How to Change Netflix Region and Watch any Country Version Anywhere

How to Change Netflix Region and Watch any Country Version Anywhere
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Can I unblock Netflix using a smart DNS proxy?

Apart from using a VPN to access both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix abroad, you can use it to unblock these streaming services. Hypothetically, you can even setup a VPN to see any content the two streaming services offer in other countries. The reason VPNs allow you to access Netflix and Amazon Prime Video content from other countries is because both services check your IP address when connecting. If your IP address appears to be in the US, then you’ll be shown the content they have in the US.

Which VPN works with Netflix?

ExpressVPN – Best VPN for streaming Netflix ExpressVPN is currently the best VPN for Netflix simply because it always works with the service and offers the fastest speeds. It also does very well in the areas of security and online anonymity, with maximum encryption and excellent privacy features.

For streaming, you need to ensure your VPN is fast and reliable. And you also want to know that your chosen provider values security and privacy to the utmost degree. They decided to block attempts to bypass their region-locked content using VPN services, making it more difficult to access Netflix content from other countries. ExpressVPN with Smart TVs – ExpressVPN is also the best VPN to use with smart TVs, which normally do not work with VPN services. With ExpressVPN, you can use the MediaStreamer feature, which is a smart DNS service.

DNS requests are a means of looking up which domain names (e.g. “”) are associated with which servers. If it detects a DNS request for Netflix, it sends all the browser traffic for that request through the server to an American Netflix server, thereby changing both your IP address and DNS server. Some VPN services currently work when accessing Netflix via a web browser, but do not work through the Netflix app. Both companies are constantly blocking any VPNs they discover, but you can find one that isn’t being blocked right now, and that doesn’t appear to be in either of the streaming giant’s sights.

MediaStreamer is a smart DNS proxy service that comes with every ExpressVPN subscription. It’s used by default when you connect to the VPN, or you can set it up separately so that it’s used on its own. Smart DNS proxies like Unotelly, Overplay, Unlocator, and Unblock-US were a flash in the pan during Netflix’s war on proxies. After Netflix blocked connections from most VPN servers, many users switched to these services instead. A smart DNS proxy is a server that monitors any DNS requests sent from your device.

Is it illegal to use a VPN for Netflix?

You will not be doing any illegal activity when you use a VPN to access Netflix. So, it is not illegal to watch Netflix through the VPNS. Nevertheless, the streaming company doesn’t always encourage people to use VPN. It doesn’t restrict the use of proxies and VPN either.

PrivateVPN runs a small network of servers, but it does cover 56 countries, meaning potential access to a wide range of Netflix libraries. It can reliably access US, UK, Japan, Spain, Brazil, France, and Italy catalogs, among others.

Yes, you can purchase and use US Netflix through a VPN when connected to a US VPN server. After purchasing a VPN and installing the software, you will be able to connect to any of their servers located around the world, including whatever country you are located in. This allows you to use the VPN in one browser (such as for watching US Netflix), while bypassing the VPN in another browser (such as for accessing your banking website in your home country). Of course, you can turn the VPN on or off and also switch servers as you desire to access different services.

And though Surfshark users can access Netflix on any server, they all redirect to the US version except France, India, Japan, the Netherlands, and the UK. Similarly, AirVPN redirects many international users to US Netflix regardless of their VPN server’s IP address. Users who want access to the Belgian version of Netflix have the smallest choice of VPN providers; it can only be unblocked by one of the 59 VPNs we tested (ProtonVPN).

VPNs that DO NOT work with Netflix

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video is one of the most adept at blocking VPNs from accessing its content. It’s all done in order to prevent users from accessing movies and shows in countries that Netflix and Amazon Prime Video don’t have the rights to stream in at the moment.

As you can understand, the movie studios are not happy with this and are claiming that these “illegal” users are costing them a lot of money. They are forcing Netflix to take action, and the company is reportedly trying out ways to block users from getting to content they are not allowed to have access to. Netflix has made some changes to its Android app to force it to use Google DNS, thus making it very difficult to use a location unblocker. Also, companies selling VPN services have seen a huge increase in users complaining they cannot access their legitimate Netflix-subscriptions anymore. This points towards Netflix blocking IP-ranges of VPN service providers.

Indeed, ExpressVPN reliably unblocks the US, UK, Japan, Canada, and France versions of Netflix, among others. If a chosen server doesn’t work, you can simply contact a live customer support agent to find out which is the optimal server to connect to. Thankfully, many providers are committed to providing a workaround and maintaining servers that offer reliable access to various Netflix libraries. Even so, not all of these providers offer a comparable service.

You can also use SaferVPN to watch content for BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Aside from Netflix, ExpressVPN can grant you access to plenty of other geo-restricted content including that from BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO. All servers are optimized for speed and this, coupled with a reliable service, means you can stream shows and movies seamlessly. If you just can’t live without watching the latest episode of your favorite series while traveling, a VPN can help you access your content as if you were in your own family room. Even though you’re on the go, some VPNs allow you to select a server in your home country.


  • PrivateVPN runs a small network of servers, but it does cover 56 countries, meaning potential access to a wide range of Netflix libraries.
  • It can reliably access US, UK, Japan, Spain, Brazil, France, and Italy catalogs, among others.

Most of NordVPN’s servers can unblock Netflix, although the majority will redirect you to the US version even if you’re connected to another country. Thanks to a low monthly price and the option to connect up to six devices at one time, NordVPN is a great budget option especially if you share an account with friends or family. Despite its low price, NordVPN doesn’t skimp on security or privacy. It’s pretty good at unblocking other popular streaming services as well, like BBC iPlayer and Hulu.

Best VPNs for Netflix

netflix vpn

In addition, you’ll be able to unblock BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other popular streaming sites. PrivateVPN doesn’t disappoint on speed and its reliable service will enable you to watch shows and videos without buffering.

He goes on to explain that the Netflix apps combat SmartDNS services by forcing you to use a public DNS server and frequently change the URLs that do geolocation for their content. This makes it impossible for services that could support thousands of customers streaming at a time by only forwarding the geolocation packets through their servers. SaferVPN is a US-based provider with more than 700 high-speed servers in over 30 countries. It reliably unblocks Netflix libraries including the US and UK catalogs. Specific servers are labeled for streaming, so you know which ones to choose without contacting support.

As well as having extremely fast servers that are ideal for streaming video, the most reliable VPN provider for accessing Netflix is ExpressVPN. With its huge network of servers in 145 cities in 94 countries, you’ll easily be able to use ExpressVPN to spoof your location to watch Netflix from places like the US, Canada, and Germany. Hi Eluc, I’m not sure if I understand your question exactly, but here’s what I think you asked.

Check the Terms of Services for your VPN and streaming website, and the laws of the country where you are travelling to determine If your use presents a risk. As I’ve previously mentioned, Netflix and other streaming services have become adept at detecting and blocking VPN users from accessing their streaming servers.

Unblocking Netflix in countries like Belgium and Turkey is probably not at the top of the priority list for most VPNs, and many of the VPNs we tested don’t have servers in those countries at all. This approach worked for a few months until it caught the attention of Netflix, and a subsequent crackdown blocked most smart DNS proxy users. Today, a handful of smart DNS proxy services can still unblock Netflix, but the only one that’s consistently worked for us is ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer service.

Some VPNs redirect users to the US version of Netflix regardless of server location. NordVPN, for example, can unblock Netflix when connected to any country, but uses a DNS proxy to route Netflix requests to the US version, except for Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, and UK. Opening Netflix while connected to any other country through NordVPN will return the US version.

He believes a combination of techniques is used to block them. One of those techniques, says LiquidVPN CEO Dave Cox, is by identifying connections coming from data centers instead of residences.

CyberGhost is operated from Romania and offers a growing network of servers with more than 5,700 in 90 countries. While it doesn’t unblock quite as many of the regional Netflix catalogs as ExpressVPN, it is committed to providing access to US Netflix, which is the version with the largest library. CyberGhost additionally unblocks Netflix UK, France, German and a growing number of other Netflix catalogs. ExpressVPN is an extremely well-reputed provider based in the British Virgin Islands. Its more-than-ample network of over 1,500 servers in 94 countries means you’ll have access to a huge choice of Netflix libraries.

Whilst we advocate using a VPN for all your online activity, it’s worth noting that there are limitations imposed by some service providers. And that means you might not be able to access some services with a VPN. But if you can use a VPN on a streaming service, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you’ll get access to content that may have been unavailable in your home country. Morgan says Netflix probably isn’t targeting isolated VPN providers.

However, if you’re planning to sign up to a service purely to access Netflix, then it might be wise not to sign up for a lifetime contract. Look for plans that don’t tie you in too long or that offer money-back guarantees if your chosen content suddenly becomes blocked. So, the same trait that makes VPN great for assuring anonymity online is actually what allows some companies to keep you from accessing content on a VPN.

This will allow you to unblock Netflix and other streaming services directly through your smart TV. A few VPNs bundle smart DNS proxies with their subscriptions, and some of those DNS proxies can unblock Netflix (e.g. Ironsocket DNS, Keenow Unblocker, ExpressVPN MediaStreamer). Due to time constraints and practicality, however, we elected not to test smart DNS services and instead solely focus on VPNs.

A VPN can also give access stop ISP throttling and give users unlimited bandwidth. However, you might find that while protecting your online privacy, you also struggle to do some of the more fun things online, such as streaming TV shows and movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Why do we advocate for using a VPN with Netflix?

Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, and several other streaming providers have all implemented VPN bans at some level. Should the trend continue, legally watching licensed content online from any site would require users to relinquish their privacy.

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