Ivacy VPN Review 2020

Ivacy VPN Review 2020

After starting in 2007 and more than 200 thousand customers later, Ivacy VPN can be considered one of the heavyweights of the VPN market. According to the official website, Ivacy VPN is based in Singapore under the name PMG Pte Ltd. Ivacy VPN offers the same set of features provided by most other VPN companies at an affordable price. It has one or two noteworthy additions, but beyond that it doesn’t bring a lot that’s new to a very crowded space.

The company offers five simultaneous connections, which is average for the industry and should cover just about every device in your home. Ivacy VPN also has client apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, as well as plugins for Firefox and Chrome.While Ivacy VPN is cheap, it isn’t always reliable. If our testing is any indication, you may encounter unusable servers and ineffective browser plugins. We would say that if you are using the VPN service on a Windows device most of the times, then you can go for this product. The product is fairly secure with the protocols, and the encryption and the privacy policy also seems transparent enough.

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As you can expect from a commercial VPN service, Ivacy does not impose any limitations. You can use it up to the full extent of your Web connection’s speed and switch between secure servers as many times as you’d like. I have been looking for a secure VPN service with reliable connection and P2P support. I came up with ivacy and figured it out as a worth trying service.

A VPN’s features are only effective if you’re connected to its servers. The second you lose a connection, all that anonymity is gone.

Ivacy VPN focuses their app’s user experience around why you are using a VPN in the first place. In every app, you can choose to connect for “Streaming”, “Secure Downloading”, or “Unblocking”. For users new to VPNs and unsure about their potential, I think this feature will be really convenient. The latter two features, “Secure Downloading” and “Unblocking”, let you choose a country to get around government censorship or to hide your IP address so you can download content. Screenshot of Ivacy VPN’s Kill Switch on their Windows AppA kill switch, or network lock feature, will automatically cut your internet access if your VPN connection is momentarily lost.

This feature can save your valuable data and online activity from getting monitored or leaked. Internet kill switch has pretty much become a norm in the VPN world these days, and this small function can make a world of difference at times. However, Ivacy VPN comes with the internet kill switch option only on Windows devices. The internet kill switch can be activated on Windows devices manually through Ivacy’s Windows dialer. You can see the steps to activate the internet kill switch here.

With strong encryption protocols, large number of servers and amazingly economical package plans, ivacy stands as fans favorite VPN service of the year. I recently purchased the ivacy plan to use on my linux laptop and android phone. At first I had a rough start with only one openvpn profile able to connect outside of the vpn’s internal network and pptp completely not connecting to the server. I eventually tested new desktop environments and it worked.

Thankfully, Ivacy has a kill switch feature to ensure that you’re not suddenly exposed and vulnerable as you surf. In the event that you lose connection to the VPN server, all of your online activity is shut down immediately to prevent your IP from being discovered and logged. Ivacy VPN has a nice Windows app and it offers a nice, low price. The service’s country offerings aren’t as big as others we’ve seen, but it has most of the key countries you’re looking for. Ivacy’s privacy policy has all the right promises too, but it’s based in Shanghai and it’s not clear who’s behind the company.

You can watch Netflix using VPNs, but Ivacy won’t allow you to do this. Testing on four servers revealed that a successful connection was never achieved. Singapore based IVACY VPN is a service designed from the ground up catering to regular users. Similar to CyberGhost, IVACY offers a purpose-based server selection. Depending on whether you want to browse the internet, stream Netflix movies or use a torrent client, the service will prompt you with the best server for the job.

I’m not sure why but network manager doesn’t like pptp and somewhat openvpn. After getting pptp to work I was able to get 50 mbps, but that was probably because of my connection to my router. The only things that I would suggest for Ivacy to add is a linux client, and traffic obfuscation/scramble protocol/stealth protocol support.

Ivacy VPN has dedicated servers for downloading or torrenting which it shows under the ‘Secure Download’ tab of the client. These servers check the attachments for malware before the download.

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Trial No.Time to to establish a connection (in seconds)15.3624.634.5344.5154.564.7774.4684.3494.91104.94Avg. Time In Seconds4.692It is pretty much clear from the above data that Ivacy VPN performed extremely well in the connection time analysis test. The results have been consistent without any exception which is a good sign if you are thinking of buying this VPN client. The above test was for the automation selection server, which is the server that the VPN client thinks is the best for you.

  • After starting in 2007 and more than 200 thousand customers later, Ivacy VPN can be considered one of the heavyweights of the VPN market.
  • According to the official website, Ivacy VPN is based in Singapore under the name PMG Pte Ltd.

So, does this means that the automatic selection done by the client is faulty? The client chooses the server according to the geographical location, and generally, the closest servers are the fastest one. Sometimes, it’s the different servers which perform differently, and the reasons behind can be many such as traffic through that server at a particular time. Internet kill switch stops the internet traffic if the connection with the VPN server slows down or terminates due to some reasons.

Ivacy is a comprehensive solution that offers strong security, without sacrificing speed. Virtual Private Network services are supposed to deliver the best possible security while surfing online.

To see if they live up to their name, it’s time to do the speed test. My Internet connection is 71Mbps, so I connected to different servers using Ivacy VPN and did the testing once again.

Ivacy VPN Review ( – Great Reputation. Do They Deserve It?

It is not the fastest product for sure, but with the level of encryption it gives, the speed can be considered fast enough. A smart-DNS feature with the existing package would have given it some edge for sure, and an increase in the number of servers can also give a boost to the appeal of this product. Most VPN services back away when it comes to providing support for torrenting because of legalities.

It would be unwise to disregard Ivacy VPN because it is one of the best VPNs up to date, thanks to its excellent speeds, dedicated streaming servers and competitive pricing. Ivacy VPN vs ExpressVPN FeaturesBoth VPNs have adequate privacy policies proving their no data logging claims. Only ExpressVPN has a kill switch on Mac and iOS, a feature I believe to be essential. You should be able to stream from Netflix and torrent files with both VPNs.

Ivacy in brief:

I have been using Ivacy VPN for last 2 year and I am fully satisfied with their services. No issues in connectivity, no effect on internet speed while streaming with VPN and I would recommend Ivacy VPN best for streaming and torrenting purpose.

However, this feature is available only for Windows devices and not for MacOS and other platforms. You can see how to manually configure your Windows device for a secure DNS using the Ivacy application here.

Without a kill switch, a server resetting or momentary internet loss could cause your public IP address to be leaked. Now, that’s not always the end of the world, but if you have a reason to use a VPN, a kill switch is going to help protect your privacy. Unfortunately, Ivacy VPN only offers a kill switch for Windows and Android, so if you’re in the Apple ecosystem, I can’t recommend it. I basically had to select what I wanted to do or search for it online. However, I didn’t mind as it helped the company choose the right location and protocol, alter the settings accordingly, and ensure I could get online quickly.

I had no trouble loading up Lost in Space on Netflix while connected to a US VPN server. Ivacy offers a well-rounded VPN product, featuring dedicated servers for streaming (yes, it works with Netflix) and torrenting, and a solid 24/7 live chat support. Speedtest Analysis for Different Servers and OptionsSpeed test is something which can make or break a VPN provider’s reputation in the eye of a user. For the fastest server or the server which we got through the automatic selection from the client showed a decrease of only twenty percent of the original speed before connection. Surprisingly, this was not the fastest server that we observed for us.

Ivacy on the other hand fully supports P2P and provides optimized servers with blazing fast speeds to ensure your download and upload do not suffer. A VPN can make it appear that you are in a different location, by routing your traffic through a server in a different country. Happily, that wasn’t a problem when I tested Ivacy on Windows.

There might be hardly any VPN provider which can be a lot faster than this. Ivacy provides an add-on for securing the DNS, which can be configured manually with the help of Ivacy windows application. This add-on changes preferred DNS to and the alternate to This will not let the Windows use its default DNS servers. DNS leak protection is an essential aspect of online privacy because if your DNS gets leaked, then the whole purpose of having a VPN service goes down the drain.

What is a problem is that the service has far fewer servers than the competition, which was reflected in my speed test scores. We also weren’t able to use Ivacy’s browser extensions, and several of the VPN servers I attempted to connect to in my testing simply didn’t work. Finally, the app seemed to have difficulty choosing the best servers in our testing. While it has only 500 in total, those are spread across 100 locations, making it a good choice for someone who spends a lot of time traveling. After all, the closer you are to your VPN server, the better performance you’ll likely experience.

We will be talking about the speed observed on these servers and compare them with the speed of the rest of the servers in the forthcoming sections. Ivacy Homescreen UIAt first glance, it seems to have all the qualities that are expected from a modern-day VPN. A high number of servers, secure protocols and encryption, high speed, and versatility are some of the attributes that Ivacy VPN claims to have on its official website. In this review, we will be putting all these claims to tests so that you can know if this is the VPN you always needed.

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