApeCoin’s platform seeks to be at the forefront of the gaming evolution and use Web3.0 to build a culture that expresses itself through art and events. APE is specially designed for the Web3.0 ecosystem and plays a key role in the Ape Foundation, which strives for the growth and development of the APE ecosystem.

Limit price bascially says you want to purchase a certain amount of ShitCoin (SHIT) at a specific price. If the price of SHIT gets to that price your order will be processed. Remember, with how volatile the market is, there is no guarantee the price will drop to your limit price. If ShitCoin (SHIT) doesn’t have an investment option using the currency you purchased as Coinbase, don’t worry.

Lucky Block — The Fast-Growing Lottery Platform

Participants use $LHINU tokens to express their ‘Love’ or ‘Hate’ for any subject. Copium is a brand new shitcoin that has risen instantly to the top of this because of the huge hype around it. Shiba Inu coin was named after a dog breed, and Elon Musk liked it enough to shill the token on Twitter. Tesla Motors CEO managed to catapult the coin to the moon, creating a massive demand for the rest of the shitcoin cohort along the way. Please note that these are just tell-tale signs of a shitcoin, but not all of them.

Members of the DAO can make decisions about fund allocations on the ecosystem, partnerships, and future plans. Of these, 90% will be distributed to buyers, ensuring that the community holds most of the tokens. In the RobotEra metaverse, players can purchase Land NFTs to start earning rewards. One can build anything on the land they own, and even start renting out their property. Your Robots can also create Robot Companions, which help assist your avatars with tasks within the Taro Planet.

How to buy shitcoins

Furthermore, the token is also required for users that want to progress through different hero levels and complete the game. The project aims to sell 90% of a maximum of 100 billion tokens to prevent a ‘rug pull. 10% of all tokens issued will be held by the platform to guarantee long-term liquidity, cover the cost of exchange listings, and incentivize users. Since Coinbase only allows for the purchase of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin, you will need to transfer your BTC or ETH investment to another cryptocurrency exchange. To purchase ShitCoin (SHIT) on the majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges, you will already need to have Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) to trade with. The good news is that you can easily purchase either cryptocurrency at Coinbase using your Credit Card or even Bank Account.

5) You should now be signed into (or be able to sign in) your Coinbase account. Again, since you will be using your hard earned money to fund your Coinbase account, there are a few more verification steps you need to complete. 3) Then Coinbase will ask you to select if you are an INDIVIDUAL or BUSINESS. I’m assuming you are an individual so I will skip the whole business account setup. MAKE SURE to use your real name as Coinbase will use this for account verification.

How to Buy Shitcoins for Beginners — Step-by-Step Guide

Love Hate Inu is the first utility meme token globally, allowing users to stake their tokens and cast votes for rewards. Love Hate Inu is a project worth considering for investors as it aims to revolutionize online voting and polling and has the potential to solve real-world problems. Let’s take a closer look at the best shitcoins to buy – we’ve also provided links to brokers offering shitcoins. Also if you are interested in investing in other cryptocurrencies you more than likely can do that at the exchange you used to invest in ShitCoin (SHIT).

Some experts believe that the bear market was the only reason this prediction did not come true. They are confident that the token has everything to catch up in 2023. As an ERC-20 governance and utility token, ApeCoin is used to encourage and facilitate decentralized community formation at the forefront of Web3. ApeCoin holders can govern the project by themselves thanks to the decentralized governance model.

If you are interested in crypto mining at home, I wrote up my story on How I started mining Bitcoin at home in 2021 which details out various easy to set up at home crypto mining rigs. Once your transfer has been confirmed it should show in your exchange’s account and will be immediately ready to be used to buying ShitCoin (SHIT). Now it’s time to purchase ShitCoin (SHIT) using your investment from Coinbase.

How to buy shitcoins

Big promises sound the best right before you find a hole in your pocket and no one else to blame but yourself. Loud-talkers tend to be scammers or endless enthusiasts, at the very least. Steer clear of such behavior as long as you want to minimize the risks of trading yet another shitcoin. The project’s roadmap is an excellent way to make a quick check-up on facts.

How to Buy Shitcoins Crypto Safer: Analyze the Whitepaper

The price may stagnate for an undefined period [the next pump & dump cycle best case scenario]. Most projects don’t survive the first wave and melt down into oblivion. Once you understand what shitcoins are, let’s recall some of the popular ones. Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are among the most popular shitcoins by sheer market capitalization. You can also try to find the shitcoin you’re interested in on Changelly — we have the widest selection of more than 400 digital currencies, including meme coins. However, the crypto token isn’t really helpful for much else since the project’s community has fallen apart.

Let’s break down what shitcoins are, address some specific examples, and describe how to buy shitcoins crypto if you tolerate such a risk. This article explains what shitcoins are and why you might want to avoid dealing with them at any cost. Read on if you pant for more details on how to spot shitcoin red flags and evade disputable trades. While the web tears shitcoins to shreds, some still consider them as a financial tool to capitalize on. Lucky Block has chosen a strategy in the hope that it will get support from the locals and draw in investors.

Now you play a short waiting game as your transfer has to go through the cryptocurrency ecosystem and be confirmed multiple times. Depending on the day this could take 5 minutes or even up to a few hours. Plus since your funding will be doing using the Bitcoin or Ethereum your’ve already purchased, the setup should take less time. Realize you don’t have to purchase a full coin, rather you will be investing a portion of a coin.

If a project offers discounts to kick off the launch on any marketplace or DEX, it’s a big red flag. As a rule of thumb, the overall liquidity should exceed $50,000 daily. The economy might otherwise stall, leaving you with pretty but heavy bags. A high concentration of tokens doesn’t add up credibility to a project. A healthy coin has over 10 transactions a minute, while the overall number of holders exceeds 300 wallets. Understanding the overall trajectory, red flags, and obvious signs of higher risk, you can significantly limit shitcoins in your portfolio [as long as you want to].

The popularity can be credited to RobotEra’s ambitious plans for building a metaverse similar to top projects such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. 30% was allocated to the presale, which was invite-only, but those investors will have the remaining 90% of their tokens unlocked linearly over the next three weeks. There are only 1 billion tokens and the developing team have reserved a meme-worth 0.69% for themselves, ending any talk of a rugpull. Investors were impressed by the fair launch – which saw only 10% of presale tokens released initially – and the robust tokenomics. You’ll see a list of sponsored exchanges where you can get the shitcoin. The MonaCoin network’s 1.5-minute transaction processing time and devoted, active community are among its most valuable features.

6) Now you need to setup your funding sources (i.e how you plan on purchasing your Bitcoin or Ethereum). Since you are reading this guide now and the plan is to use your BTC or ETH to purchase ShitCoin (SHIT), I’d suggest using the Credit Card funding option. After launching in early 2022, APE managed to offer returns instantaneously. The project reached its $10 million hard cap in just eight weeks and is now set for an imminent launch on top CEX OKX, where prices are predicted to pump.