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Not User-Friendly At All

Second, When I actually got the service, conveniently they stopped offering PPTP and L2TP because of the security vulnerabilities. Third, I don’t need a VPN service to dictate what level of privacy I am allowed to have. Even if you care that much, PPTP and L2TP still have valid uses. You certainly would be better with PPTP or L2TP using an unsecured Wireless connection that you might be provided by a hotel or restaurant, than without these two security protocols.

Let us begin our review of SlickVPN with a look at the types of VPN connections that they offer. Your traffic is then mixed in with other users on that gateway to randomize it as much as possible and protect your anonymity while surfing the Internet.

SlickVPN Overview

This test was run using the SlickVPN Windows client using the default the OpenVPN (UDP) protocol which utilizes the AES 256-bit CBC cipher for encryption of your Internet traffic. SlickVPN has also provided for the security of your internet traffic and browsing habits.

Connecting through this regular VPN connection will provide you the highest speeds and precise geo-location targeting. However, SlickVPN offers another connection type, HYDRA, for those who do not require precise geo-location but desire an ultra secure VPN connection. This type of connection makes it virtually impossible for anyone to track the outgoing traffic from your computer due to the random gateway it utilizes to access the Internet. Ivacy is a strong favourite for privacy thanks to its multitude of features safeguarding its user’s online safety. Whether you are using public wi-fi, general internet browsing, P2P file sharing or streaming, Ivacy is a great choice.

There’s also the option to step up security and anonymity by another notch through automatically changing your IP address at a timed interval. Finally, really advanced users can also specify custom OpenVPN parameters, which is a nice feature to see – especially in conjunction with the connection log displayed on the main tab. First, The SlickVPN app is junk and does not even work properly. SlickVPN has advertised to the death that it uses PPTP and L2TP on their website and in all sorts of press releases.

slick vpn reviews

I was worried about how quick the responses would be as it was the weekend, but the email replies came within a couple of hours – with screenshots in the second email. I find the service easier to use on Ubuntu than on Windows as it’s pretty much just one click and changing servers is quite easy. I have also installed the service on my phone using OpenVPN for Android.

Protects Your Privacy

  • Let us begin our review of SlickVPN with a look at the types of VPN connections that they offer.

They have excellent step-by-step guides on their site to help you set up your IOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices, as well as many types of routers. SlickVPN ReviewSlickVPN is here to protect your privacy and prevent anyone from monitoring your online communications and activity. It does this by hiding your real IP address by replacing it with one from its servers. It also moves all of your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel so no one can see what you are doing or know who you are. It masks the user’s traffic and then reroutes that traffic through its own server network to provide security and privacy.

Your IP address and internet activity is always encrypted by military grade 256-bit AES as well as a multitude or VPN protocols. Depending on which device and operating system you are using, our favoured OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) features on most servers offering a totally secure VPN connection.

This service offers lots of features for a VPN service provider, although we wouldn’t call any of the included features advanced. I needed help with fixing a DNS leak when setting up in Ubuntu using the Network Manager.

Finally, you cannot use SMTP protocols with this service, and does not support VPN pass through (i.e. using another VPN on top of SlickVPN). So, if you use a mail client such as Thunderbird, you will receive emails but will NOT be able to send them. Additionally, if you connect to a work VPN for work purposes, you will NOT be able to use SlickVPN and then connect through to that work VPN. Convenient how they’re NOT advertising or in any way disclosing what they do NOT provide or what they block users from doing. The SMTP restriction is supposedly due to uses abusing the VPN service by SPAMMING with emails.

Their clients for Windows and Mac OS X default to OpenVPN using an AES-256-CBC cipher. This provides you with the best security with little speed loss while using their service. Although they do not have clients for other devices they do provide support for PPTP and L2TP/IPsec which is built into most mobile devices and supported by many routers.

This paired with their no logs policy and super strong security means you can torrent easily and safely without compromising your anonymity. Additional reassurance is provided in the form of a VPN kill switch in the unlikely event your VPN connection drops. The custom apps ensure that Windows and Mac users will have extra protection thanks to the IP and DNS leak protection features. This ensures that neither your DNS queries nor your IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) leaks to the wider web.

The custom SlickVPN app also offers Load balancing, which automatically chooses the gateway with the lowest server load. You should be happy with the speed of their network for most applications based on our testing.

People are better off avoiding SlickVPN until they’ve matured and start being more flexible. I honestly can say, that so far out of all of the VPN services I have tried (about five), SlickVPN has been the worst. The first aspect I loved was their server coverage in the most popular locations across Europe and the United States. The Hydra feature is a very attractive prospect for those looking to torrent anonymously with SlickVPN. The Hydra Protection feature achieves highest level of privacy & anonymity by routing your online traffic through multiple servers of SlickVPN’s network.

They offer support for the following VPN protocols including OpenVPN (TCP/UDP), PPTP, L2TP/IPsec. This can help you to secure and encrypt all of your online traffic and protect all of your online transactions from prying eyes. SlickVPN clients use the OpenVPN protocol with AES 256-bit CBC cipher which will provide you with some of the best encryption protection available. SlickVPN subscribers have access to the most widely accepted VPN protocols like PPTP, Cisco IPsec , and OpenVPN.

As for online security, SlickVPN secures its users’ traffic with a 256-bit encryption which also secures their connection greatly especially while using a public Wifi connection. In addition, the security protocols supported include OpenVPN, IPSec, and PPTP. Here you can also choose whether to connect via TCP or UDP, as well as choose your port number. This is useful for getting the VPN to work across different network setups – for example, on a public WiFi hotspot.

slick vpn reviews
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