How to Watch Live TV on Firestick for Free using the Best streaming apps

How to Watch Live TV on Firestick for Free using the Best streaming apps

Fire TV comes with an easy-to-use remote complete with voice commands. It’s a great first-time cord-cutter’s must-have. Next up you’ll want to keep in mind the specs of your TV. Last but not least, it might be worth considering the ecosystem you’re most plugged into. For example, Android users might be able to get more use from an Android TV device, while those using an iPhone and Mac might prefer the Apple TV.

So all those apps you use to stream movies and TVs, you can have also on your FireStick. I just override the Amazon screen with HALauncher to just display my own apps.

Roku currently offers more streaming channels than Amazon, 30,000 to Amazon’s 15,000, but how much mileage you will get out of those channels depends. A large chunk of them are simply dumping grounds for garbage content and channels you’d never watch. If you only need the major streaming services and want the voice remote, Amazon Fire Stick is hard to beat. If you want 4K streaming, Roku Premiere is far less expensive than Amazon Fire TV, at $49.99, but you don’t get the voice remote or the ability to play games. CBS is an online video streaming app based on the US that can be used to stream live and latest videos.

Is there a monthly fee for fire stick?

There are no monthly fees associated with either the Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV. All you need to pay for is the device itself and you’re good to go. But you’ll still have to pay for subscriptions and other costs associated with the services you want to access using your Amazon Fire Stick.

Amazon Fire Stick channels

Although we can’t install Google Play on our Firestick or Fire TV, we can install another App store which works great with the remote control. Aptoide TV provides many of the popular apps that are normally found within Google Play. It also includes free streaming applications that aren’t available within Google Play so, in my opinion, this is a better choice anyway. Much like other streaming devices, the Amazon Fire TV Stick lets you watch Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and other streaming services – as long as you have subscriptions to them. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular devices for streaming exclusive movies and TV shows.

How Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV stack up against the competition?

The main reason is that the Fire OS is basically Android so you can run practically any Android app from the Google PlayStore and other Android app stores. With App2Fire on your phone, you can install any app that is on your phone directly to the FireStick.

It also turns any standard TV into a smart device, allowing you modern features, such as screen sharing, playing music, playing video games, and so on. Fire TV 4K works with Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu, HBO, and many other video streaming apps. Since it’s part of Amazon’s ecosystem, Fire TV is also compatible with Alexa voice controls on other Amazon products, like an Echo Dot. You can tell Alexa to play “Game of Thrones” without lifting a finger.

In this article and guide, we’ll show you different ways you can watch live TV on Firestick. Like our top pick, this media streamer supports 4K HDR content, but also adds Dolby Vision for even better HDR performance on Dolby Vision TVs. Google Assistant voice control is integrated as well and, unlike the cheaper Chromecast Ultra, this is a standalone product that doesn’t require a phone. Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K comes with 4K and HDR playback capabilities, including support for the more advanced HDR10+ and Dolby Vision formats. Like other streaming stick, this slim dongle plugs right into the HDMI port on the back of your TV.

Your Fire Stick plugs into your HDMI TV via USB port, connects via Wi-Fi, and comes equipped with a Bluetooth remote. Simply plug your Fire Stick in and you will be directed through the setup process and prompted to sign into your Amazon account. At $40, Amazon Fire TV Stick is slightly less expensive than Roku’s $49.99 Streaming Stick, and it comes with an Alexa voice remote.

Amazon has tied up with hundreds of content providers and TV networks and gives you access to tons of FireStick channels. The Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s basic model, serving up 1080p HD streaming in a tiny HDMI stick about the size of your standard USB flash drive. Costing just $39.99 and coming with Alexa Voice remote, the Firestick is a remarkable bargain. You get access to all of the same apps and channels as the Stick’s more expensive cousin, Fire TV. But there are a few downsides.

Jailbreaking is all about installing the third-party APKs on FireStick device for free streaming. To install third-party streaming apps, you need a facilitating application. That’s because Amazon Fire TV Stick does not support direct download through the browser (like you do it on your Android mobile).

  • Jailbreaking is all about installing the third-party APKs on FireStick device for free streaming.
  • That’s because Amazon Fire TV Stick does not support direct download through the browser (like you do it on your Android mobile).
  • To install third-party streaming apps, you need a facilitating application.

A few key movie apps are also missing, including Vudu, Google Play, and FandangoNow. If that’s a deal-breaker, you’ll have to grab a Roku Ultra, Google Chromecast Ultra, or Apple TV. That means there’s no user interface and no apps to install – it’s more of a bridge than a standalone device, and your phone is the remote. Amazon Fire TV is Amazon’s line of digital media player consoles, which cover whatever your streaming needs may be.

The Amazon Fire TV and Stick have revolutionized home entertainment and made cutting the cord an easy decision. With one of these devices, you can enjoy a whole range of home entertainment, including live TV channels from all over the world. You can watch almost any channel free of charge thanks to the availability of streaming apps for Android-based devices.

The challenge for me is the family won’t let me replace cable/directv until the service like directvnow or psvue will come up as fast. Now, maybe the latest highest-brand Roku will do this, but I don’t have them nor do I want to put a Roku device on my Roku-embedded TV. You’ll find apps for just about every on-demand video and music streaming app, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play Movies, Spotify, and TuneIn Radio. Roku also offers its own ad-supported streaming channel providing access to a large number of free movies and TV shows. At $35, Chromecast is the cheapest streaming option on the market, but it lacks important features like a remote.

What is Amazon Fire TV?

These apps have been carefully chosen for FireStick users like you and me. But, you are installing third-party apps that give you access to unrestricted content. These are not your regular apps from the Amazon App Store. Do not overstep the legal boundaries by streaming copyrighted content. At we encourage you to be a good judge of your actions and stream the content available in the public domain.

What is the Amazon Fire TV?

With CBS app you can get all 10000+ on-demand videos, 24/7 live videos anytime anywhere in your device. CBS can be easily installed on your Amazon Firestick. With your cable provider credentials, you can stream all the CBS content on your Firestick without paying any additional money.

Amazon Fire Stick vs. Chromecast

Fire TV Stick is a very popular streaming device for a variety of reasons. It offers you almost unlimited entertainment opportunities through various apps and channels.

If you’re looking for a provider-agnostic device, Roku offers the best streaming sticks on the market. They’re not only better than Amazon Fire TV sticks; they’re also better than Android TV, Apple TV, and Chromecasts. The Amazon Fire TV Stick rivals other popular streaming devices like the Roku and Chromecast.

It also comes with an Alexa voice remote for easy access to play, pause, stop, volume up/down, and more. The best of the bunch is the Roku Ultra with its easy-to-use interface, 4K video streaming, HDR support, voice control, and simple remote. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is a small but mighty home for your streaming. It supports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and other features typically found in more expensive bigger boxes. With a new, better voice remote, it’s a great balance of budget and performance to stream Hulu on.

For just $5 more, you can get the Amazon Fire Stick and a voice remote. Oddly, Chromecast’s 4K option is still more expensive than Amazon’s, and it still doesn’t come with a remote. Unless you’re a Google diehard, there’s not a reason to buy a Chromecast. The jailbroken FireStick gives you access to the endless pool of media (including movies, shows, live Tv, and a lot more) available on the internet.

If you have a Dolby Vision TV, this means you’ll get even better HDR performance when watching Dolby Vision titles from apps like Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus. The issue that we see is the time to load the streaming service into memory. I bought a 4k fire stick and a fire TV with 4k ultra.

If you don’t have Alexa products or you’re not an Amazon user, you may be better off with a different brand. One of the best things about the Apple TV 4K is Apple’s tvOS operating system, which is super easy to use, especially with the included remote (called the Siri Remote). As mentioned, it can stream in 4K and has HDR support for improved contrast and colors. Unlike Roku’s players, the Apple TV 4K also offers Dolby Vision support on top of standard HDR10.

The new Fire TV Stick works just like any other Amazon Fire TV product and most other streaming devices. The remote has a small directional ring for navigating the menu, a back button, home button and an options button, as well as pause-play, fast-forward and rewind buttons. The Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K are among the most popular streaming players out there. They’re great because of their ease of use, excellent search functionality, Alexa integration, and plethora of streaming apps.

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