SpyOFF VPN review

SpyOFF VPN review
spyoff vpn review

There are dedicated streaming servers optimized for videos, podcasts and music. P2P and torrent users are welcome, and there’s a “Secure P2P” feature that helps protect your identity. Given how easy CyberGhost is to use, you might assume it’s weak on technical features – but that’s not the case. The service uses military-grade 256-bit encryption to protect your data from criminals, governments and ISPs. Encryption protocols include OpenVPN’s UDP and TCP, both of which combine speed and security – and L2TP, which is perfect for gamers.

Decent Server Park

There’s even a feature that deactivates artificial internet speed limits created by Internet Service Providers. NordVPN is one of our top recommendations due to its combination of security and advanced features. With a network of over 5,500 servers in 59 countries, you’ll never be starved for a fast, reliable VPN connection when you need one.

However, many free VPN services earn their money by selling your data to, for example, advertisers. In this case, you are better off not having any VPN service at all and instead installing an Adblocker or some other security features. In addition to having a wide selection of servers, PureVPN is strong on security and extra features. With 256-bit encryption, criminals would need millions of years to crack the average data packet. PureVPN’s Ozone feature protects your device, data, and identity around the clock.

Features and services

spyoff vpn review

Unfortunately, though, many free VPN providers were not designed to provide the average user with more privacy and anonymity on the internet, but solely to make money. A prime example is Hola VPN, a VPN service you should steer clear from. These kinds of VPNs are not in the business of selling a VPN service but selling your personal data to third parties.

The logging policy is one of the best in the business, with CyberGhost storing virtually no records at all, not even your email address. Between these high-level security features and a vast proxy server network (5,900+ servers in 90 countries), CyberGhost is as powerful as it is convenient. Getting started is easy, with a selection of apps for most common devices and operating systems, including Mac OS, Android and even a variety of routers. Once you’ve installed the app(s) you need, using the VPN is a breeze, thanks to a variety of configuration profiles ranging from “Torrent Anonymously” to “Unblock Streaming”.

A VPN service is supposed to encrypt your data stream from your device all the way to the service’s servers, at which point it enters the open internet. But a shady or poorly configured service could compromise your traffic, either by design or by accident, or could even piggyback on your encrypted connection for nefarious purposes. VPNs are also blocked by streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Because these companies have contracts with movie distributors that only allows them to show content in specific countries, they have started going after VPNs.

If interested, you can check out the best VPN services available in the market. A lot of free VPN apps are available for Android and Apple devices, and it’s easy to be lured into installing and using them. Since a VPN redirects your internet traffic via an exteral server, using a VPN could slow down your connection. However, there are many good premium VPNs out there that offer stable and fast connections, anyway.

The easiest way to get into anyone’s device over the Internet is gaining access to their IP addresses. Once the IP address has been compromised, there are various kinds of attacks and payloads one can deliver to your system, hence gaining unrestricted access to it. So by using a VPN, you mask your IP address which leads to the VPNs servers in some remote datacenter, in other words, it can’t be used to hack into your systems.

  • Unfortunately, though, many free VPN providers were not designed to provide the average user with more privacy and anonymity on the internet, but solely to make money.
  • A prime example is Hola VPN, a VPN service you should steer clear from.

Unresponsive Customer Service

With a VPN, people access the content of another country on these streaming services. Since Netflix might not have the rights to show that content in your country, they are fighting the use of a VPN.

256-bit AES encryption locks down your data, keeping hackers, overzealous ISPs, or any other third parties from snooping in on your activity online. Other encryption protocols include UDP, TCP, L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP, allowing for optimal performance in a wide variety of use-cases. The no-logging policy guarantees zero records will ever be kept of your traffic, IP addresses, bandwidth, and even browsing history. But, in talking about shielding your privacy, remember that everything has its upsides and downsides. So do your research before selecting the VPN that works best for you.

Moreover, many free VPN services enforce speed limits or have servers that become too crowded at times, so using a free VPN could definitely slow down your internet connection significantly. The most serious risk of free VPN apps is that you may lose control of your data.

Some services record the day your account logged on, the amount of data you used, and delete anything else when the session closes. Others add items like your incoming IP address and the server you used, and keep the data for months, even years. If you’re concerned, check the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to find out more.

Is it safe to use a VPN?

SpyOff VPN Review – 2020. SpyOff VPN is a European VPN provider based in the Republic of San Marino. They’re relatively new to the VPN game, but already offer a decent network of 395 servers in 21 countries. The technical specs of their VPN look good – OpenVPN, 256-bit encryption, no traffic logs, and a free trial.

If you want a premium VPN that allows you to use Netflix, take a look at ExpressVPN. Some private network services will allow you to use their private servers in exchange for your data.


When you use a VPN service you route your traffic through their servers. You pay them a subscription fee, they encrypt your data and they promise not to log or store all your data.

They do so by blocking IP addresses that access their service with large amounts of people at the same time. For instance, when you access them through a shared IP address at the same time as other users. This can be very annoying if you just want to watch a movie. Luckily, there are some VPN providers that make sure there is always a server you can use to watch Netflix.

SpyOFF VPN Review

PureVPN has a vast server network spanning 2,000+ servers in 140+ countries. The service can help you get an IP from virtually anywhere, and all the servers are included in every package plan available. If you want to digitally relocate to a country that’s not on offer from the other providers on this page, PureVPN might help. Connections are fast, with each server supporting speeds of 1 Gbit per second and more.

Of course, they might not state their intention in the first place. However, there have been cases where VPN companies are monitoring the data from their users for their own benefits. Yes, they might help bypass your internet restrictions and hide your IP address, but the private network companies might actually do the tracking instead. All VPN companies say they don’t log whatever you’re doing online, but inevitably they collect a little data.

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